8 Easy Ways to Bake Without an Oven

I have a sweet tooth and I love baking.

Recently my oven broke down and since then there have been no smells of freshly baked cakes in my kitchen.

I decided to find out how I could bake without an oven, and surprisingly, there are many options.

If you don’t have an oven or your oven broke down, don’t worry. You can bake to your heart’s content by using any of the following methods.

Although I am sharing some alternatives you can use to bake when you don’t have an oven, nothing replaces baking in an actual oven.

So while you can rely on these methods if you’re an occasional baker or if your oven has broken down, for regular baking, I recommend you get yourself an oven.

Different Methods of Baking Without an Oven

Let us now look at the various ways to bake without using an oven

The Microwave Method

A convection microwave is the next best option for Baking.

There are tons of recipes online for baking in a microwave. You can bake cake, pies, bread, and brownies. These come out wonderfully well in a microwave.

Here is a quick recipe for making Microwave Cake in a Cup:

Take a bowl and add baking mix, sugar, and milk. Mix well till there are no large lumps. A few small lumps may remain but that is alright.

Pour the mixture into a microwave-safe mug. Leave a gap of one inch between the rim of the cup and the top of the mixed batter.

You may decrease the quantity by half or three fourth according to your preference.

Sprinkle chocolate chips, nuts, choco shavings, or any small toppings of your choice. Give a good mix.

Take a microwave-safe plastic wrap and cover the top of the mug.

Microwave the cake on high to medium heat depending on your recipe requirements for one minute. Make sure the cake is set.

You may need one or two minutes more if the cake is not set. After the first minute, Microwave the cake in 10-second intervals until it sets.

You can check this by inserting a toothpick. It should come out clean. Remove the plastic wrap. Top it up with cream or syrup and enjoy!

Quick tip for microwave baking: A silicone bundt microwave pan works best instead of baking trays. This is because the hole in the center allows good air circulation all around so the cake gets done evenly.

Baking Using the Stovetop Method

This is a quick and easy method. The heat is an open flame and all you need is flat cookware.

There are a few ways you can bake on a stovetop – using large cookware, using a pressure cooker, using a skillet pan, and by using a steamer

Using a Large Cookware

You would need a large pot, a wire rack stand or two tiles placed on top of each other, and a smaller baking pan.

Pour your cake mixture into the baking pan after greasing the pan.

Tap to make sure all bubbles disappear.

Place the baking pan on the wire rack and cover the large cookware with an airtight lid. 

If your lid has a hole or is not airtight, cover with a cotton kitchen cloth and then place the lid on top. A medium heat flame for 2 minutes and then simmer for 20-25 minutes.

The closed cookware replicates an oven and the wire rack allows good circulation of trapped heat all around the baking tray.

Watch the visual demonstration below on how to use a large container for baking on a stovetop.

Using a Pressure Cooker

The inside of the pressure cooker will replicate the oven easily.

There are hundreds of recipes online for pressure cooker cake. Some users recommend it over conventional oven methods.

Baking occurs quite evenly in the pressure cooker. The technique is similar to baking with large pots.

It is also promoted as a stovetop oven. You can bake desserts and even bread. The maximum time taken by the cooker is 30 mins.

I tried baking cookies and they were delicious. For pressure cooker cookies, fill up a mason jar and cover it with foil.

Now take the pressure cooker and add a cup of water. Place a trivet and put a mason jar on top of it. Cook for 5-7 mins. It’s ready.

Quick tip- If you do not have a wire stand, you can pour sand, pebbles, or salt to create a height from the bottom of the container.

Using a Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a great baking tool!

The flavors get embedded into the pan and infuse everything you cook, giving you a delicious flavor and taste. Due to their thick bottom, they don’t burn easily.

Here is a quick recipe on how to bake bread on the iron skillet using a stovetop.

Take a large bowl. Add in one and a half cups of flour, and half a teaspoon of salt.

