Thermador Masterpiece 36-Inch Induction Cooktop Review

Thermador appliances have been setting the pace in the cooktop market in terms of innovation for decades. The German company is known for the first known smooth induction cooktops.

It is owned by Bosch, the third-largest home appliances manufacturer in the world, and is one of the most reliable brands.

Thermador Masterpiece 36-Inch Induction Cooktop Review

Thermador masterpiece 36 inches induction cooktop is one of the top premium brand induction cooktops in the market. The cooktop leads in terms of cutting edge design, innovation, and reliability.

The masterpiece cooktop is the first of its kind, being the first freedom induction cooktop.

Till now, there are very few brands that can match the freedom of this masterpiece. The model has the single largest cooking surface in the cooktop market.

The cooktop has a single largest burner that pulls up to 4600W in boost. This is far more than the industry average.

What’s more, the Thermador masterpiece freedom induction cooktop is ADA compliant (Americans with disabilities act). It is safe for use by people with disabilities.

What makes the Thermador masterpiece 36-inch cooktop worth buying

The freedom cooktop is one of the safest induction cooktops in the market having many safety features such as childfree lock, clean lock, pan recognition, safety shutdown, automatic timer switch off, and power management function.

These give you better control of safety at home.

The induction cooktop is technically a single burner with an entirely usable surface. It delivers 63% more usable surface area than the competition.

CIT36XKB Masterpiece Series 36" Wide Freedom Induction Cooktop...
  • Largest fully usable cooking surface on the market.
  • 48 induction elments deliver more than 63% usable cooking surface than the competition.
  • Grey-black glass color

It has 48 coils measuring 3 inches each offering the largest cooking surface in the market.

The induction gives the flexibility to place up to four pots, pans or griddles in any combination, shape, and size (anything between 3 inches to 13 inches in diameter according to usage guidelines) on any part of the induction surface.

The heating element takes the shape of the utensil and heats only in the area where the pot is kept. This feature saves energy in a big way. The rest of the area remains cool to touch.

The induction has a pot detection feature that shifts the functions from one place to another by tracking the movement if the cookware is shifted.

With the freedom induction cooktop, you have good power control for whatever type of cooking you need. The lowest power level is perfect for keeping certain food types at low heat or for melting chocolate without burning.

The power can be raised to higher/lower levels giving you good control.

The four pots can be used to cook simultaneously on its surface. All of them can be heated up at different power levels independent of one another.

The cooktop not only registers the different requirements but also maintains the exact heating temperature for each cooking pan uniformly. The boost feature is available for all heating elements.

The Thermador masterpiece features the first colored user interface touchscreen display. A 6.5 inches screen gives you clear text displays, cookware displays.

The brilliant interface offers better control and faster access to cooking settings.

Product description

Thermador freedom induction has a sleek greyish black color with an attractive angular modern design. The glass cooktop is surrounded by a stainless steel frame and has the ability to complement any decor.

The touch screen display offers an intuitive interface. It is 6.5 inches and located in the bottom center of the induction. The power of the full heating element is 3600W and 4600W in boost mode. All burners are equipped with a boost feature.

The width of the induction is 37 inches, height is 4 ⅛ and has a depth of 21 ¼ inches. It weighs 69 lbs. The electrical requirement of the cooktop is 208/40V,60Hz, and 40 amp connection.

The minimum distance from the countertop should be 2 ½ inches according to the user manual. Also, the minimum distance from the rear wall should be 2 ⅜ inches.

Right beside the display panel on the left side is the on-off button. The display panel has an info button, a child lock button, settings button, and a timer button. The power level comes on automatically after the cookware is kept on the surface.

The power can be adjusted by scrolling on the left side. Boost feature can be selected from the power level function by scrolling extreme left.

The induction has an inbuilt ‘lift and -hold’ function and a transfer function. There is also a setting button with the help of which preset settings can be changed, a clock can be set and brightness and calibration can be done.

The masterpiece induction comes with anti overflow detection by shutting off the relevant element and sounding an alarm when liquids are detected on its surface.

The induction is also equipped with a pan recognition feature, safety child lock, clean lock which can be used to wipe spilled food while cooking and a residual heat indicator.

If the cooktop is on for a long time without the settings being changed, safety shutdown is activated depending on what power level has been set.

The induction has a two years warranty limited warranty on the appliance, parts, and labor. The limited warranty for glass-ceramic surface, electronic elements, switches/parts is 3rd to 5th year.

What we like about Thermador Masterpiece 36-inch Induction Hob

Thermador induction is extremely versatile giving the user option to cook anywhere on its surface. The induction also allows the freedom to move.

If the pot needs to be moved to another location, the cooktop will transfer all of the programmed settings to the new position of the pan.

