How to Air Fry Frozen Onion Rings?

It is a lazy Saturday morning, and I want to make something quick and filling for my lunch. Flipping through ideas in my mind, I finally settled on cooking frozen onion rings. 

My air fryer has made frozen cooking a piece of cake. The best thing about using them is that I don’t need to use a lot of oil. Just a spray of oil is all it takes to get a crispy golden texture.

It is my first time cooking onion rings, and I am kind of nervous. I decided to find the right way to cook them, to fill my stomach and my heart. 

Why Cook Frozen Onion Rings? 

Here are some reasons to make frozen onion rings. 

  • Frozen onion rings don’t take up time. They are quick and easy to make.
  • You don’t have to depend on fast food joints for fulfilling your fried food cravings 
  • You can healthily cook them without deep frying them in oil. You get to control the fat content, grease, and calorie intake.
  • They are an excellent appetizer to munch on for get-togethers and lazy days when you don’t want to put in much effort.
  • Onion rings are a perfect side with fried meats, soups, and burgers. I usually eat them with chicken patties. The combination tastes divine.
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How to Air Fry Onion Rings Frozen?

Onion rings taste best when you air fry them directly from the fridge into the air fryer.

You can also preheat your air fryer for 2-3 mins at 375° F for a super crunchy texture. 

Things You Would Need 

  1. An oil spray: I love using my Evo sprayer bottle. It doesn’t choke up like other spray bottles and sprays quite well. Choose any oil of your choice. Take care that they have a high smoking point. I mostly use olive oil and peanut oil. Do not use butter as that has a low smoking point. It begins to smoke within a minute of air frying at high temperatures.
  2. Sheets or Mats: The bread crumbs can create a mess inside the Airfryer chamber. You can use perforated silicone mats or perforated parchment sheets. 

The mats and sheets are available in different designs and shapes. 

If the size doesn’t fit, crumple the sheet so that when you open it up, you can adjust it according to your basket shape and size. Trim out the excess.

Line them at the base of the basket for an easy clean-up afterward. You can also air fryer directly without using any sheets or mats.

There are two ways you can try to air fry frozen onion rings 

Method 1

  • Spray the basket with the oil, so your rings won’t stick. 
  • Open a packet of your favorite frozen onion rings. Put a handful of onion rings inside. Make sure not to overfill or crowd up the basket. Fill only until a quarter or half of the basket is full. Try to space out the overlapping of rings. 
  • Place the basket inside the air fryer. Enter the temperature at 400° F for eight minutes. 
  • After four minutes, shake the basket and flip the onion rings for an evenly brown surface on both sides. Use a non-stick spatula holder or a long-handle spoon to do this. You can also wear oven mitts and do this. Do not flip with bare hands. The chamber can be hot. 
  • Once done, place the basket back into the air fryer and continue cooking for the rest of four minutes.

For a visual demo, watch the video below:

Method 2 

In this method, you will have to split the temperature and time.

This makes the breaded batter crisp without drying out much. 

  1. Line the basket of your air fryer with a parchment sheet or silicone mat
  2. Open the bag of frozen onion rings and place them inside your air fryer 
  3. Spray oil on top of the frozen bread onion rings
  4. Put the basket inside the Airfryer. Tune in the temperature at 375-380° F for six minutes
  5. Take the basket out. You can shake the basket or flip the rings. Spray some more oil
  6. Place the basket back and enter 400° F for three minutes. They are ready to be dished out

For more information, watch the video below:

Following is a temperature and time cooking chart for certain air fryer models:

Air fryer ModelTemperature Time 
Instant Pot Air fryer Lid Eight minutes 360° F
Ninja Foodi Ten minutes 375° F
Cosori Eleven minutes 400° F
Cosori air fryer and toaster ovenFifteen minutes 400° F

Why Use an Airfryer to Cook Frozen Rings? 

The traditional method of frying onion rings is on the stovetop. The problem lies with deep frying in oil.

Frozen onion rings absorb a lot of oil during deep frying, which makes them an unhealthy option.

It can lead to high cholesterol, fatty liver, an increase in LDL, and cause disturbance in the hormonal system.

You can cook onion rings in the air fryer with just a spoonful of oil. 

The result will be just like deep frying! Air fryers ensure that foods get a golden-crispy texture.

A Maillard reaction is needed for any food to turn golden brown and crisp. The Maillard reaction inside the air fryer happens through hot air circulation inside the closed chamber.

With an air fryer, you don’t need to thaw the frozen rings beforehand. Place it directly from the fridge into the air fryer. 

You can also choose your oil and cook according to your preferred crispiness. An air fryer allows you to manipulate time and temperature.

An air fryer is a good option for people who do not know how to cook. With its simple operating mechanism, even teens can air fry frozen rings in the air fryer. 

What Brand of Frozen Onion Rings is Best for Air Frying? 

All brands are good. However, brands may differ in size, batter, thickness, ingredients, and taste. 

If you want restaurant-like results, opt for breaded batters. I prefer Alexia onion rings frozen (Non-GMO). They turn out just the way I like them- crispy and golden.

Some other brands people are talking about are

  • Red Robin
  • Nathan’s 
  • TGIF 
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Ian’s
  • Market Pantry

You can find frozen onion rings at Tesco, Walmart, Costco, Woolworths, etc. You could also search for them at a local supermarket or grocery store. 

How to Reheat Onion Rings in the Air Fryer

If you have leftovers, you can easily store the onion rings in the fridge and reheat them later. 

I would recommend not storing them for more than three days. As they were already frozen, the taste changes when you freeze them again for a long time.

Make sure you store them in an airtight container or they might lose their crispiness. 

For reheating, preheat your Air fryer at 375° F for two minutes. Add the frozen onion rings. Spray the onion rings with olive oil.

Place the basket back and continue at the same temperature for three to four minutes more. 

Take them out and enjoy!

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Tips When Air Frying Frozen Onion Rings

  • You can skip spraying the frozen rings with oil. However, adding oil will not dry the rings. It will make them juicy and crunchy. 
  • Certain air fryers need more or less time depending on the model. You can adjust the time and temperature accordingly.

Cooking time can also vary depending on the thickness of the ring, consistency of the batter, etc.

Keep an eye on the rings when you cook for the first time and make adjustments.

  • Thawing the frozen onion rings can make them less crispy. For crispy results put them directly into the basket from the freezer. 
  • Do not overfill your basket. The more you fill, the more chances of unevenly cooked food. 
  • Make sure the frozen packet is not crumpled up. The rings inside may have crumbled into pieces. 
  • You can also make fresh onion rings in the air fryer at home. All you need is a few ingredients. Read the recipe here. 

What Dips Can I Use With Onion Rings?

Dips enhance the experience of eating onion rings. I usually make a dip of Mayo, curd, and tabasco chili sauce.  My daughter prefers plain ketchup. 

You can make your dip with any sauce of your choice. Here are some options you could try: Mayo, mustard, honey, and chili. Season with salt, pepper, or chili flakes. 

Final Words

Air frying frozen onion rings can be quick and satisfying. You can have it as a side with soup, with a burger, or with your choice of dip sauce.

Follow the techniques and tips above to get the perfect crunch and a burst of happiness every time.

All you need is a packet of frozen onion rings, an oil spray, and ten minutes of your time. Enjoy crisping your onion crisps!

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