Are Kitchen Curtains Outdated?

I love draping curtains around the windows. I believe adding fabric makes a house a home, adding warmth, color, and a cozy feeling. 

Rooms without curtains feel stark and cold. I am thinking about draping fabric in the windows of my kitchen. 

There is one thought nagging at the back of my mind – Are kitchen curtains outdated?

Are Kitchen Curtains Outdated?

According to Gianna Santoro, designer at Deane Inc, Connecticut,

Shoulder pad, over-the-top drapery like bishop sleeves, and stiffly structured festoons are completely out. If you are looking for curtains for kitchen windows, look for subtle and natural-colored dressings, rather than brightly colored curtains. These end up dominating kitchen space. 

The younger generation prefers shades and blinds that are smartly controlled with remote and voice instructions like Alexa.

However, curtains can never go out of style. 

The only places where curtains are outdated are office spaces. To get away with unmounting and washing, office spaces prefer sleek shaded windows, shutters, or blinds. 

Reasons Why Kitchen Curtains Live Forever

Let us look at some reasons why kitchen curtains can never go out of fashion.  


Curtains offer variety in style and designs. The style motto of this century is “less is more”. 

Curtain fabrics enable you to experiment and play around with the length and widths of the windows.

They can cover only the top, only from mid-window onwards, only the sides of windows, or the midpoint of the windows. 

Multifunctional Purpose  

Not only do they bring warmth and color, but curtains also help to block wind and sunlight. They offer privacy like no other. 

You also have the option to motorize your curtains so you don’t have to move them with your hands. Smart window technology also enables you to add curtains on high windows that are hard to reach. 

Certain windows are just not meant for blinds and shutters. Some examples are sliding windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, etc.

The larger the window, the more the cost for blinds and shutters. In all such scenarios, fabric curtains work best. 


In today’s market, there are ample fabrics you can play around with. Thanks to technology, companies now make customer-friendly, easy-to-care curtains. 

You can choose from natural fiber fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk or expensive man-made fabrics like polyester, mixed silk, synthetic, etc.

Depending on your budget, you can go for sheer looks or complete /partial blackout features. It all boils down to your taste and your budget.


You can use curtains to add some decor while using shutters or blinds at the windows. They are quite useful in providing additional coverage.

 You can also use curtains as a combination with motorized blinds to bring warmth, and color, hide unattractive spots, or cover high unreachable areas.

Let us now look into the modern trends and what they say about kitchen curtains.

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Different Types of Kitchen Curtains 

Here are different types of kitchen curtains you can choose from 

Valance and Cornice Curtains 

Cornice and balance curtains are great options if you want sunlight on your kitchen countertop.

These curtains cover the top half of the window. They are also called curtain scarves. 

NICETOWN Valances for Living Room Windows - Solid Home Fashion 52 inches by 18 inches Short Rod Pocket Valance Curtain Panels Sets Drapes for Kitchen/Small Window, Greyish White, Set of 4 Pieces

There are different patterns of valances in the market- ballooned, pleated, plain draped. Cornices are made of wood and are carved or draped with fabric.

You can use valances and cornices as stand-alone curtains or pair them up with narrow pieces of fabric hanging on either side of the kitchen window. 

Cafe Curtains 

These curtains mostly hang on a rod in the middle of kitchen windows. 

JINCHAN White Kitchen Curtains 24 Inch Tier Curtains for Living Room Linen Textured Cafe Curtains for Bathroom Farmhouse Country Light Filtering Short Window Curtain Set Rod Pocket 2 Panels

If you want sunlight and don’t have privacy issues, cafe curtains are super cute for kitchen windows. 

You can choose from polyester, cotton, linen, or silk.  

All you need is a rod or a division in the middle of the window pane. You can also tie cafe curtains on either side of the window if you do not have a pane rod. 

Long-Length Panels (Floor Length)

The Long length panels extend to floor length. The kitchen window does not need to be so large. The curtain will cover the wall below and above the curtain windows. 

Long-length curtains give a good feel to small spaces.

Here are some varieties: 

Pleated Curtains

These have pleats at the top. Some examples are cartridge pleats, pencil pleats, box pleats, and tuxedo pleats. 

IYUEGO Pinch Pleat Solid Thermal Insulated 95% Blackout Patio Door Curtain Panel Drape for Traverse Rod and Track, Beige 84" W x 72" L (One Panel)

Eyelet/Grommet Curtains

Eyelet curtains have metallic eyes or rings that hold the fabric from the rod. 

LORRAINE HOME FASHIONS Ribbon Eyelet Window Tier, 60 by 36-Inch, White, Set of 2

Priscillas Curtain

Priscillas curtains have ruffles down below at the bottom of the curtain length. 

Pauls Home Fashions Carolina Country Priscilla Ruffled Curtain

Tab Top Curtains

These are curtains with loops of fabric on top to hold the curtain to the rod. The loops are difficult to slide, so they are best hung up on the sides of the kitchen window with sheers in the middle. 

H.VERSAILTEX Living Room Linen Curtains Home Decorative Off White Tab Top Curtains Privacy Added Energy Saving Light Filtering Window Treatments Draperies for Bedroom, 2 Panels, 52 x 84 - Inch

Rod Pocket Curtains

As the name implies, these curtains slip over the rod. They have a pocket on top through which the rod can be inserted.

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Single Panel

Rod pocket curtains are mostly made of thin sheer fabric. To hold them in position, they are often used along with curtain holdback.


I have mentioned shades in the end as these are not exactly fabric curtains but they are in trend for kitchen windows. 

Some trending designs in shades are banded or zebra shades. You can install motorized shades that work with voice command, remote, or hand. 

Shades give you the same freedom a curtain does, open it up for sunlight and air, close it when you want to block the sun and need privacy. 


Interior decorators use their imagination to pair up different combinations.

You can also play along and create your signature kitchen window style. Look for different combinations of pictures online and create magic in your personal space. 

For kitchen windows, try neutral colors like white, cream, pearl, beige, or grey.

You can choose a single shade or multiple shades. Pleated or simple. The patterns I leave to your imagination and choice. 

If your kitchen windows get bright sunlight, use partly shaded fabrics. If you don’t want the sun at all, you can go for sunblock curtains.

If the windows get indirect light, you might want to use light fabrics or sheers. They give privacy while allowing natural light to come inside. 

If you do not want to open kitchen windows much, you can go for tab-top curtains.

If your kitchen faces the street, you can use sheers with eyelet curtains and holdback.

This will allow you to close whenever you wish and open when you want the sun and don’t want much privacy.

Final Words 

Kitchen curtains can never go out of fashion. It has many advantages over blinds and shutters.

Not only is it affordable, but you can also play with different varieties of fabrics, colors, and styles. 

I have mentioned the different types of kitchen curtains that are in trend. You can choose from any of the above or create your fusion.

Windows are the eyes of the room. You get to choose what time of the day you wish to open it up and close it.

Use curtains for decor, filtering sunlight, keeping warm, or privacy. It is your call.

I never follow society’s rules, and I would advise you the same. Your kitchen should speak about your taste and your individuality.

Use the information above to create your very own sacred space. The curtain falls here. Cheers!

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