Ancona 36-Inch Induction Cooktop Review

Ancona 36 Inch induction cooktop is the best combination of a sleek design, powerful performance, and easy to use features.

Made up of Schott Ceran ceramic surface, the elegant black glass has a seamless design with a sturdy metal body.

Ancona 36 Inch Induction Cooktop Reviews

Constructed from high quality, its surface is easy to clean and maintain. With integrated cookware sensors it prevents empty burners from heating up accidentally.

The cooktop’s fast heating and simmering feature are bound to change your cooking experience. It has five burners with distinct easy to use touch controls.

You can cook in bulk or cook a different variety of cuisines at the same time. Especially ideal for larger families and get-togethers.

With a stylish design, it features a wide range of heating levels making it easy to try a variety of cooking techniques like rapid heating, frying, boiling, simmering, steaming, etc.

What makes Ancona 36 Inch Induction Cooktop worth buying?

The control zone is displayed out quite well making it easy to understand leading to smoother operations.

The LED display for each burner is designed as a crescent giving a modern and stylish appearance. Each of the five burners has a boost button feature.

Ancona 36 Inch Induction Cooktop Reviews

In order to save energy and prevent accidents Ancona 36-inch induction cooktop goes to standby mode if no button is pressed for 30 seconds after switching on. It shuts down completely after five minutes of standby.

The cooktop has an automatic timer that can be set from 1 minute to 99 minutes for all cooking zones. After completion of the time, the particular cooking zone will switch off automatically.

This frees the chef from concerns of burning and need of hovering around the stove waiting for the cooking to finish.

Ancona induction comes with in-built safety features of the child lock button and residual heat setting.

When the child lock button feature is activated all keys get locked out and only on/off button works. This prevents any accidental change of settings.

The on/off button is helpful to quickly shut down the induction in case of an emergency.

Ancona 36 Inch Induction Cooktop Reviews

The cooktop has a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. It warns the user that the area used is still giving off enough heat to cause burns. Once the cooktop has cooled, it will automatically disappear.

Ancona induction has a power-sharing feature. Two cooking zones on one side share the power of one invertor. The right and left cooking zones are powered by two independent induction invertors. The middle zone is powered up with the left side invertor.

The 36-inch induction cooktop comes with a warranty period of one year. The limited one year warranty covers any defect in material or workmanship found during the warranty time.

They have good customer care service and can be reached via a toll-free number or online.

Product description

Ancona 36 Inch induction cooktop comes in the dimensions of 36*21*2.1 inches and weighs 36.8 pounds.

Ancona AN-2413 Radiant Induction 36" Cooktop, Black
  • 5 Burner Schott Ceran ceramic surface
  • Distinct easy-to-use touch controls
  • 9-cooking heat levels with Boost function on each burner

The induction cooktop has a total power rating of 9600W. The power range is from 100W to 3700W ( at maximum boost).

It requires a standard electrical requirement of 240V,60Hz. The cooktop has five heating zones. Front left, left rear, front right, rear right, and a middle zone.

Each cooking zone has its own set of + and – buttons for power. There is a boost button for each cooking zone as well.

Towards the bottom of the control panel, there is an on/off button, a timer button with timer control + and – keys, and a child safety lock.

The power level for each cooking zone can be selected from 1-9. The power level 1 for all cooking zones is 100W. Power level 2 is 200W. Power level 3 is 300W except for middle and front right that gives 400W at level 3. Power level four is six hundred Watts for all cooking zones.

Power level 5 is 1000W for all cooking zones except front-rear that gives 800W.

The power level 6-9 for the left front cooking zone and left rear cooking zone is 1200,1400,1600,1800W respectively with a boost for both reaching 2500W.

The power level for the middle cooking zone from 6 to 9 and boost is 1400,1600,2000,2400 and 3700W respectively.

The power level for the right front cooking zone from levels 6 to 9 and boost is 1400,1600,2000, 2200, and 3200W respectively.

The power level 6-9 and boost for the right rear cooking zone is 1000,1100, 1200,1400, and 1800W.

What we like about Ancona 36 Inch induction cooktop

The control zone is not complicated and made easy to use with just a quick glance. It makes operating smooth.

Each cooking zone has its own set of + and – buttons and its own boost function.

Ancona 36 Inch Induction Cooktop Reviews

It has energy-saving features such as automatic shut down of cooking zone if no button is pressed for 30 seconds and complete shut down of the induction if nothing is pressed for a whole five minutes.

The cooktop has inbuilt safety features for the ease of the consumer. This includes a child lock to prevent undue injuries as all the functions get locked with only preset function working.

The residual heat indicator is helping in letting the chef know with a glance when the cooktop has cooled down and ready to clean.

Ancona induction comes with a power-sharing feature making it energy efficient by utilizing only two induction invertors.

