Can You Cook Rice in Crock-Pot?

Ever since I have been using a crockpot, I don’t pay attention to the cooking process.

I love the way I don’t need to keep an eye on the cookware or stir the ingredients. 

Crockpot cooking has left me free to multitask and utilize the cooking time outside my kitchen.

I find using a crockpot quite easy and convenient, but I haven’t used it to cook rice yet. So I was wondering if I can get some rice cooked in my crockpot or not.

Can You Cook Rice in Crockpot? 

Yes, you can cook rice in a crockpot!

A crockpot can make all sorts of rice- normal white rice, brown rice, Jasmine rice, sticky rice, short-grained or long-grained rice. 

The good news is that you can cook the rice separately or as a fusion in combination with meat or veggies inside the crockpot.  

My mouth is already drooling. Without wasting any more time let us get down to some delicious rice cooking in a crockpot. 

How to Make the Perfect Rice in a Crockpot

Follow the steps below for a perfect crockpot rice recipe

  1. Grease the Pot 

The first thing you need to do is lightly rub the sides and base of your pot with butter/cooking spray.

This will avoid the sticking of rice to the pot’s bottom and sides. 

  1. Prepare the Rice 

By this I mean give your rice a couple of washes to remove the starch. I usually keep throwing out water until I see a clear solution.

There is no need to presoak your rice. This is because water will be absorbed quite slowly inside the crockpot.

  1. Pour in your Rice 

Take one cup of rice and pour it inside your pot. Add two cups of water.

A dash of salt and your favorite seasoning. 

  1. Set the Temperature

Cover your pot with the lid and set the temperature to high for two hours. Serve and enjoy!

Here I will be sharing a few tips to get the perfectly done rice. 

Tips for Making the Perfect Rice in the Crockpot

  • When one and half hours are over, give a stir and set the temperature down to low for the last half an hour. 
  • Another tip is to switch off the crockpot in the last ten minutes and let the rice finish cooking with the heat of the crockpot. This will prevent the rice from sticking to the sides of the pot. 
  • One cup of raw rice will roughly give you about three cups of cooked rice.  Two cups of raw rice will give about six cups of cooked rice. This measurement depends on grain to grain. It is best to check the rice quantity after cooking so you will know how much to add. 
  • This recipe is for regular white rice. You can also prepare Brown rice in the same way following the same technique
  • For cooking more than one cup, increase the ratio by one and a half. For example, for cooking two cups of rice, use 3 and a half cups of water.
  • Certain grains of rice take longer to cook. If the water is not absorbed at the end of two hours, leave it on for an additional twenty minutes. Brown rice usually takes longer compared to white rice.
  • If you have a really busy week, you can freeze your cooked rice. Whenever you wish to eat, take it out and put it in the crockpot for half an hour. 
  • If you are cooking for the first time, check your rice after an hour. Give it a good stir. This will give you a good idea of how much time your rice grain will take. 
  • For flavored rice, use meat broth or vegetable stock instead of water
  • To avoid scorching, cook on high for the first one and half hours. Open the lid, stir and let it cook for half an hour on low. Switch off the crockpot and let the rice cook in the leftover heat for some time.
  • For a fluffy and separated rice result, use the ratio of 1 cup raw rice with one and a half cups of water. Cook for an hour.
  • For mushy rice, add three cups of water to one cup of rice

Allow me to share a few delicious rice  recipes 

How to Cook Sticky Rice in a Crockpot 

A crockpot is one of the best cookware to make sticky rice. 

Take any rice you like. Add double the amount of water. For example, for two cups of rice, take four cups of water.

Cook on high for three hours- three and half hours.

Ground Beef and Rice Recipe 

This is a pretty easy and delicious recipe. Take two cups of beef broth. Add two cups of any rice you like.

Add two cups of frozen veggies of your choice. Add frozen corn. Add one pound of ground beef.

Add seasoning of onion powder, salt, and pepper. Set the crockpot on high for about three hours. 

Red Beans and Rice 

This recipe is a southern favorite. The rice here is cooked in the rice cooker and added at the end. 

Take three cups of water. One packet of dried red kidney beans.

One chopped onion. Add seasoning of thyme, paprika, black pepper, minced garlic, salt, and turkey sausage.

Cook on high for five to six hours. Add salt and cooked rice (on the rice cooker). Garnish with green onions. 

Chicken and Rice 

Take two cups of any rice you want. Add equal amounts of water. So for two cups of rice, add two cups of water.

Add chicken bouillon or two chicken stock cubes. Add more if you want a strong flavor.

Add frozen peas and one finely diced onion.

Add mushrooms, carrots, and green beans. You can add any veggies you prefer. Give a good stir.

Season with onion powder, salt, chicken seasoning, and pepper, and place three chicken breasts on top.

Season the chicken with your favorite topping. Cook on high for three to three and half hours. 

Rice Pudding in a Crockpot 

This is one of the most delicious crockpot recipes. Take one cup of white granulated sugar. Add one cup of rice.

Add eight cups of milk. Stir it all up. Place the lid and put it on low for seven hours. 

Take a bowl and add a cup of milk, vanilla essence, and one egg. Beat it all up with two-three spoons of your cooked rice pudding from the crockpot.

Pour this mixture back into the rice pudding in your crockpot. Give a good mix. Cook for another half an hour

Here are some frequently asked question 

Can You Use a Crockpot Instead of a Rice Cooker? 

Sure. If you have the time, a crockpot can be used comfortably to cook any type of rice.

I have shared a few recipes above. 

How Much Water Do I Need to Cook Rice in the Crockpot?

As a general rule, take the ratio of 1:2 for rice and water.

If you are making short-grain rice and like the grains to be separated from each other, use the ratio of 1:1 ½ rice to water. 

Why Did My Rice End Up Mushy in the Crockpot? 

Your rice may have ended up mushy because of the incorrect ratio and cooking technique.

Take two cups of water for one cup of rice and cook on high for about two hours. If you add more water or leave the rice to cook for a prolonged duration, it will end up mushy.

Why Does My Rice Stick Inside the Crockpot? 

Rice contains starch, and by the end of the day, it tends to stick to whatever it is being cooked in.

To avoid sticking, use cooking oil spray or grease your pot with butter before cooking.


Cooking rice in a crockpot is easy and simple. It is a great option if you have to cook multiple dishes and have some time with you.

You just have to set the cockpit with the raw ingredients and forget about it. 

You can take any rice grain – short or long, and any type of rice like brown rice converted rice, or white rice to cook food inside the crockpot.

All you need is one cup of rice and two cups of water. Add seasoning, and turn your crockpot on high for two hours.

Follow the tips above to cook the perfect rice in your crockpot. Don’t forget to try my recipes above. Bon appetite! 

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