Toaster Won’t Stay Down – How to Fix?

I usually rush to work on weekdays, and toasting bread is the most convenient breakfast.

My toaster is one of the essential items in my kitchen.

Of late, the toaster won’t stay down, no matter how many times I have tried to press it down. I have been unable to toast my bread. 

I am wondering why my toaster won’t stay down and what I should do to fix it.

Why the Toaster Doesn’t Stay Down 

There could be many reasons why the lever of the toaster won’t stay down.

The most likely reason is that there is a lot of breadcrumb debris accumulated inside the toaster. 

Some other reasons could be faulty voltage,  the toaster not plugged in, a fault with the lever, or any of the components inside the toaster.  

Let me tell you the likely causes in detail. I will also be telling you the solutions, and hopefully, your toaster will soon be up and running in no time. 

The Toaster Isn’t Plugged In, or the Switch Has Voltage Issues 

The first thing to check is to have a look at the cord. Most of the time, the reason for the lever to not stay down is that there is no power connection. 

You may have forgotten to connect the cord or turn on the switch. Have a close look at the cord.

If there is any sign of loosening, exposure of wires, corrosion, or damage, there will be no flow of current from the socket to the toaster.

Another reason could be the electric socket having voltage issues.

When the voltage goes low, the toaster won’t be able to operate, and the lever won’t go down. The voltage requirement, on average, for most toasters is 110-120V. 

Most American homes get 240 volts, with the power fluctuating between 210- 250 volts.

If the voltage goes low, the lights will also get dim, and other appliances will be affected as well. 

How to Fix?

Inspect the cord. Look for any damage, loosening, or exposure of wires. Check if the cord is connected to the socket and if the switch is turned on. 

See if the lights in your home are getting dim and bright alternatively.

If that is the case, there is a voltage fluctuation issue. Contact the electrical company to sort out the voltage issues. 

There are Bread Crumb Debris Inside the Toaster 

Over time, a lot of bread crumbs fall and get collected inside the toaster. 

Clogging/choking of the lever due to breadcrumb debris is the most common reason for the lever not to stay down. 

How to Fix?

There are two ways to fix this. 

One is by not opening the toaster. Another is opening the toaster and deep cleaning it. Let me show you how to fix both ways. 

Cleaning the Toaster Without Opening It 

Here all we do is disconnect the power cord, flip the toaster upside down, and whack it up.

Be prepared for a lot of debris to come out. You could do this on a newspaper or a kitchen towel on the countertop. 

Remove the crumbs tray and flip the debris out as well. 

Watch the video below for clarity. 

Opening the Toaster and Deep Cleaning 

Disconnect the toaster and find a sturdy table.

Turn the toaster upside down. You will find screws at different places depending on your toaster model.

Unscrew the screws and remove the body cover of the toaster. You will also be able to remove the lever cover.

Use an old toothbrush to clean the interiors carefully.

Remove all dirt and debris near the lever, controller board, and all exposed parts of the toaster. You can also use a can of compressed air duster to remove the dirt from all corners. 

Watch the video below as a reference tutorial.

If you are not comfortable unscrewing the toaster open and dealing with electronic parts, take the help of a qualified electrician.

The Spring of the Lever is Damaged 

Sometimes, the problem lies deep, and you need to have a close look at the lever and the mechanical aspects operating the controller board inside the toaster. 

For a common consumer, it is difficult to diagnose this issue. 

You need to be a qualified electrician to be able to look at the control board, the spring of the lever, the solenoid, and the mechanical switches that help the lever spring up and down. 

How to Fix?

To fix this, you need to be a qualified electrician or take the help of your brand’s customer care. 

If you are a qualified electrician, open the toaster and have a close look at the spring, lever, mechanical switches, solenoid, and control board. Do read the toaster manual to understand the positions.

For clarity, watch the video below.

The electrician here diagnosed the problem as being a bent mechanical switch near the spring. He straightened it with needle nose pliers, and the toaster was fixed.

Alternatively, toasters are budget-friendly, and you can also opt for getting a new toaster if the inner mechanism gets damaged.

I recommend amazon basics 2 slice toaster. It is rated as Amazon’s bestseller among toasters.

It has six shade settings and extra wide slots. It has a bagel setting and a frozen setting for defrosting bread. You can comfortably toast extra thick slices and bagels. 

It has a cancel button, an extra lift lever, and buttons that illuminate the selected settings. A crumbs tray is located at the back of the toaster.

Tips to Keep Your Toaster Up and Running 

Here are a few tips that will help to prevent your toaster from breaking down 

  • Read the manual instructions and follow the procedure. Sometimes, we just press down too hard on the lever or shove the bread roughly. Be gentle and follow the instructions for a great toast!
  • Clean the toaster from time to time. I know it is impractical to clean the toaster each time you use it. But it will always be beneficial to clean it up on weekends. All you have to do is clean the crumbs tray, flip the toaster, and give it a good shake to remove all build-ups. You can wear gloves and goggles while cleaning it up to prevent the crumbs from flying into your eyes.
  • Keep the cord in good working order. Disconnect it when not in use and prevent water from accumulating near the cord. 

Final Words 

I hope I was able to help you fix the toaster. Most of the time, a simple cleaning up of the bread crumbs will fix your toaster.

However, if the issue is with voltage or some inner part has been damaged, you will need professional help. 

Alternatively, you can also consider replacing your toaster. Weigh the costs, if it is better to just get a new toaster or pay the repair costs. 

I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy toasted bread soon! 

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