True Induction Double Burner Cooktop Review

True Induction cooktop is a specialty brand of kitchen appliances featuring modern induction technology. The name True induction also signifies quality assurance.

True Induction Double Burner Cooktop Review

The company has tested this double burner cooktop in real-life situations to make sure that the product specifications are in fact applicable to the modern-day household.

True Induction double burner cooktop is among the best double burner induction cooktop available in the market.

It is specifically designed to be inset into your countertop. The glass top is extended to achieve a seamless inset. This cooktop works quite well as a portable and placed wherever you like- camps, dorms, offices, indoors or outdoors.

The unit has a One-piece Glass-ceramic top surface made for easy cleaning. All that is needed is a damp cloth to wipe down the surface.

True Induction Double Burner Cooktop Review

Being portable, it can also be easily removed from the countertop for a more detailed clean.

What makes the product worth buying?

True induction double burner cooktop features patented power sharing technology. This allows for more energy-efficient cooking by allowing the burners to split wattage between them.

True Induction Double Burner Cooktop Review

Power-sharing works by dividing the power between the two burners at 100/0, 50/50, 80/20, 70/30, etc. It also allows the unit to run more effectively on the standard 110V-120V outlet easily available in the kitchen.

There are multiple safety features within the unit. It has a built-in safety turn “off” feature that registers when the cookware is removed from the burner and placed back on, allowing for a safe cooking experience.

Once the cooktop reaches its maximum temperature of 450 degrees, it will stay at that temperature and will not exceed it.

The double burner induction cooktop is ADA compliant and features a two-year warranty through sequoia brands.

Product description

The double burner induction cooktop works on the standard electrical requirements of 110-120V, 60Hz found in most American homes.

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient,...
  • The True Induction includes easy to use controls, True Induction's patented power sharing...
  • Requires cookware that is induction compatible. Works with most stainless steel and cast...
  • Easy to Clean: With its seamless one piece ceramic glass cooktop, the True Induction...

Power wattage 1800W. The cooktop comes in the dimensions of 15*24.5* 3 inches. The base measurement is 23 ⅝ w* 14 ⅛ L and 2-3 Inches height. It weighs 2.4 ounces (12.15lbs).

The temperature range of the true induction double burner cooktop is 150 F- 450 F. The induction has a temperature as well as a power level (heat) setting.

Both can be adjusted with a +/- button. The power level is from 1-10 levels.

Each burner has its own set of buttons. There is also a timer feature. The timer can be set up to 150 minutes. The cooktop will automatically shut down after 150 minutes.

It also has an automatic pan detection feature shutting down the induction if no cookware is found for 30 seconds.

What we like about True Induction double burner cooktop

True induction double burner meets the criteria of the fast-paced world by using magnetic induction technology to craft delicious food in a fraction of a time when compared to traditional cooking techniques.

By reducing cooking time, it also makes the induction more energy-efficient and safer.

The unit is small enough to store on your back when you are on the go. Ideal for restaurants, office settings, or camps. The fact that induction does not give off any actual heat makes the unit very safe in mobile cooking situations.

True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient,...

By consuming far less electricity than traditional stoves, it reduces both operational cost and injury risk making it a good money-saving investment.

The induction has a safety feature of automatic detection. It will automatically switch off if there is nothing detected on its surface for 30 seconds.

Only the part where the cookware meets the cooktop gets heated up while the rest of the surface of the induction cooktop remains cool to touch. Once the cooktop reaches its maximum temperature, it stays constant and does not increase.

The timer button can be used to adjust the time duration up to 150 minutes after which the cooktop automatically shuts down.

Each burner has its own set of buttons and the induction has a power (heat) mode and a temperature setting mode option for cooking.

The fan operates continuously during cooking/after cooking and cools down the induction very quickly.

What’s not so great

Not all cookwares are compatible with the true induction double burner cooktop. They have to be ferromagnetic in order for the induction process to take place.

