Can You Toast Bread in an Air Fryer?

If there is one comfort food we all can mutually agree on, it’s toasted bread. Toasted bread is like an everyday routine that has been eaten as a morning ritual for decades. 

I need toasted bread just like air to kick start my day. For busy mornings or lazy Sundays, toasted bread is our breakfast savior.

I recently got an air fryer, and since my toaster is in the last leg of its life, I thought to check if I can get some tasty toasted bread using an air fryer.

Can You Toast Bread in an Air Fryer?

Yes, you can toast bread in your air fryer. This delightful machine will not only get the job done, but it will also give you speedy results. 

When it comes down to excellence, an air fryer wins hands down. You can toast bread, make bread, and try all the different recipes involving bread-like garlic bread, etc.

You can toast bread in about three to four minutes depending on how crunchy and brown you want your toast to be.

Let us get down to how to toast bread in an air fryer. 

How to Toast Bread in an Air Fryer? 

Toasting bread is very easy inside an air fryer. Soon, that is what you will be doing every single day, I promise.

The reason is the ease with which you can manipulate the toastiness of your bread. 

You do not have to preheat your air dryer for toasting bread. Follow the steps below for an awesome toasted bread experience. 

Step 1 – Choose the Right Bread to Toast in an Air Fryer

Take any bread that you like to eat.

Multigrain, wholewheat, sandwich white, the sky is your limit.

The only caution I would suggest is to forgo toasting bread that has sesame seeds. They will end up turning black and bitter. 

Step 2 – Place Two Bread Slices in the Air Fryer

All you need are two good slices from your loaf of bread. You do not have to spray cooking oil or brush oil inside your basket.

Depending on the space area of your basket, you can increase or decrease the quantity of toast.

Just make sure they are not overlapping each other. 

Step 3 – Choose the Bread Toasting Temperature

Here comes the important part.

Make your choice from the three options that people commonly prefer: lightly toasted bread, firmly toasted bread, and burnt bread.

You can also be someone who prefers somewhere in between, so choose your temperature and timing accordingly. 

For Lightly Toasted Bread 

Set the temperature to 400° F for four minutes. Flip halfway at two minutes. 

This kind of bread is midway between soft and super crunchy. Like golden with a crunch. 

For Firmly Toasted Bread 

Set the temperature to six minutes at 400° F. Flip halfway at three minutes. 

This kind of bread is super crunchy and hard. It is brittle and won’t bend easily. Firmly toasted bread is usually used for loading food toppings on top. 

For Charred Bread 

Set the temperature to 400° F for about ten minutes. Flip halfway.

This is only for those who like charred surfaces and prefer the burnt sandy texture of your toast. With no moisture left, this toast will be super hard. 

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Tips for Toasting Bread in an Air Fryer

  • Some pieces of bread may be thick and may need more time to get toasted the way you like. Do stay put and check halfway to get your desired results. You can increase the timing accordingly.
  • Lightweight slices of bread may start to fly around a bit and create sound. Do not panic. It is just a sign that the moisture is all absorbed and the bread is on its way to get toasted. 
  • You would need to preheat your air fryer for about two to three minutes for toasting frozen bread. If you do not wish to preheat, just add the preheat time to the normal cooking time. Like if you are toasting for four minutes, add two to three minutes more. 
  • Do not toast in bulk. Make sure the slices are not overlapping each other. If you do this, the bread won’t be toasted evenly. Place two slices apart from each other face down into your basket. If your bread slice is too big to fit inside your air fryer, toast one at a time.
  • You can toast buns and burgers by slicing them down into two halves and placing them horizontally in your air fryer. 
  • The seasonings and topping may burn if you toast for long. To avoid this, glaze your topping with a layer of oil to avoid scorching.
  • Depending on the size and wattage of your air fryer, don’t be afraid to experiment on temperature and time.  You can also toast at 370F, or 390F and increase the time duration to five or six minutes. Keep peeking midway until you get your desired results. 


You can toast your bread easily in an air fryer. Depending on your preferred texture and taste, you can end up with light brown, firmly brown, or charred toast.

Just remember to flip halfway so that both sides are toasted well. 

You can also try breaded recipes like garlic bread, cinnamon toast, french toast, etc.

Once done, slap the toast with your favorite topping like butter, cheese, jelly, or just have it plain and hot.

Enjoy your toast!

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