Bosch NIT5066UC 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

Bosch induction cooktop prides itself with a sleek European design and precise cooking performance.

The 30-inch 500 series induction cooktop offers optimal cooking flexibility with high heat and low simmer options.

Bosch 30-inch induction cooktop review

The induction cooktop is made with high-quality german engineering which gleams atop the ‘easy to clean’ surface of the induction.

Bosch has received the highest numerical score for cooktops in the proprietary J D power 2015 kitchen appliance study.

What makes the product worth buying?

Bosch NIT 5066UC offers quick and even cooking. The cooking results are faster when compared with gas or electric cooktop.

It has a speed boost feature for the quick boils. Water boils two times faster when compared to conventional electric cooktops.

Bosch NIT5066UC 500 30" Black Electric Induction Cooktop
  • 4 Cooking Zones + SpeedBoost
  • 3,600 Watt 11" Element
  • Independent CountDown Timer

Each element comes with a timer feature that automatically shuts off once cooking is done. With induction taking care, it frees you from the need to hover around or come back to switch off the cooktop.

The cooktop comes with four cooking elements of different sizes to fit the different pan sizes and cooking needs.

It has a panel lock button that works as a child safety lock. It ensures the setting of the cooktop doesn’t get disturbed and results in good food made under customized time and power duration.

It also has a residual heat indicator to alert the user that the induction is still hot. The residual heat can be used to keep the food warm. Once the induction cools down, the residual heat indicator switches off making it safe for cleaning.

The 30-inch induction cooktop is ADA compliant. They have good customer service and can be reached online or via toll-free number Monday to Friday from 5 am to 6 pm PST and Saturday 6 am to 3 pm PST.

The cooktop comes with a one year warranty from the date of purchase. The induction is also warranted to be free from cosmetic defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

Product features

Bosch 30 inch Induction cooktop comes in the dimensions of 31*21.3*4.1 inches. It weighs 41 pounds.

The technical details of the Bosch 30 inch induction cooktop are as follows. 7,200 watts with a circuit breaker of 30amps. The energy source is electric with a volt requirement of 208-240V, frequency of 60 Hz.

The 30-inch cooktop is a built-in cooktop that sits on top of the counter rather than flushing in with the countertop. The length of the power cord is 37 inches.

Bosch NIT5066UC 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review - Countertop installed

The required cutout size ( H*W*D) is 4 ⅛’’* 28 ⅞’’*20’’ inches respectively. The standard minimum distance defined by Bosch from the counter front should be 2 ¼ inches. The minimum distance from the rear wall being 2 inches.

There are four heating elements. All the burners have a booster feature. The power of the front left heating element 2,200 watts. In boost mode, it goes to 3,700 watts. The power of the left-back heating element is 1,400 watts and 1,800 watts in boost mode.

The power of back right heating element 2,400 watts with 3,600 watts in boost. The power of the front right heating element is 1,400 watts with 1,800 watts in boost.

The element size of the front left heating element is eight inches. The dimension of the back left heating element is six inches. The element size of the back right heating element is the largest being 11 inches. The dimension of the front right heating element is six inches.

Bosch 30 Inches induction cooktop has precise select controls with various heat levels. It has an inbuilt count down timer with an automatic shut down feature. Each element has a residual heat indicator and a booster

The control panel has an on/off button, a child safety lock button. It has a timer feature (cook time and kitchen timer), a speed boost button for speed boost function and a +/- button to increase or decrease the heat levels. Choose the power levels from 1-9.

What we liked about this Bosch 30-inch Induction Cooktop

Bosch 30 inch Induction cooktop is quite easy to install. It is a good built-in cooktop that can easily replace any build-in 30-inch cooktop.

The boost button feature helps to boil things quickly and efficiently. Morning tea and coffee get done within seconds. It saves a lot of time for boiling and frying.

Less energy is consumed when compared with traditional gas and electric cooktops. Put a lid on the cookware while cooking and the energy consumed decreases even further.

The automatic safety features take the induction forward in leaps. The automatic shutdown feature is a great help when the cooking goes wrong/pan runs dry or simply when you forget to turn the induction cooktop off.

Bosch NIT5066UC 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review - menu and features

The surface of the cooktop which is not under direct contact of the cooking vessel remains cool to touch.

The timer feature does the automatic switch-off for you. It is so easy to rely on it and do multiple chores along with cooking.

The cooktop is very easy to clean and maintain. Just water and washcloth make it gleam like new. There is no need to spend time at all on cleaning this induction cooktop.

A controlled supply of heat and the absence of fire or heating element increases safety. The burner reacts immediately to any power change, so heating can be controlled precisely.

If there the cookware is removed from the element for 90 seconds, the induction automatically shuts down enhancing the safety aspect.

The various power levels and the speed boost feature gives a lot of options to the user to try different styles of cooking and taste different cuisines resulting from them.

The panel lock is a great safety feature ensuring no untoward accidents by a change in settings.

What’s not so great

The induction does not have a quick and easy heat setting. We have to keep pressing the settings down till it finally turns low. In case the food boils over, the only way to quickly undo is to shut down the entire cooktop or remove the pan from the induction.

The button beeps are unpleasant and loud. The controls are hard to see. The touch button control area is compact and difficult to use.

The sensors on the setting panel are quite sensitive and sense anything put on it. Because of this, the panel lock has to be used all the time so that the cooking doesn’t get disturbed.

The largest burner is in the center and not on the side. To place and remove the largest vessel takes effort. It does get in the way as the smaller burner is just below over the right side.

For example, to place and remove a big vessel full of water, you have to reach all the way to the center. The distance increases and so does effort.

The bottom of the cooking vessels needs to be very clean from grease in order to make good contact with the cooking element and keep the induction from switching off spontaneously.

