Can You Boil Eggs in Airfryer? Soft and Hard Boiled Eggs!

Winter mornings are crazy times on weekdays. I procrastinate in bed and get up late to prepare breakfast. This is an everyday event. 

In the kitchen this morning, I was running out of time. My eyes fell on the Airfryer, and I wondered if it could boil eggs.

I decided to try it out. I also took photos and created a video so you can see the results. 

Can Air Fryer Boil Eggs? 

Yes, an air fryer can boil eggs!

I tried boiling eggs and couldn’t believe how simple it was to boil them in the air fryer.

Jumping joyfully, I decided to tell the world about it so everyone could make their eggs without extra effort. 

Things Needed to Boil Eggs in the Air Fryer 

There is very little requirement for boiling eggs. All you need is eggs, a bowl of ice-cold water, and an Airfryer. 

The number of eggs you can boil in one go depends on the size of your basket.

For a medium four-liter air fryer, do not go beyond 4-6 eggs.

There should be a sufficient gap between the eggs for a uniform airflow around them. 

As far as the temperature of eggs is concerned, I boiled mine right from the fridge into the Airfryer.

The choice lies with you. You can take room-temperature eggs or directly from the fridge- it doesn’t matter.  

Let us proceed toward the boiling technique

How to Boil Eggs in the Air Fryer? 

It’s fairly easy and straightforward.

I will divide the process into two parts

  • Getting soft-boiled eggs (soft white and runny yolk) in Air Fryer
  • Getting hard-boiled eggs (with both parts well done) in Air Fryer 

How to Make Soft-Boiled Eggs in the Air Fryer

Follow the steps below for a scrumptious boiled egg feast. 

Preheat the Basket 

Preheating will create a warm atmosphere for your eggs. A warm basket will speed up the boiling process. 

I own a Philips air fryer. The lowest temperature in this air fryer is 160° C (320° F).

I preheated the basket at this temperature for 3 minutes. 

Place the Eggs in the Airfryer

After taking the basket out, put your eggs in the air fryer basket and place it back inside the air fryer.

Make sure not to place them together or on top of each other. Set the temperature to 320° F (160° C) for five minutes. 

Soak the Eggs in Ice-Cold Water 

After the time is complete, dip the eggs in ice-cold water from the freezer for five minutes (put a bowl of water in the freezer 15 minutes before you start boiling the eggs).

You can also add ice cubes to a water bowl. 

The formula for soft-boiled eggs is 3+5+5 (preheating for 3mins + air frying for 5 mins soaking in ice cold water for 5 mins). 

The white and the yolk remains slightly runny. Look at the amazing results I got.

Soft-boiled eggs done in Air Fryer

You can load this in the egg cup and eat the egg right from the shell with a spoon.  I served it in a bowl.

How to Make Hard-Boiled Eggs in the Air Fryer 

When I say hard-boiled, I mean both parts of the egg (yolk and white) should be cooked well. 

Preheat the Air Fryer 

You have to preheat your Airfryer to give a warm atmosphere to the eggs when they are laid on the basket for cooking.

I preheated at 160° C (320° F) for three minutes.

Place the Eggs in the Airfryer Basket

The next step would be to place the eggs in the basket.

Leave some gaps, and don’t overfill your basket. Tune the temperature to 320° F (160° C) for eight minutes. 

Dip them in Ice-Cold Water 

Dip your eggs in ice-cold water. This helps stop the cooking of the eggs and also helps loosen the shell so that the eggs can be peeled easily.  

Peel, slice, and enjoy!

Here is what I got when I hard-boiled eggs in my air fryer (to be honest, I did it as an experiment, and I didn’t think it would work)

Soft-boiled eggs done in Air Fryer

I garnished them with kosher salt and pepper. The beauties got dressed up and are ready to be gobbled up. 

Some FAQs about Boiling Eggs in Air Fryer

Here are some frequently asked questions about boiling eggs in an air fryer (or should I say frying eggs, as there is no water needed)

What is the Difference Between Soft Boiled and Hard Boiled Eggs?

