Can You Put Parchment Paper in the Oven?

Ah, the feeling of pulling out perfectly cooked fish from the oven. Is there anything better?

But in most cases, the oven grills are not where you would want to put the fish (or anything you’re baking). Unless you clean it every time, there is a chance there is some oil or food leftover from the last time you cook.

And at the same time, if you put food directly on the grills, there is a chance it would stick to it.

Enters – Parchement paper.

If you want to get that perfect fish out of the oven without worrying about it sticking, you can use parchment paper in the oven.

Is Parchment Paper Safe for Food?

Parchment paper are rolls of paper that have been put through a process that coats the surface with silicone. 

There are two types of parchment paper out there:

  • Bleach
  • Unbleached

Both types have oil-resistant properties and can be heated to manufacturer settings without setting the paper on fire.

Still, it has been cautioned not to use bleached parchment paper as the chemical that’s bleached the paper might leach out as it heats up.

Can You Put Parchment Paper in the Oven?

Yes, you can put the parchment paper in the oven while baking.

Each brand of parchment paper has its temperature limit where it is safe to use. 

It’s not recommended that you go beyond that limit to avoid complications with the parchment paper, such as scorching, and yes, burning.

It’s perfect for those times when you want to make sure nothing sticks to the pan, such as steaming bags for fish or dumplings. 

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In what Appliances Can you Use Parchment Paper?

Apart from the oven, there are some other commonly used kitchen appliances where you can use parchment paper while cooking.

Toaster Oven

You shouldn’t put parchment paper in a toaster oven since it’s a small heating unit. The paper can more easily make contact with the toaster oven’s heating unit.

If you really want to use parchment paper, please measure and cut it to not touch any of the walls.

Air Fryer

You can use parchment paper in the air fryer as long as you take a couple of precautions.

Ensure you use perforated parchment paper, so the air vents don’t get clogged and cause a fire. Also, make sure you put in the parchment paper when you put in the food, so it doesn’t come in contact with the heating element and start a fire that way.


Yes! Parchment paper is 100% microwaveable and won’t be bothered by the microwave’s electromagnetic properties.

Parchment paper can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit before it ignites. A standard microwave temperature is much lower than that.

Cookware on the Stove (such as Pan)

As long as you aren’t putting it directly on the heating element for electric stoves or in the fire for gas, then yes, you can use parchment paper for cooking on the stove.

It’s an excellent way to steam and cook fish without the fish sticking to the pan.

The best way is to put a bit of oil down on the pan before adding a square of parchment paper before you put your fish in.

This way, the parchment paper will stick to the pan and not move around or curl as much.

Convection Oven

Yes, you can also use parchment paper in a convection oven. 

A convection oven is like an air fryer. It uses a fan to cook foods rapidly but doesn’t have the airflow that an air fryer does. 

You can totally use regular parchment paper in a convection oven and not the perforated kind.

Pressure Cooker

Yes, you can. You’ll have to cut out a circle for the bottom or buy pre-cut ones. 

Don’t forget to put liquid in the bottom of your pressure cooker so you’ll get a nice steaming effect. If you don’t, then your food will burn on the bottom.

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Where you Shouldn’t use the Parchment Paper?

While you can use the parchment paper in the oven and many other kitchen appliances, there are some, where you should not use it.


You shouldn’t use parchment paper in a broiler.

This will be outside of most parchment papers’ temperature limit, around 500-550 degrees Fahrenheit, and will cause issues such as smoking and burning.


While some have used parchment paper to great success in a toaster, you have to be careful that it’s not touching the heating unit, so it doesn’t ignite.

If you’re unsure, then don’t use it.

Does Parchment Paper Burn?

Yes, it can if you’re not careful. Never put parchment paper next to an open flame or touch the walls of a preheated oven

You should also make sure there’s no way it can connect to an oven’s heating unit as it will surely ignite that way.

Parchment paper may burn more quickly than regular paper, so please be careful if you plan on using it around an open flame.

What Happens When You Heat Parchment Paper Higher Than Manufacturers Recommend?

While some manufacturers have said that their parchment paper can go above the recommended temperature range, there are consequences if you go too high.

The parchment paper will become brown and brittle to the point that it crumbles and can even cause you significant issues by igniting and trying to flambé whatever you’re baking.

What Happens When You Use Wax Paper Instead of Parchment Paper?

Parchment paper and wax paper are coating papers. Parchment paper gets coated in silicone, which can withstand high temperatures. On the other hand, the wax paper gets coated in wax. 

Parchment paper and wax paper are both moisture resistant, but wax paper is not heat resistant. They are pretty much interchangeable as both are non-stick so long as you aren’t cooking with them.

If you plan on cooking, use parchment paper instead.

What happens when you use wax paper instead of parchment paper in the oven:

  • Your paper will smoke, so prepare for the smoke detector to go nuts
  • Since it’s wax paper, the wax melts, leaving an oily mess behind
  • Your paper can catch fire

If you do accidentally use wax paper, don’t worry. The wax is food grade, so there’s no need to throw away your food. 

It won’t harm you if you eat the wax from the paper accidentally. All in all, make sure you read the box and make sure the paper you pick up is oven safe.

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Common Brands of Parchment Paper and Their Temperature Range

If you need a quick guide on what parchment paper to get without staring at parchment paper boxes all day, we’ve got you covered! These are the most common parchment paper brands we could find. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ll only be discussing the rolls of parchment paper.

  • Wilton Parchment Paper Roll – 450 degrees F
  • Reynolds Unbleached Parchment Paper – 425 degrees F
  • If You Care Unbleached Parchment Paper – 428 degrees F
  • Daily Chef Parchment Paper – 425 degrees F
  • Berkely Jensen Parchment Paper – 420 degrees F
  • Big Chef New& Improved Parchment Paper – 425 degrees F

In Summary

You can use parchment paper as a non-stick surface for so many different things, including your oven.

Just make sure to be safe and not allow the parchment paper to touch the sides of your oven or the heating unit, and you’ll be just fine.

Happy baking!

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