How Long Do Induction Cooktops Last?

The induction cooktop is the latest advancement in cooking technology which due to its superior performance and comfort is a valuable asset to millions of consumers.

Unlike gas or electric cooktops, Induction technology cooks food by using electromagnetic energy.

So compared to other types of cooktops, there are fewer parts that can fail.

What does happen is that as time passes in their life span, induction cooktops decrease in power?

Loss of power leads to longer cooking times. How long? Well, that depends on the manufacturer and the model.

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How to Find Out the Lifespan of Your Induction Cooktop?

When buying an induction cooktop, ask about the expected hours and the lifespan of the cooktop unit along with the warranty.

The lifetime hours of the product is an indication of how long you can expect it to operate without a decrease in performance.

Usually, models with components designed for domestic use will typically last for 2500 hours. It is equivalent to 10 hours a day for about a year.

Do note that they are not designed for continuous usage. There is an increased likelihood that you will witness a significant decrease in performance much earlier.

Commercial units are usually designed to last for around 30,000 hours.

They have a lifespan of eight years. It is similar to cooking 10 hours a day in the eight years lifespan of the induction stove.

Ask for the lifetime hours of each induction to suit one which is best for your needs.

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How to Increase the Lifespan of the Induction Cooktop?

Go for a thicker glass induction cooktop.

The glass on the domestic cooktop is usually 4mm thick.

Most commercial cooktops have thicker glasses. If you’re planning to buy one, get the one with a ¼ inch or 6mm thickness. Thicker glasses are more durable.

They are built to withstand tough treatment. A busy kitchen needs a sturdy glass top.

Go for the induction with higher power ratings. Induction cooktops have power from 2KW to 5KW.

Higher power ratings reduce the amount of cooking time needed and extend the lifespan of the unit.

Try using cooktops with heavy-duty heating components. Most of the commercial cooktops come with it.

Some suppliers make it known on the spot.

For example, falcon industries, have been quoted as saying that their typical domestic models have an average of about 2,500 cooking hours in them.

This implies if you use their cooktops for two hours a day, you can expect a lifespan of about three and a half years.

Why do Induction Cooktops Have a Good Lifespan Naturally?

Induction cooktops, as we know, have a copper coil known as the heating element.

An alternating current passes through the coil generating strong magnetic fields.

These magnetic fields penetrate the ferromagnetic cookware base and induce eddy electric currents by exciting the electrons in the cookware.

These electric currents produce heat and are responsible for cooking food. These fields react instantaneously and reduce cooking time.

Reduced cooking time increases lifespan imperatively.

The ferromagnetic cookware materials are usually steel, iron, cast iron, clad by enamel, or ceramic.

Along with that, since the heating elements do not get heated up, they are less susceptible to damage.

This naturally increases the lifespan of induction over gas or electric cooktop.

Tips to Make Your Induction Cooktops Last Longer

A factor that can significantly impact the performance of the cooking zone is the size of the cookware.

For example, if the size of the 5KW is 250mm and any size smaller in diameter, for example, 150mm base cookware is used on it, the performance decreases.

This is because a section of the heating element is not in touch with the cookware. So it becomes impossible to deliver the whole 5 kW power output. Heating time is lengthened.

Similarly, if oversized cookware is kept on the heating zone, the whole coil element will be on but the edges of the pot outside the heating zone will be heating slower at the edges.

The middle part will heat quickly. This rule applies to solids and not to liquids.

This way performance of the cooktop can increase or decrease based on the cookware diameter at the base.

Induction cooker body quality affects its lifespan. Some manufacturers use low-quality plastic bodies.

These do not last very long. A little bit of weight on it sees the cooktop develop cracks. A high-strength body increases its lifespan.

Buy an induction with a big-sized body. The bigger the size, the more air circulates inside to cool PCB making it more efficient.

It increases the life of induction. Buy at least 270* 270 mm minimum. The larger the body, the bigger size of the cookware can be kept.

Go for induction with a big PCB board preferably with Siemens IGBT written on the box.

I would suggest you check with the manufacturer whether they use siemens IGBT, 20 amps or not. It gives the induction a long life and greater stability. Never buy an induction with a small PCB board.

Big boards can withstand power fluctuations and help in increasing lifespan.

Buy the induction which has good quality components and a good ic-chip or Samsung chip. The chip is like a brain in the induction cooktop which does all the cooking.

Finally, keep your induction clean regularly. It will help in aesthetics as well as will give you a number of working hours and a longer lifespan.

Keep good ventilation in the kitchen. This way there is no build-up of heat as the cooling of induction takes place faster. It helps to improve the life span of induction


Good quality inductions with superior components last longer than the inductions with cheap plastic and low-quality components on PCB board.

It also depends on how much you use it and the way you use it. A good consumer is bound to increase the lifespan of the induction.

After knowing all the facts stated above, I wish you good luck in trying your best to make your induction cooktop last for a very long time.

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