Air Fryer Not Turning On – Possible Reasons + Fixes!

Although an air fryer is sturdy and easy to use cooking appliances, when used for a long period of time may cause problems. 

An air fryer is not designed to show error codes to let us know what exactly is the reason for not working.

In most cases, if your air fryer is not working, it’s likely an issue with the wire or the socket, but there could be other reasons too (such as a misplaced basket).

In this article, I will cover in detail some possible reasons that your air fryer may not be working and some simple things you can check to fix this.

6 Possible Reasons Your Air Fryer Is Not Turning On 

There are many reasons why your appliance is not turning on.

It can be little things that you can fix on your own. And sometimes the solution needs a professional technician.

Allow me to take you through the possible reasons why your Air Fryer is not turning on. 

The Air Fryer Is Not Plugged in the Socket 

This is the first thing you should check.

It may sound silly, but most of the time the reason is just that the plug is not fixed properly to the socket. 

Unplug and reinsert the plug again and switch it on. 

Your Air fryer will show signs of starting up and being connected to a power source.

If your Air fryer still doesn’t turn on, proceed to the next possible cause. 

The Socket Has Malfunctioned and Is Not Working 

It is possible that the socket to which your Air fryer is connected is faulty and not working. 

Instead of wasting time worrying about something being wrong with your Air fryer, check if the socket is at fault.

You can do this by connecting it to another appliance and seeing if that turns on. 

You could also move your Air fryer to another socket and check. If it switches on, you can be sure it was the socket that was causing issues. 

Call an electrician and get your socket repaired if you do not wish to move your Air fryer.

In case the Air fryer is still not turning on, let us move towards the next possible reason. 

The Cable of the Air Fryer Is Damaged 

Over a period of time, the cable wire of the air fryer goes through wear and tear. They can get twisted, bent, squashed, and stretched due to frequent movement. 

If the cable is damaged, it will fail to transmit power from the socket to the Air fryer. 

Carefully inspect the power cord cable. Watch for any signs of cuts and cracks near the head, near the point where it connects with the air fryer body.

If this is the case, your power cable needs to be repaired or replaced. Get professional help from a certified technician.

The Fuse of the Cable Has Blown

If your cable is fine and doesn’t look damaged, it may be that the fuse of the power cord has blown. 

For such scenarios, you need to replace the fuse. Some models come with a built-in fuse while in others you cannot repair the fuse. 

The solution depends on your model, and if you aren’t a certified electrician, I would suggest you let the professionals handle this.

It requires opening up the plug, checking if the fuse has blown, and replacing it with a new fuse.  

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The Basket Is Not Placed Properly 

This is an operational fault, and it could be one of the reasons why your Air Fryer is not turning on. 

This may not be for all models, but as a general rule, this applies to most models. If your basket is not placed properly, the air fryer will not start. 

Depending on your model’s design, an improperly placed basket may hamper the door from shutting.

If the latch of the basket is not locked in place, the Air fryer will not detect complete parts and, therefore will not switch on. 

In such a case, remove the basket and place it slowly and firmly in position.

If your model requires you to shut the door, close it back in position and switch on your air fryer. 

Make sure you clean the air fryer from time to time. Sometimes food debris may get stuck in the air fryer base, and can make it hard for the basket to slide in smoothly.

Technical/Manufacturing Defect

If you checked all the above causes and nothing works, you need the help of the manufacturer. 

Contact the store or seller from where you purchased or go online to connect with the manufacturer directly.

I wouldn’t advise you to experiment and open the air fryer in the hope of finding the possible cause and fixing it up.  

First, you might end up making it worse if you are not a trained professional, and secondly, the company does not extend a warranty if you attempt to open and repair the appliance. 

Here is another common problem you may experience with your air fryer :

Air Fryer Keeps Shutting Down 

If your Air fryer switches on and then keeps shutting off, let us look at the possible reasons and the solutions 

An air fryer may shut down due to default operational settings or not following the cooking instructions.

Here is a list of possible reasons and their solutions : 

  • An air fryer may shut down on its own after some time if you do not enter any settings. Make sure to program it according to your preferred setting once you have put the food inside. 
  • Some air fryers are programmed to shut down automatically if they are overheated. The top reason for overheating is putting too much food inside the Air fryer. Do not exceed the maximum limit allowed inside the basket.
  • If the basket of the Air Fryer is not set properly, your Air fryer may not start or shut down. This is a built-in safety measure in most air fryers. Make sure the basket is locked in position (in most cases, you hear a click sound when the basket is fitted properly) 
  • If the basket position is displaced, the air fryer will auto-detect it as a problem and shut down. Always place the basket in the proper position before turning your Air Fryer on. 
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Before attempting to fix any issue, switch off your air fryer and give it time to cool down and reset. 

Summing up, if your air fryer is not turning on : 

  • Check if the appliance is plugged in correctly to the socket.
  • Check if the socket is faulty and if the Air fryer starts to work in another socket. 
  • Check the power cord cable length and head for any damage or cuts. 
  • Place the basket in the correct position.
  • Switch off the appliance plug, leave the Air fryer for 10-15 minutes and then plug it back in.
  • If it still doesnt turn on, contact your seller or manufacturer and let the experts handle your Air fryer. 

If you are under warranty, the manufacturers will cover the repair costs or will give you a new air fryer.  

If the air fryer is not under warranty, show a certified professional.

In case the repair cost supersedes the purchase cost, consider buying a new air fryer rather than attempting to bring life back inside an old air fryer. All the best to get your air fryer up and running!

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