In a soft-boiled egg, the white is slightly runny but done. The yolk remains slightly runny or creamy. 

In a hard-boiled egg, both the yolk and white are completely cooked. The yolk crumbles in your mouth as you bite into it.  

I prefer soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. I crack the egg towards the top, place it on the egg holder and eat the egg directly from the shell.

Sometimes I like to dip my bread into the yolk. The taste is delicious! 

Hard-boiled eggs taste best in salads, sandwiches, ramen, and even on their own!

Where Can I Use the Air-Fried Eggs? 

You can use it anywhere! It can be coupled up with noodles, salad, sandwich, or eaten solo. 

There are hundreds of recipes you can try coupling the boiled egg with. I eat them twice daily with whatever I am having- even pizza! 

Eggs are power packs of protein without any carbs. They can be eaten along with all sorts of food, including fruits, shakes, desserts, and even soup!

Can I Store the Boiled Eggs? 

Yes, you can store soft-boiled eggs for up to 2 days and hard-boiled eggs for 4-5 days inside the fridge. 

As it can be made quickly within minutes, I wouldn’t recommend storing boiled eggs in bulk. 

Eggs kept for a long time turn slightly bland in taste and texture. They look and taste different from freshly done eggs.

Besides, reheating cooked eggs is a headache. This brings me to the next query.

How to Reheat Boiled Eggs in Air Fryer? 

Reheating them might cook them slightly more than they were initially cooked. You have to experiment a bit until you find the right time frame. 

I preheated the air fryer for one minute at a default temperature of 350° F, and then placed the sliced boiled eggs. You can reheat them whole with the shell. 

I reheated it at 350° F for one minute. It was reheated, although it was slightly hardened than before. If you plan to reheat the whole egg along with the shell, it might take one and a half minutes. 

Why Does My Eggshell Have Brown Spots After Air Frying? 

No worries. This is usual and happened to me as well. If the Airfryer has not been cleaned well before placing the eggs, you might find spots on the eggshell. 

Another reason for the brown spots is because of the cooking method.

The eggshell tends to get slightly toasted when exposed to the heating element and hot air. The brown spots may be dark or light. 

Do not concern yourself over the spots. Peel the shell and enjoy your egg pronto! 

Can I Make Poached Eggs in My Air Fryer? 

Yes, you can. All you need is a baking-proof dish or a ramekin.

Add about two drops of water and preheat the dish to 380F-400F for 2-3 minutes. 

Open the basket and crack your eggs in the dish or ramekin. Place the basket back into the Airfryer for 4-5 minutes at 350F.

Remove the dish and scoop the eggs out from the ramekin or baking dish. 

Tips While Boiling Eggs in the Air Fryer

  • If you are a beginner, start with one or two eggs until you get the hang of boiling in your Airfryer
  • It is best to allow the eggs to come to room temperature before air frying them. This will speed up the cooking process. However, it isn’t mandatory. You can also air fry them directly from the fridge. 
  • Use a rack if you have one to keep the eggs in position inside the basket.
  • Depending on your model of the Airfryer and the available temperature, experiment a little until you find the correct temperature and time duration. Start with low temperature and time durations and increase gradually. 
  • Always dip your cooked eggs into ice-cold water. This will stop the cooking process and relax your eggs as they bathe in water.

Summing Up 

Now you know how easy it is to boil eggs in the air fryer.

After this, there is no going back to the stovetop to boil them. It will free you from the need to boil water and wash your pan. 

The formula here is

  • 3 mins (preheat)+ 5 mins (cook)+ 5 mins (dip in water) for soft-boiled eggs at 320° F (160° C).
  • 3 mins (preheat) + 8 mins (cook) + 5 mins (dip in water) for hard-boiled eggs at 320° F (160° C).

I hope your air fryer brings joy to your mornings. Preheat, toss, enter settings, dip, peel, and enjoy! 

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