Does Convection Oven Cook Faster than Regular Oven?

Yes, convection ovens cook faster than regular ovens! 

About 25% faster.

To make the same recipe as a regular conventional oven, you can reduce the temperature and time by 25% in a convection oven! 

Allow me to divulge the details to make the picture clearer. 

Difference Between a Regular Conventional Oven and Convection Oven 

Let us first understand the difference between a regular conventional oven and a convection oven

A regular oven cooks food with the help of heating elements above and below. The heating element placement depends on the particular model.  

For intense heat requirements, both the elements above and beneath work together.  In gas ovens, the heat mainly comes from the bottom of the oven cavity. 

A convection oven has the same fittings as that of a regular conventional oven along with the addition of a fan. 

The fan helps to circulate the heat created by the heating elements.  Hot air starts to swirl inside the chamber of the oven rapidly reducing cooking time.

There is also one more type of conventional oven. It is called ‘True convection’. The true convection oven cooks food faster than regular convection ovens. 

In a true convection oven, there is a heating element in the back of the oven directly behind the fan. 

This model helps to circulate hot air rapidly, cutting off cooking time by a quarter.  

The air that comes in contact with the heating element becomes hot according to the desired temperature and the fan located in front helps to swirl and circulate the hot air inside the oven.

Both regular convection and a true convection oven are faster than a conventional oven, with true convection ovens the fastest. 

Going deeper let us understand the physics behind faster cooking 

Reason for Faster Cooking in Convection Oven

In the field of Physics, ‘convection’ means to transfer heat by movement of the hot liquid or gas. 

Inside the oven, the movement occurs by the circulation of hot air with the help of the fan. This way, the law of transfer of heat holds inside its chambers. 

In a conventional oven, the heat remains still and takes a long time to heat the oven cavity. The absence of rapid flow of air makes cooking food slower. 

Regular Oven vs Convection Oven

Characters Regular Conventional Oven Convection Oven 
Speed Speed is about slower compared to convection model ovenA regular convection oven has a higher speed compared to a regular conventional model. A true convection model has the fastest speed surpassing both the regular conventional model and regular convection model 
Cooking time Cooking time varies from model to model. Higher-end models have a reduced cooking timeConvection ovens cook 25% faster reducing the cooking time by a quarter compared to regular conventional ovens
Temperature A regular oven needs a higher temperature compared to a convection oven for the same resultsA convection oven needs 25 degrees  lower temperature compared to a conventional oven for the same results
Flavors The flavors of one dish can get mixed up if cooked one after the other The flavors of one food do not get transferred to the next dish you are roasting or baking.
Energy efficiency A regular conventional oven takes up more gas and electricity compared to a convection ovenA convection oven requires less electricity or gas as the food cooks faster and at a lower temperature compared to a regular conventional oven
Browning and roastingIt takes a long time to brown and roast meat and vegetables. The temperature requirement also goes upThe rapid flow of dry air creates a dry environment inside the oven so browning, caramelization, and roasting of meat and vegetables take place faster. 
BakingA regular conventional oven gives good baking resultsDue to the blowing of dry air, cookies and cakes will form a crust that may be undesired. To avoid this, lower the temperature and shorten the cooking time.
Even cookingAt times the rack nearer the heating element will be done first and the areas above may be less done. You may need to flip or rotate your pan for even cooking.Due to a swirling motion of hot dry air, the heat distributes evenly inside giving you an evenly cooked meal.

Benefits of Using Convection Oven 

  • With a convection oven, your food will be done faster compared to regular ovens. So if you follow a busy schedule and want quick meals, a convection oven is perfect. 
  • Your gas and electricity bills get reduced compared to a regular oven as the cooking time and temperature needed is 25% less in a convection oven
  •  It is great for browning large pieces of turkey and roasting other meat evenly. The dry air ensures a tasty crust formation on the exterior while the meat remains soft on the inside.
  • You can bake pies, cookies, and cakes at a faster pace compared to a regular oven. They will come out crusty on the exterior and remain soft on the inside. If you prefer a soft exterior, it is better to bake in a regular oven or lower the temperature in the convection oven. 
  • A convection oven is ideal for toasting, roasting, dehydrating meat and vegetables as all parts get done evenly. 
  • A convection oven also doubles up as an air fryer giving you crispy chicken wings and fries at about the same time as an air fryer or toaster oven. 

Some Disadvantage of Convection Oven? 

  • A big disadvantage of using a convection oven is that it seeps up moisture from the food. The absence of moisture is caused by the rapid swirling of hot dry air continuously around food.
  • Another side effect that you may need to keep an eye on is over-browning. To avoid this use thin metal pans rather than heavy anodized pans. 
  • It is not recommended to make soft bread, custards, and souffle in a convection oven.
  • Purchasing a convection oven can be a costly affair compared to a regular oven. 
  • Some models of the convection oven may be noisy due to the fan operation. 
  • The baking sheets need to be tucked in well as the blow of hot air can displace them inside. 
  • If you forget and leave food inside to cook for a long time, the food can burn. 
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Benefits of Regular Conventional Oven 

  • The first benefit is that it is a traditional and familiar gadget in American homes. All of us have seen our grandmas and mothers roasting turkeys in them. 
  • They are quite economical and are available in a variety of shapes and designs. 
  • You can choose between a gas and an electric oven according to your convenience. 
  • They are an excellent choice for baking cakes, loaves of bread, cookies, and pies. 
  • Regular ovens do not suck up moisture from food giving you excellent results for soft and liquid food.  
  • Recipes do not need any adjustments in temperature and time settings. Bake, grill, roast, and cook according to the instructions. 

Some Disadvantages Regular Conventional Oven? 

  • A regular oven takes up more electricity and gas compared to a convection oven. 
  • A conventional oven wastes energy by heating unused spaces. 
  • The part near the element or the bottom of the gas oven gets done first. You may need to flip or rotate your pan from time to time for even cooking. 
  • Cooking food takes up more time in a regular oven compared to a convection oven. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions : 

Can I use aluminum foil inside the convection oven? 

Aluminum foil is safe to use inside the oven as long as it does not touch the back or wall of the oven. 

You can use it to line your baking tray and to reheat food. 

It is better to wrap food in a baking sheet or parchment paper and then cover it up with aluminum foil to prevent leaching.

Will pizza taste better in a convection oven? 

If you like crusty and browned slices then definitely a convection oven will give you the desired results.  

For soft and gooey slices lower down the temperature by 25%. 

How will the cakes bake in a convection oven? 

According to chefs, the cake rises best with steady heat and not a blow of air. So the hot blow of air inside the convection oven may not allow it to rise properly. 

Secondly, the dry flow of swirling air will cause crust formation on your cake which you may not want. So it is better to bake your cake in a regular convection oven. 

Is cooking in a convection oven healthy? 

Definitely! Here’s why: A convection oven does away with the need to fry food by air frying. 

Your food will also not completely dehydrate as it does in a microwave.  

Say goodbye to uneven cooking and the need to open the oven and flip food to cook both sides. A convection oven will give you even cooking.


I have covered all that you need to know regarding cooking in a convection oven and cooking in a regular conventional oven.

To answer your query in short, yes a convection oven cooks faster than a regular oven due to the presence of a fan inside it that helps to circulate hot dry air and give you a well-done meal quickly and evenly. 

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