Make a big hole in the center and add warm water. Add ½ teaspoon of instant yeast, 1 spoon of sugar, and 1 teaspoon of oil. Add one spoon of water and make it into a soft dough.

Make the dough into a smooth ball shape and transfer the dough into another bowl. Cover it with an airtight lid or cloth for two hours.

The dough would have doubled up in size. Knead the dough with your hands into the shape of your choice. I usually make it round.

Next, grease the cast iron skillet with oil and place the dough on it. Cover it up with a cotton cloth for 15-20 mins. The dough would have risen again.

Tie a kitchen napkin to the lid of the skillet. It will absorb the moisture released as steam and prevent the water droplets from falling back into the dough.

Place the skillet on the stovetop and bake on sim for 10 mins. Turn the bread and cover the lid again for five minutes.

Transfer to a wire rack and allow it to cool down. Enjoy. Watch here for visual clarity.

Quick tip- Always grease up the skillet. This way the batter won’t stick and you will be able to remove the cake in one go.

Using a Steamer

A steamer is a classic oven of yesteryear. It has been used for ages to bake, especially Christmas pudding.

You can use a pudding mold or a traditional bowl sealed with a classic wrap and tie or tinfoil.

All you need to do is grease the bowl well with butter. Pour in the Christmas pudding mixture. Leave one gap between the top of the batter and the bowl’s rim.

Cover the top of the bowl with parchment paper and aluminum foil on top. Tie it up on the side so water does not go inside the batter mixture.

Take a steamer and add 1-2 cups of water (depending on the permitted water level of your steamer).

Place the steamer base and put your prepared bowl on top. Cover up your steamer and let it cook on low flame depending on the quantity of batter.

For 600gms of batter, bake for 2-3 hours.

A Quick tip: Ensure the water level does not fall and the steamer does not dry up. In case it does, add more water to increase the water level. Keep a check every 40-45 mins.

The Rice Cooker Method

A rice cooker is a convenient option for a simple cake.  Nowadays rice cookers come with a bake option to help you bake food.

Take a bowl and prepare the cake batter. Grease your rice cooker pot with butter or cooking oil. Pour the batter into the inner removable pot of the rice cooker.

Depending on your rice cooker, the cake can take anywhere from two to five minutes to bake. Keep checking with the help of a toothpick.

Once done, leave the cake in the rice cooker for 7-10 mins. This will ensure a well-cooked bottom of the cake. 

The Slow Cooker Method

You can bake cookies and cakes easily inside a crockpot or a slow cooker.

To bake cookies in your crockpot, line the bottom with foil paper creating a replica shape of the pot.

Spray the foil with butter. Pour in the batter. Cook on low flame for four hours in a 6-quart crockpot. The timing may vary depending on the size of your crockpot.

To make a slow cooker chocolate lava cake, grease the pot with butter or oil.

Pour in the mixture and slow cook for 2-3 hours. Put a toothpick to check if it is done. Remove and enjoy!

The Refrigeration Method

Yes, you heard me right.

Chilling is the new method to make delicious pastries, floats, cakes, and even pies. The most popular dishes are cheesecake and ice cream cakes.

As they cool inside the refrigerator, they become firm and stiff.

The common ingredients in this method are crackers, biscuits, creams, and fresh fruits.

For making a mango float, take a bowl and mix graham crumbs, cashew, and sugar.

Now take a serving glass and add Graham crumbs mixture to the base. Top it with fresh cream, followed by mashed mangoes.

Add another layer of cream and then Graham crumbs. Finish with mango pieces on top. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

Read the complete recipe here.

Final Words 

Baking without an oven is no longer a challenge with so many options available as alternatives.

Use your creativity to bake and try different recipes using any of the above methods.

You can bake with a microwave, a large pot, pressure cooker, skillet, and steamer. You can also bake in a rice cooker, slow cooker, or crockpot.

I feel I am going to try the above techniques even when my oven is repaired.

Sometimes it gets too hot during summer and I don’t wish to oven bake and create more heat.

Let me know which one worked for you and the recipe you tried. Happy Baking!

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