Air Fryer Sets Off Smoke Alarm – How to Stop this?

I have just added the air fryer to my collection of kitchen gadgets. As I was flipping through recipes, I noticed a few people writing about the air fryer setting off their smoke alarm. 

I decided to find out if this is true and how to overcome this. I certainly don’t want to be caught unawares with the smoke detector ringing. 

Do Air Fryers Set Off Smoke Alarm? 

Air fryers do not set off smoke alarms when used according to instructions. 

There is no risk of a fire hazard with an air fryer, as long as you follow the manual given by the manufacturer. 

However, carelessness and lack of knowledge can cause smoke to come out and set off the smoke alarm. 

Let me tell you about the precipitating factors that could cause the smoke and the alarm to go off. I will also tell you a few techniques to prevent and deal with such a situation.

Reasons For Smoke to Come Out of the Air fryer 

When cooked right, an air fryer will not give out smoke.

Here are a few reasons for this to happen 

Food and Oil Splattered on the Heating Element

One reason for the air fryer to smoke is oil or food particles splattered over the heating element. 

Breaded food crumbs, grease, oil, and other food particles tend to fly with the fan inside and get stuck to the heating element. 

As the heating element heats up, these particles of food and grease begin to burn. It results in smoke coming out of the air fryer. 

Fatty Food 

Too much grease and oil in food is an important culprit for the air fryer to smoke. 

Fatty foods like hamburgers and steaks release a lot of melted grease that falls in the basket. As there is a high-speed fan inside the air fryer, this grease gets splattered on the heating element. 

 Due to the high temperature, the splattered grease/oil inside and the heating element begin to burn. The result is smoke coming out of the air fryer 

Overcrowding the Air Fryer Basket 

Overcrowding is another reason for the air fryer to smoke. 

The reason remains the same. Too many food particles get stuck on the heating element, and too much grease and oil.

The splattered grease and stuck food particles begin to burn and produce smoke.

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How to Prevent the Air fryer from Smoking and Setting Off the Alarm?

Let us now proceed towards how to prevent the air fryer from smoking and in turn, stop the smoke alarm from going off. 

Use Low Temperatures

Cook the greasy fatty food at low temperatures. High temperatures burn the oil and cause smoking. 

Use Less Oil 

Do not use too much oil for air frying in your batter. It will eventually splatter in the Airfryer. Just one spoon is enough.

Avoid Loose Marinations

Make sure the breaded crumbs are marinated well on your meat. This will prevent them from flying around. 

Keep a Slice of Bread 

It is a good idea to keep a bread piece or add a few drops of water to the bottom of the insert. It will catch the excess grease and prevent smoking 

Cook in Batches

Never cook in bulk. It is best to cook in batches to prevent smoking due to excessive oil/food particles. As the saying goes ” Excess of everything is bad”. 

Clean Your Airfryer 

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your Airfryer clean and ready to cook. 

The stuck food particles and oil/grease splatters can be a nuisance causing smoke and smells, also changing the taste of food.

Clean the air fryers well after every use to prevent the build-up of gunk on the heating element and other interiors of the air fryer. 

Use Oil with a High Smoking Point

Oils like olive oil and avocado oil are great for air frying. 

This is because they have a high smoking point so they give out less smoke during cooking. You can comfortable air fry your food 

Oils with a low smoking point tend to start burning in medium-temperature settings. 

Cook Away from Smoke Alarm

This one is easy. All you need to do is find a place away from the smoke alarm, place your air fryer on a stable surface, and begin to cook. 

 Caution: This won’t work if you have a centralized smoke alarm everywhere in your home. In such situations, try the balcony or porch having a socket. 

This isn’t a permanent situation though. Especially if you do a lot of air frying. Relocating the food batter or kitchen utensils can be frustrating. 

In a situation where your Airfryer has released smoke and set off the smoke alarm? Do not worry.  We have got you covered.

How to Stop the Smoke Alarm from Blaring?

This can be done in three ways : 

Replace the Batteries

If your air fryer is setting off the smoke alarm no matter what you cook, the smoke alarm can be defective.  As the battery weakens, the smoke alarm becomes weak and starts blaring on the faintest trigger.

The same thing happens when the smoke alarm begins to age. It becomes sensitive to the slightest changes around.

The best thing would be to replace the battery. If you cannot, it is best to replace the unit with a new smoke alarm. 

Install a Surge Protector

Sometimes the fault lies in overloading the circuit. 

When you connect the air fryer to the circuit, it may cause overloading. This change in circuit load can trigger the smoke alarm. 

Although the chance of this happening is low, I would advise you to install a Surge protector. This way your circuit reading will always be fine and your smoke alarm won’t get triggered.  

Electrical Faults in the Air Fryer 

If you see blue smoke coming out of the Airfryer, it means there is a technical error in the air fryer. It is after all an electric run device that can malfunction. 

This possibility increases greatly with low-quality air fryers and aged air fryers.  

A low-quality air fryer deteriorates with use. Overheating is a common phenomenon causing smoke to come out of the air fryer. 

Let’s face the truth here. Old air fryers purchased 5 years ago are different from what is available in the market today. The new ones can last long but the old air fryers can malfunction and give out smoke. 

Switch off the air fryer and do not remove any internal components. It is best to reach out to customer service for repairs. For a very old air fryer, consider replacing it with a new Airfryer instead of investing in repairs of your old Airfryer. 

The new air fryers would also give you a warranty period. 


Air fryers are not meant to set off the smoke alarm.  However, there is a general lack of correct usage instructions. 

9/10 times it is the consumer’s wrong operational technique. The remaining 1 % goes to the electric malfunctioning of the air fryer or weak batteries in the smoke alarm.

Keep your area well ventilation. Maintain a safe distance between the smoke alarm and the air fryer. 

Add less oil and grease. Do not overcrowd your air fryer. Always clean your air fryer after use. Do not let any leftover residue remain. 

The trick is in the right operational technique. Take care of your air fryer and it will take care of you. Don’t forget to read the causes mentioned above, their preventions, and their solutions. All the best!

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