CIT36XKB Masterpiece Series 36" Wide Freedom Induction Cooktop...
  • Largest fully usable cooking surface on the market.
  • 48 induction elments deliver more than 63% usable cooking surface than the competition.
  • Grey-black glass color

The masterpiece induction provides the speed and precision of boost technology giving you access to instant heat 50 percent faster than traditional cooktops. The power can be lowered to a sim equally quickly.

The masterpiece induction comes with good safety features like child-lock, clean lock, pan recognition, residual heat indicator, anti overflow detection, timer alarm, and safety shut down.

The induction has a ‘lift -and-hold’ function. As soon as you lift or move the cookware, all the settings for the cooking position are saved for a short amount of time (10-90 seconds).

Thermador induction also boasts of a transfer function. With the help of this function, you can transfer all the settings of one cooking position to another cooking position.

With four pans working simultaneously, masterpiece induction is ideal for large families and big gatherings. It not only allows one to savor a variety of dishes but also enables bulk cooking.

Thermador masterpiece induction comes with a two years warranty on the appliance, parts, and labor.

What’s not so great

Although Thermador boasts of large surface area, 36 inches to be exact, only four pans can be used simultaneously on the induction surface.

Only two cooking positions may be used at the same time on each side of the cooktop.

The induction will not work if the cookware size is less than 3 inches or more than 13 inches. This limitation can cause an issue for large size cookware.

It does not allow you to place the current generation of Thermador wall ovens underneath them.

The boost feature will only work on two pots that are placed on the left and right sides. The boost will not work for two pots on the same side of the induction ( right or left).

The cookware has to be under a specific diameter range. They also need to be ferromagnetic and have a flat base in order to work on Thermador masterpiece induction.

It is a glass cooktop with a touch screen bound to leave fingerprints all over the surface.

How Thermador masterpiece 36-inch induction cooktop works 

Use the main on/off switch to switch on the cooktop. The touch display can be operated easily with your fingers. Activate the desired function by briefly touching the corresponding display area or areas within the display.

The relevant function is activated only after you take your finger away.

The minimum pan size is 3 inches and the maximum pan size is 13 inches. Cookware less than 3 inches in diameter will not be recognized.

The maximum cookware size is 13*27 inches. The cookware must be ferromagnetic and have a flat base to utilize the full induction surface.

Setting the power level

After switching on and placing the correct cookware, touch the cooking position symbol. The power setting screen will show on the display.

In the next four seconds slide your fingers left and set the desired power level. The maximum level is nine after which is the boost function.

Booster function

To activate the boost feature, keep scrolling left on the power level scale until you get the boost feature button. Press once to activate. You can only activate the boost function once on the right and left halves of the cooktop.

To deactivate, scroll left on the power setting until you see the power level you want to set. To switch off completely after the boost, keep scrolling left until 0.0 appears in the display.

Setting cook time

On the display screen, touch the cook time symbol. The cook time screen will display on the screen. Slide your fingers up or down to select the desired cook time in minutes or hours according to preference.

Touch enter and the cooking time is activated. When the cooking time has elapsed, the cooking position switches off.

You can set the cooking time for up to 9 hours and 59 minutes. Depending on the power level set, the cooking position may also switch off before the cooking time has elapsed.

Apart from cooking time, a timer can also be set. Just touch the timer button and slide finger up or down to select the time in minutes or hours.

Touch start. The cooking time starts counting down on the display. Once the cooking time has elapsed, “clear timer” will appear on the display. Touch the “clear timer” to switch the timer off completely.

Switching off

In the power setting screen, slide your finger to 0.0. The cooking position switches off.

Now touch the on/off button. The indicator in the display switches off. All cooking positions are switched off.

Hibernate mode is activated for 60 seconds after which the induction switches off. During the 60 seconds, you can restart the cooktop again by pressing the on/off switch.

A residual heat indicator will get displayed for each side of the cooktop even after switching off till the induction cool down. Once the side cools down, the residual heat indicator will disappear.

Settings button

Please note that your appliance has various pre-settings. You can adapt these pre-settings to your own needs.

Press the setting button to change the setting by choosing the menu. You can also adjust the brightness and calibration by opening the settings menu.


Thermador masterpiece 36-inch induction stands true to its name providing an ample amount of freedom due to its wide surface.

The fact that the whole surface can be used for cooking is just brilliant and intuitive.

The heating element saves a lot of energy by taking the shape of the cookware on top of the surface. The rest of the cooktop remains cool to touch.

Four dishes can be cooked simultaneously with different/ same power settings. This feature makes it apt for bigger families and large gatherings.

Thermador induction comes with a first of its kind user interface with a color screen display. some of the finest settings can be changed according to ease.

It is just like operating on a touch phone. It has a lot of inbuilt safety features like child lock, clean lock, safety shutdown, auto timer shut off, residual heat indicator, pan recognition, and anti overflow detection.

What’s more, people with disabilities can use the induction without worry.

It is truly a masterpiece!

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