How to Organize Baking Pans?

Baking on weekends is a family thing I have been passionately practicing for years.

I have got a stack of baking pans in my kitchen. Over the years, I learned how to arrange them. 

There are just some tricks I apply to my kitchen space to organize my baking pans. The secret is to maintain order so you can easily access the pan you want without spending time searching for the right one. 

You just have to make the most out of space, no matter how small the kitchen is.

Let me share my creative ideas and help you organize your baking pans in the best possible way. Let us begin.  

7 Ways to Organize Baking Pans

The first step is to stop being lazy and pull up your socks. Look around in your kitchen. Let your eyes take in the kitchen space, including the cabinets. 

Allow your creative mind to wander while I help you point out the various ways you can organize the baking pans. 

Begin by sorting out your pans priority-wise.

The ones you use often, the ones that only come out during holidays, and the ones you don’t use at all.

Part with the last group. Give them up for charity or to a garage sale—three cheers for a good deed.

Once you have sorted according to priority, it’s time to do some shopping. Yes, you have read that right.

Not to buy pans this time, but to purchase accessories to store them efficiently. 

Depending on how your kitchen is, you might want to try one or more than one of these methods :

Vertical Storage 

Purchase vertical racks. You can also buy a file-organizing rack. For large cabinets, use drawer dividers.

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Storing them vertically will give you access to each pan in a minute. You can choose the one you want with just a glance. 

If you have a large cabinet, you can store the rack inside. You can also leave it on the kitchen countertop. 

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Drawer dividers work just like a rack and help to keep the pans upright on the side. 

Vertical Storage gives you more free space. The pans also look well organized and become a part of the kitchen decor.

Attractive upright pans increase the countertop/cabinet aesthetics.

The best part of vertical racks/file organizers/drawer dividers is that you don’t have to drill. This makes it the best option for renters.

If you have pull-out drawers with vertical Storage space, you can also use them to align and store pans. You could also install a pull-out drawer organizer kit

Horizontal Storage 

Horizontal storage is stacking the pans on top of each other using multiple shelves, a horizontal storage rack, and corner organizers.

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Horizontal racks and corner organizers easily fit standard-size cabinet shelves. You can also set on on the countertop, or store them stand-alone in the pantry.

I would suggest stacking the pans you use the most on top and the ones you occasionally use at the bottom.

Corner organizers are especially helpful for square and circle cake pans.

When using deep shelves, store cakes and muffin pans at the back and baking sheets at the front.

I have seen my friend using ‘Lazy Susan’ inside cabinets. You could insert one in your cabinet and stack the baking pans on it. Spin it around and choose your pan. 

When stacking horizontally on shelves, use pan protectors. They are mostly made of silicone and protect each pan from damage while placing or removing. 

Hidden Hangings

This one was my granny’s favorite.

As a child, I used to take delight in opening the cabinet doors and finding pans hanging on the inside. 

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The back of cabinet doors is usually free and can be used to store baking pans. As for big pans that don’t fit anywhere, hang them behind your kitchen door! 

You can purchase over-the-door hanging with multiple hooks. These are mounted on the door for strong support. 

You can buy a mounted cabinet door basket. You can also drill holes in the cabinet door and place some hooks on the inside.

This idea works well on cabinets with a lot of free space on the inside. 

Hidden hangings give a lot of free space in the kitchen. They are ideal for small kitchen spaces. You could use the free space for kitchen appliances. 

Wall Hanging 

You can get many wall-hanging storage units online and offline. Choose according to your budget and space. 

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Wall-hanging units are great space savers and ideal for tiny kitchens. Use the empty wall space to create a pan decor and give your kitchen a homely feel.

I have found many innovative wall-hanging units in thrift shops and coffee shops. 

They may or may not come with shelves. It’s time to wear your shoes and take a walk to explore your local cafes and thrift shops. 

Keep looking online and offline until you find the one suiting your taste and kitchen space.

I usually click on Google lens if I like a product. It will tell me exactly where I can buy it online.

Make use of support beams while installing them. Take permission from homeowners beforehand if you are on rent.

Ceiling Hanging 

Choose this method if you don’t have kids/pets. Make sure the ceiling hangings are within your reach.

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Too far high can make storing and retrieval a big headache and kill your baking spirit.

Take the help of a support beam on your ceiling while installing the ceiling hanging.  You need to have a sturdy ceiling. Do not use a false ceiling for hanging. 

More importantly, the ceiling must be yours. Take permission to drill holes in the ceiling if you live in a rented house or apartment. 

I wouldn’t advise you to do the installation yourself. Take the help of certified carpenters. They would also be able to gauge how much weight your ceiling and pan racks can afford. 

Standalone Storage Rack 

Standalone racks can fit in slim gaps and corners of your kitchen/pantry space. 

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If you have more space, there are also options available for wider racks. 

Standalone racks can give you vertical as well as horizontal space. You could also use partition dividers to keep the pans upright. 

These racks often come with wheels making them easy to move around and manipulate.

Standalone Basket 

If you are low on budget and cannot afford any of the options above due to any reason, use a standalone basket to store your baking pans. 

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It is also helpful for those of you who bake occasionally.

Baskets have been used for centuries as the ultimate organizer for the kitchen and home. 

This evergreen idea will never disappoint you. It will help organize your baking pans without being discreet. 

You could put the basket beneath a table or chair or above the cabinets or inside large shelves. It all depends on your preference and your kitchen style.

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Final Words

Now you know, there are a lot of innovative and fun ways of storing those baking pans.

Remember two golden rules:  sort before storing and prioritize according to the frequency of need while storing. 

Try the tricks above, and your pans will easily absorb themselves in your kitchen space. Enjoy hassle-free baking. Cheers!

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