It cannot be used with pots and pans which are not ferromagnetic, do not have a flat bottom, and that cookware that is not in the diameter range between 4-10 inches.

The power-sharing feature can be frustrating as the level and time duration of the dish changes. You will not be able to use the maximum level for both burners.

Once the timer feature is up, the cooktop goes into standby mode and does not shut down automatically.

The fan is a bit noisy when it is used over the countertop as a portable induction. The noise is not audible, however when it is inset into the countertop.

There is no child lock feature in the induction. This feature is very important to avoid the change of settings accidentally or by children.

The burner is fine for a small family. However, it is not that great for bulk cookings as there are only two burners that share power. Also, the maximum diameter of the pan can be 10 inches.

How True Induction TI-2B double burner cooktop works

Let’s now look a little bit into how to use this double burner induction cooktop.

Plug the power plug into a standard outlet. The power button will light up and the unit will sound to indicate on. The device will remain in standby mode, awaiting user direction.

Place ferromagnetic cookware before switching on the induction to avoid any stray radiations. The bottom of the diameter should be flat with a diameter of 4.5 inches to 10 inches.

Make sure the center of the cookware coincides with the center of the heating element.

To switch on

Press the power button on the control panel.

This will turn the cooktop on. The power display will blink and a beep will sound.

For selecting heat function ( power level)

Press the heat function key once. The pre-set power level “5” is the default selection as the device turns on. Use the +/- to change the heat level at any time from 1-10.

The maximum power level of an individual burner level is 10. But when operating both burners their combined total is level 10.

This means that when the two burners are operated at the same time, they will self adjust levels accordingly.

When you increase the power of one side, the power output of the other side will decrease automatically. (for example, you put power level 6 on one side, the power level of the other burner will automatically become level 4 creating a total max setting of level 10)

Using temperature setting

Press the temperature button once. Use the +/- button to change the temperature setting at any time. Setting ranges from 150F to 450F.

Exact temperature setting range is 150, 180, 210, 240, 270, 300, 330, 360, 390, 420 and 450 degree F).

If one side of the double burner is using the heat function and the other side uses the temperature settings, the maximum heat setting is “5”.

Using timer function

After setting heat or temperature mode, press the timer button once. The display will show the number “0”. Use the +/- keys to select the operating time in five-minute intervals (maximum 150 minutes) and reducing one minute.

The display will count down the duration in minutes. Once the time is up, the unit sounds and automatically goes into standby mode. To continue cooking, press the power button and heat button to restart.

During the timer operation, you can change the timer duration at any time with the arrow keys. The device’s built-in memory maintains the HEAT or TEMPERATURE setting previously entered.

The True induction cooktop is designed to automatically shut off after 150 minutes of use. This built-in auto shut off is a safety feature.

In case your food requires further cooking, the unit can easily be turned back on and reset to the desired setting.

Turning off unit

When you are finished cooking, simply press the Power button to turn off the machine.

Upon completion of cooking, the fan may remain on until the unit is cool.

Once the unit has cooled down, it is ready to be cleaned up with a damp cloth followed by a dry wipe. For more details read our article on cleaning the cooktop here.


True induction TI-2B double burner cooktop is the most efficient cooktop fitting the countertop as well as giving the consumer the option of portability.

It can be used both indoors or outdoors at any convenient place requiring only a standard voltage of 110V.

It is not very large and can be stored anywhere. Both the burners work simultaneously making it easy to cook two dishes at a time.

The timer function takes care of the cooking while the chef is free to do multiple chores without worrying about the food burning or undercooking.

Having both power heat function and temperature feature, it gives freedom to cook a variety of cuisines using different styles of cooking.

Whether it is boiling/frying/steaming or saute, all gets done in a jiffy on this double burner cooktop. It is amazingly easy to operate, is energy-efficient, comes with a warranty and is pocket friendly.

With so many customers writing positive reviews, TI-2B True induction stands true to its name!

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