How to Reheat Quiche in Air Fryer?

I love trying out cuisines from all around the world. The other day in a  French bakery, I got introduced to Quiche.

I loved it instantly. The dish had cheese and veggies, and I packed some for home.

It was late by the time I reached home, and my family had slept off. I decided to put it away in the fridge and reheat it in the morning. 

Since I am new to Quiche, I decided to find out how to reheat Quiche in the air fryer for breakfast. 

What Is a Quiche? 

Are you new to Quiche and love it? Me too!

Quiche is a popular french pie. It is a baked pastry crust filled with eggs, cream, cheese, and toppings like veggies, and meat/seafood. 

Quiche is very filling and a favorite at buffets and parties. 

Can You Reheat Quiche in the Air Fryer? 

Yes, you can reheat a quiche in an air fryer.

Like all dishes, it tastes great the next day when heated well. 

I think the veggies and the ingredients get more time to gel overnight. I can swear upon slices of pizza that taste awesome when reheated in the air fryer the next day.

The trick is to know how to reheat it well and thoroughly without compromising the nutrition and taste. Allow me to share what I found. 

How to Reheat Quiche in Air Fryer? 

The technique for reheating Quiche is straightforward. You could try any of the two methods below : 

  • Method One – Reheating Quiche Whole 
  • Method Two– Cut up the Quiche into two smaller slices and reheat.

I tried both methods, and both had excellent results. Let us begin.

Method 1 – Reheating Whole Quiche in Airfryer

You don’t need to take out the quiche from the fridge beforehand. Also, you don’t have to wait for the dish to reach room temperature.

I took it out on a plate just before preheating my air fryer for five minutes. 

Reheating Whole Quiche in Airfryer

Here is the step-by-step technique 

Step 1 – Preheat the Air Fryer 

I own a Philips Air Fryer. I preheated the air fryer at 180° C (350° F) for five minutes.

When you preheat the air fryer, it gives a ready hot environment to the quiche, allowing it to be heated up quickly and thoroughly.

Step 2 – Place Quiche and Enter Settings 

Place the quiche inside the air fryer. I entered a temperature setting of 180° C/350° F.

This is the default temperature in my Phillips air fryer for five minutes. 

The result was amazing.

The stuffing inside was peeking from the cheese and sizzling in a mouth-watering way. The cheese was puffed up with a new life, and the Quiche was reheated well, inside out. 

Put the quiche in the air fryer

I turned it upside down to check if it was burnt or soggy. The back part was reheated well, without any cold spots or burns. 

the back of the quiche
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Method 2- Slicing the Quiche and Reheating 

It was easier to slice up the Quiche for my kids. They could just pick up each slice once done. 

Cut the quiche in two pieces

Step 1 -Preheat the Air Fryer

Step one remains the same for whole or sliced.

You need to preheat the air fryer to give your beauties a hot environment. I preheated at the same default temperature of 180C/350F for five minutes. 

Step 2 – Place the Slices and Enter the Setting 

Place the slices separately, leaving a little gap between the two for good airflow. My kids like the quiche crispy, so I set the temperature to 180C/350F for seven minutes. 

The result was well-heated slices of spinach and corn Quiche that my kids took no time to gobble down.

Here is a little comparison of before and after. The ‘before’ is the pic above, where the quiche looks pale and lifeless.

The pic below is the ‘after’ where the quiche looks alive and sizzling.

Before and after heating quiche in airfryer

Can You Reheat Frozen Quiche? 

Yes, you can reheat frozen Quiche. I put some cooked quiche in the freezer and reheated it the next day.

It was lip-smacking and piping hot by the time I removed it from the air fryer. Follow the step-by-step guide down below. 

Step 1- Take the Quiche Out and Preheat the Air Fryer 

Take the frozen Quiche out of the freezer and put it on a plate.

You don’t have to wait for it to reach room temperature. Take it out just before preheating your air fryer. 

Preheat the air fryer for the quiche

Preheating is the key to thorough heating. It helps to give the frozen Quiche a hot environment of a clay oven. 

I preheated the air fryer at 180C/350F for 5 minutes. 

Step 2 – Place the Quiche and Enter the Setting 

After preheating, place the Quiche inside. Set the temperature at 180° C/350° F for seven minutes as the Quiche is cooked but frozen. 

Check out the final result. The Quiche had heated up well and the cheese was puffed up, ready to be devoured.

I flipped the Quiche to check if the base was undone or burnt. But it was perfectly done without any burns or undone areas. 

flip the quiche

Here I have combined the before and after pic to make the picture clearer.

The pic above is before, while the pic below is after. Watch how the Quiche has turned alive and looks freshly baked out of the oven!

quiche reheated in airfryer

Can I Make Quiche Before Time and Reheat It Later? 

You can make Quiche ahead of time and reheat it later on.

But since it contains eggs, cheese, and creme, I would suggest you make it, freeze it up and cook it fresh when you want to serve it. 

A cooked Quiche/store-bought Quiche is good to go in the fridge for one or two days. Since it contains dairy and eggs, I wouldn’t advise you to store it for a long time.

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Final Words 

Now you know how easy it is to reheat Quiche in the Air Fryer. I used a Phillips air fryer to reheat the Quiche.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting and seeing what goes well with your air fryer. 

I would suggest you start with the default temperature and gradually increase the time duration until your quiche is reheated well.

A way to check is to poke a knife in the middle and immediately feel the knife tip to your wrist. If it is hot, it is reheated well. 

Don’t forget to preheat the air fryer before reheating the Quiche. You can reheat it whole or cut it up, as I demonstrated above.

I have also shown you how to reheat a cooked frozen Quiche. 

Here is wishing you much joy in reheating and ravishing your leftover Quiche in the air fryer!

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