Not all cookwares are compatible with induction. One has to use only induction compatible cookware. The element rings on the cooktop require cookware of specific sizes. Anything bigger or smaller will not work efficiently.

How Bosch 30 Inch Induction cooktop works

Use the main switch to turn on the electric circuitry for the control panel. The cooktop is now ready for use.

Place induction compatible cookware on the cooktop. Always use proper cookware size in accordance with the element ring size.

The use of undersized cookware will expose a portion of the heating element to direct contact and may result in the ignition of clothing.

Oversized cookware can result in improper cooking in areas away from the heating element. Select flat bottomed cookware for a good relationship with the heating element improving efficiency.

Turning on 

Turn the on/off key until the indicator above the main switch and the temperature level indicator next to the heating elements turn on.

Selecting the element

Select the desired element by touching the O next to the burner you want to use. In the display next to O, a symbol will light up.

If you have already placed cookware before switching on the induction ( recommended to avoid unnecessary stray radiation) then the induction will automatically select the element.

If multiple pans are kept in 3-4 elements the induction will detect only one piece of cookware.

Setting the power

Select the desired power level using the +/- button within 20 seconds of selecting the element or else element will switch off.

Heat level one is for minimum power and heat level 9 is for maximum power. The default power level setting for + is 9 and for – is 4.

Speed boost

The speed boost function is available on all the heating elements. However, there is a limitation. Only one element will have the speed boost function on one side ( right and left).

For example, if the speed boost is activated on the front right, the back element on the right will not have the speed boost feature.

Similarly, if the left front burner is on a speed boost, the left-back burner’s speed boost feature will not work. Touch once to switch on and touch again to switch off.

A point to be noted here is that if the induction gets overheated due to speed boost, the function may be deactivated automatically to protect the internal electronic components of the cooktop.


For timer settings, touch the timer key. A dot will light up above the key. The kitchen timer will display 00. Touch the +/- key to set the desired time. The default timer setting for + key is 30 minutes and the – key is 10 minutes.

Once the cooking time has elapsed, a beep will sound. Touch the timer key to turn the timer off.

The induction also features an automatic timer feature for all the cooking elements. In such a case, the elements will automatically shut down once the cooking time has elapsed.

To select the automatic timer, press the timer key several times until the indicator of the desired element turns on. Now press the +/-button and adjust the time.

The timer can be set up to a period of 99 minutes.

Another safety feature is the automatic time limitation. If the element is used for a prolonged period of time without changes in the settings being made, the automatic time limitation function is triggered and element stops heating.

The residual heat indicator starts flashing alternatively. Press any key to reset the element. When the automatic time limitation is activated depends on the selected heat level.

Panel lock 

The induction cooktop has a child safety panel lock to prevent children from accidentally turning the cooktop on.

Touch the panel lock button for 4 seconds to turn it on. The indicator above the panel lock lights up for 10 seconds. The cooktop is now locked. To unlock touch the panel lock for 4 seconds again. The panel is unlocked.

Switching off 

To switch off the individual element, press the – key until 0 appears.

To switch off simply press the on/off switch.

The indicator above the on/off key goes out and the induction is switched off. Keep in mind that the residual heat indicator will gleam until the elements have cooled down sufficiently.

Some Things to Know when Using the Bosch Induction Hob

Do not clean the appliance while it is still hot. Some cleaners produce noxious fumes when applied to a hot surface. Wet clothes and sponges can cause burns from steam.

Hold the handle of the pan/cooking vessel when stirring or turning food. This helps prevent spills and movement of the pan.

Always position the handles of the cooking vessels or pans inward so they do not extend over adjacent work areas, burners or the edge of the cooktop. This reduces the risk of fires, spills, and burns.

Always use induction compatible and heat resistant cookware to avoid breaking due to sudden temperature changes.

Cookware may jump upward due to fluid trapped between the cookware bottom and the cooking zone. Always keep the cooking zone and cookware bottom dry.

Sugar and sugar-containing products when boiled over can damage the cooktop. Immediately eliminate spills of these products with a specialized glass scraper.

The induction complies with part 18 of the FCC rules by meeting the requirements to minimize interference with other devices in a residential installation.

However, it may cause interference with a radio or TV reception. In such cases relocate the receiving antenna of the radio or TV. increase the distance between the cooktop and the receiver.

Patients with a cardiac pacemaker or similar medical device must exercise caution and stand at least a feet away from the cooktop as the electromagnetic field can cause certain fluctuations.

Do not place any object or paper underneath the induction as the cooktop is equipped with a cooling fan underneath. They can be sucked in and compromise the cooling of the induction or damage the fan.

Clean the cooktop once the residual heat indicator switches off. Use specialized cooktop cream or mild soap and apply a small amount to a wet cloth.

Wipe the surface with it followed by a dry wipe. Any hard spills need to be removed with a specialized scraper at a 45-degree angle.

For more information regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the induction cooktop, refer to my article here.


With the right amount of care, Bosch 30 inch induction will be your best friend in the kitchen for a long time.

It is easy to use, easy to clean and cooks quickly- a boon for the hectic modern lifestyle where time is money. Whether it’s just you or a big family, Bosch understands your needs and gives you multiple choices.

It fits quite nicely into the grand scheme of things- whether you cook little or more, you can cook simultaneously up to four dishes! With various power levels and timer settings, it gives you the freedom to cook your cuisine your way.

The safety feature saves energy and prevents accidents by automatic shutdowns. The panel lock ensures no change of settings and the timer settings cooks food precisely.

The residual heat indicator is another feather to the cap. It frees the user from the need to asses and gives you the right time to clean your cooktop. The feature also helps to keep the food warm.

With good customer support and a year warranty- Bosch stands true to its tagline- made for life!

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