Are Air Fryers Loud (Do Air Fryers Make Noise)?

I have recently come across an article about how the noises of home appliances can increase blood pressure, disturb sleep, and cause heart problems. 

It quotes the WHO guidelines and states that noise levels above 55 decibels (dB) as unsafe and harmful. 

My eyes wandered to my air fryer in the kitchen. Is it loud? Do the air fryers make noise?

Do Air Fryers Make Noise? 

Air fryers do make noise and can be considered a loud kitchen appliance.

However, the level of noise depends on the brand and the design of the air fryer. Some designs make more noise than others within a brand as well. 

The noise level in an average air fryer is 65 dB, similar to the noise made by a dishwasher (66dB). 

Here is a quick chart mentioning the different brands of air fryers and the estimated level of noise it gives out. 

Air Fryer BrandNoise Level
Phillips Air Fryer 55-65 dB 
Ninja Air Fryer 66.1 dB
Corsori Smart Air Fryer 59.9 dB
T-Fal Air Fryer 55-65 dB
Faberware Multifunctional Air Fryer65.2dB
GoWise USA Aur Fryer 58.8dB
Calphalon Precision Air fryer 66.2dB
Kalorik Air Fryer 65.4dB
Cuisinart Air Fryer 59.8dB
Emeril Lagasse Aur Fryer61.4dB

Allow me to go into a detailed explanation regarding the noise produced by an air fryer and the reason for it being loud.

I will also talk about how we can reduce the loud sounds and ensure our health stays protected. 

How to Find Out the Noise Level of an Airfryer? 

This can be done through a decibel meter or a sound level meter. There are lots of apps on Android that you can download for free to measure the decibels coming out from the air fryer. 

These turn your smartphone into a portable sound level meter using the microphone inside your android.  

Here are some of them: 

  • Decibel X (compatible with Android and iOS) 
  • Noise Hunter ( compatible with Android)  
  • SoundMeter ( compatible with iOS and Android) 
  • Noise Meter ( compatible with Android) 
  • Audio Toolkit ( compatible with iOS and Android) 

Make sure to read the instructions and calibrate them before using them to measure sound. 

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Why Does the Air Fryer Make a Loud Noise? 

The primary reason is the rotation of the high-speed fan inside the air fryer. 

There could also be other reasons. Let us explore the most common reasons. 

The Rotation of Fan 

The in-built fan inside the air fryer rotates at high speed to cook food. The blades of the fan circulate at high speed to circulate hot air inside the air fryer chamber. 

The noise coming out while operating the air fryer is because of the rotation of the fan. 

What You Can Do 

Keep the air fryer in a far corner inside the kitchen. Stay away in another room till it finishes cooking.

Parts Have Loosened 

If there are any loose parts inside your air fryer, they will make a loud sound – more like rattling. 

Any loosened internal part can do this. It could be a manufacturing defect if it is a new air fryer. If it is old, perhaps the parts have worn out and loosened.

What You Can Do 

In both cases, notify the manufacturer or the seller and follow instructions. They will most probably send someone for service repair. 

There is Leftover Food 

Yes, it is unfortunately true.

Leftover food can clog up the normal functioning of the air fryer. The leftover gunk can be stuck on the fan or the heating element.

As the free flow of air is hindered and gets hit by the stuck gunk, noise is produced.

What You Can Do 

Clean up your air fryer. Remove the stuck-on gunk from everywhere.

Use a soft cotton cloth or a soft scrub. Follow the cleaning instructions in the manual booklet.

Soak the basket in warm soapy water for a bit and scrub the gunk off with soft scrub. 

The Model and Design

Certain models and designs of the air fryer make more noise compared to others.

Sometimes the speed is less and some have differently designed fans. The material used and the placement of internal parts are different in different models and designs.

What You Can Do

You have two choices. One is to find the one that claims to be quietest and purchase it. Ninja 4 qt air fryer is one of the low sound models you can buy. 

Another is to stay away from the kitchen or close the door until the air fryer is done cooking. 

How to Reduce the Sound From the Air Fryer 

Here are a few ways you could try to mute the sounds 

Search a Far Corner 

If your model is noisy due to its material and marksmanship, this is the best way

Place the air fryer at a distance from your living and bedroom. A corner far away from your sitting area would help to mute or reduce the sounds.

Mute the Air fryer 

Certain brands have an inbuilt muting option for the control board. 

This will not reduce the sound of the fan but will silence the beeping. The air fryers beep when you enter the setting and when cooking is done. 

Read the manual of your Airfryer and follow instructions to mute and unmute your air fryer beeps.

Call Customer Care for Repairs 

If your Airfryer is making more loud noises than normal, the internal components may have become loose or damaged.

Reach out to customer care of your particular brand for repairs. 

Keep Your Air Fryer Clean 

Clean the air fryer after use. This will prevent food debris from building up and producing sounds. Cleaning will also protect your air fryer from malfunctioning and damage. 

Read your instruction manual and follow the cleaning process accordingly. Make sure to wipe your air fryer dry before using it again. 

Apart from all of the above, maintaining hygiene in the air fryer will boost your health.

A Word of Caution 

Do not place your air fryer in a soundproof box or a cabinet while cooking. An air fryer is an electrical appliance that produces heat.

If there is no place for the heat to escape, it will heat the internal components and damage your appliance.  

It is best to close your bedroom door than enclose it inside a drawer or a box while cooking.


Air fryers are loud, but the noise level is different in different appliances. 

Some models of air fryers are quieter than others due to the material used and the placement of internal parts. Always ask for a demo before purchasing the air fryer. 

The most common reason for it to be loud is the high-speed rotation of the fan. Keep the air fryer in a far corner. Another reason for a loud noise could be loosened or damaged components. Call customer care of your brand for repair and support

 If you have stuck food particles, they are bound to make a loud noise. Keep the air fryer clean and remove the food debris. 

Now you have understood why the air fryers are loud and what you can do about it. I wish you all the best in creating a serene environment for yourself. Have a pleasant air frying experience! 

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