The 36-inch induction comes with an adjustable timer that shuts down the cooking zone once the time is complete. It frees the consumer to attend to multiple chores without bothering about food being overdone.

Ancona 36 inch induction comes with a limited warranty of one year. They require proof of purchase and original receipt along with few details of address etc. they can be reached on a toll-free number or email.

What’s not so great

The control panel is placed quite near the front cooking zones. The cookware may accidentally touch the panel causing heating up and disturbance in the setting.

Tiny water droplets or sauces can also fall on the panel making it difficult to operate. Steam condensed may form a thin water droplet.

The power-sharing feature makes it difficult to cook both dishes on the right or left side simultaneously on high power.

For example, if both the burners on the right side are cooking food, the last power level setting will be maintained while the first cooking burner will experience a slight reduction in power level.

And on the left side, there is a two+one middle burner that shares the power.

So out of them, only the last set burner will maintain the power while the other two will experience a reduction in power level when cooking simultaneously.

The induction will not work on all cookware. It requires them to be ferromagnetic and heat resistant. The uneven base will also not work very well on the induction.

Patients with a pacemaker or similar medical device should stand at least a foot away from the induction. This distance can make it difficult to cook food.

The induction does not have a pause feature to delay or stop cooking midway.

The 36-inch induction is not ideal for small families or bachelors. It also requires a bit of space and won’t do in cramped up kitchen tops.

How Ancona 36 inch induction cooktop works

Below are some pointers of how to use the induction cooktop:

To start the induction

Upon inserting the power plug into an electrical socket, the induction will make a sound and all the digital lights will blink once indicating that the cooktop is in the stand by mode.

Keep compatible cookware on the preferred cooking zone. Now press the on/off key once. The induction will beep indicating it is ready for use.

If no other key is pressed for 30 seconds after the “on” key, the cooktop will return to the standby mode.

Selecting the cooking zone

Press the + button to start the cooking zone at a default power level 9 or press – button to start the cooking zone at default power level 1 or press the boost button to start the particular cooking zone.

Selecting the power level

Press the + button to increase the power level or press – button to decrease the power level. Pressing the boost key will show the display as “P”, boosting the power to the highest level.

Use this level for quick boils or quick heating. Boost will operate for a maximum of 10 minutes.

Setting the timer

With the desired heating zone powered on, press the timer key. The timer display will blink and show 00.

Press the + or – button to increase or decrease to the desired time until the desired time appears in the display. (choose up to 99minutes). Once the timer is set, if no key pressed for 5 seconds, the timer begins its countdown.

When the time is completed, a beep sound will go off and the selected heating zone will shut down automatically.

If more than one cooking zone is programmed for the timer countdown, the shortest time remaining will show in the display, the indicator for that particular burner will flash.

Activating the child lock

Activating child lock will prevent activation of any other key except power on/off-key. This is done to switch off the induction in case of an emergency.

To activate press the child lock once. The unit will make a sound and an indicator light will turn on above the child lock. The controls are now locked.

The induction will automatically enter into the lock mode if no key is pressed within five minutes.

To switch off the lock mode, press the child lock key once. The indicator light will switch off indicating the induction.


The right and left heating zones are powered by two independent induction invertors. The middle burner comes in the left heating zone sharing the invertor of the left side.

Set the power level for the food item you wish to keep constant. When using two cooking zones, you can maintain a constant power level for two pans on separate heating zones.

Place one pan on one of the cooking zones of the left heating section and the other pan on one of the cooking zones of the right heating section.

To turn off the cooking zone

Press the “-” key of the desired cooking zone until the power level display is on level 1.

Now press once more. The desired cooking zone will shut down. The induction is now on “ readiness mode”.

To turn off the induction

Press the on/off button once. The induction will beep and will go into standby mode. Do not remove the power plug until the cooling fan has stopped.

The cooktop has a residual heat indicator for each cooking zone. The residual heat indicator will warn that the particular cooking zone has been used and is still giving off enough heat to cause burns.

Avoid touching the particular cooking zone when this indicator is shown. The display will show “H” until the induction has cooled down

It is now ready for cleaning. For details regarding the cleaning procedure, do visit our article here.


Ancona 36 inches induction cooktop combination of style and performance. It features a high-quality Schott Ceran making it easy to clean and maintain.

With a seamless design and tough metal body, this induction does not fail to impress.

In regard to performance, it has all the features needed for a smooth and wonderful induction cooking experience. It has nine heat levels along with a boost feature for all zones.

It conserves energy by sharing power between both right zones and both left zones including the middle zone.

There are inbuilt safety features with this 36-inch induction cooktop namely auto switch-off timer, child lock, and residual heat setting features.

The electromagnetic field on this induction works quite smoothly aiding in quick boils and simmers within seconds.

This induction is bound to revitalize your cooking dynamics for good not to mention the stylish appearance improving your kitchen aesthetics for good.

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