Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

The Whirlpool line of ranges has the combination of capacity and flexibility that you need on the cooktop to handle whatever the day brings

The innovative cooking technology in Whirlpool Gold GCI3061XB 30-inch induction cooktop makes it a clear winner with a high-end look. The glass touch-activated electronic controls offer a variety of heat settings for optimal cooking results.

Whirlpool Gold gci3061xb 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

There are nine heat settings to choose from ( from 2500 watts to 3200 watts ) and a boost function for fast and rapid heating/boiling/steaming.

With a simmer feature for all heating elements, Whirlpool gold works equally well for melting chocolates, butter, soups, stew, sauces or keeping the food warm.

All of this just with a push of a button. Its versatility gives you accurate control while its intuitive and contemporary design makes it highly attractive.

What makes Whirlpool Gold 30-inch Induction Cooktop worth buying?

Whirlpool Gold 30 inch induction cooktop offers relief from traditional forms of cooking by cooking faster when compared to gas or electric cooktop.

It has four cooking zones that are evenly distributed so one zone does not overlap over the other. This allows us to use different sized cookware and try different cuisines or do bulk cooking simultaneously.

The heat is generated directly in the pan keeping the other surface of the induction cool. Food spills will not burn as the surface of the cooktop remains cool to touch. What’s more, you can quickly clean after cooking as induction cools down very fast after cooking.

Whirlpool Gold gci3061xb 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

It also comes with an automatic pan detection feature making it quite safe around kids. If there is no pan, the element will not heat up without turning off the power.

This conserves energy and the need to restart the induction cooktop again while other heating elements are busy cooking.

If there is no activity after the main switch is switched on, the induction will switch off automatically after 10 seconds thereby conserving energy.

Similarly, another safety feature Whirlpool gold has is that if the heating element is switched on for one whole minute without choosing any function or power level, it switches off automatically.

Speaking of kids, it also has a child lock to prevent an untoward change of settings by kids or by accident.

When standard 240V is not available, Whirlpool induction automatically adjusts to 208V.

A residual heat indicator feature takes care of the safety aspect and tells the user when the cooktop is cooled down and ready to clean.

Whirlpool corporation gives you a limited warranty of one year from the date of purchase. (proof of original purchase date is a must).The company will pay for factory specified parts and repair labor to correct defects in materials or workmanship.

This limited warranty is valid only in the US or Canada. They have a customer service toll free number and an online address where the customers can reach them on all working days.

Lastly, the Whirlpool gold 30-inch cooktop is budget-friendly. It is far less costly compared to other high-end 30-inch induction cooktops with the same features.

Product features

The product comes in the dimensions of 21.3*30.4*2.4 inches. It weighs 51 pounds.

The electric requirements of the Whirlpool 30-inch induction cooktop ( 76.2cms) include a 3 wire or 4 wire single phase, 240volts, 60 Hz and 40 amps.

The induction has been tested and complies with part 18 of the FCC rules for ISM equipment. It meets the requirements to minimize interference with other devices in a residential installation.

The cooktop has four burners. Two on the right side and two on the left side. One in front and one in the rear. The front side has a display panel.

The main buttons on the display panel are on/off button power button, a simmer button, a lock button, a timer display with a +/- timer button, a heat level display (power slider) alongside the boost button

Whirlpool Gold Resource Saver GCI3061XB 30 Induction Cooktop. 4...

Each heating element has an off button, a simmer button, a heat level display.

This 30-inch induction cooktop also comes with an automatic pan detection, a child lock, and a residual heat indicator.

What we like about the Whirlpool Gold Induction Cooktop

Whirlpool gold induction cooktop offers a variety of heat levels to choose from- from heat level one to nine. There is also a boost button that can be used to maximize the temperature settings. There is also a simmer option for each element.

With different ranges of temperatures, it offers there is no cooking technique the cooktop cannot accomplish. With the exception of baking, it can easily accomplish boiling/ frying/ simmering/ steaming/ saute/ melting, etc.

Four heating zones allow cooking to be done in bulk and the option to cook four dishes simultaneously.

The induction has an embedded automatic pan detection feature that makes sure no heat is generated once the pan is lifted from the cooking zone.

It is a cool safety feature that helps in case one forgets to switch one element off. Another considerate feature is that when no pan is detected, usually the induction switches off creating a nuisance for other heating elements which are cooking food. This cooktop does its work well by not switching off automatically at this point.

Whirlpool Gold Resource Saver GCI3061XB 30 Induction Cooktop. 4...

It does, however, have inbuilt safety features where the induction switches off automatically. If the power remains on and there is no activity for 10 seconds.

The particular heating element turns off if no function is selected for one minute after switching on the heating element.

Whirlpool gold 30-inch cooktop comes with some amazing safety features like child lock and residual heat indicator. These ensure no untoward accidents take place during and after the cooking.

The induction cooktop is economical and not heavy on the pocket. It has all the functions minus the high price making it affordable to a large class of people.

What’s not so great

Customers have complained of the induction breaking down within a year and a half. The thermal fuse is the most common issue. The cooktop starts emitting a burning smell, switches off or shows error code “F47”.

Customer service according to them is awful. Most of them were unable to go through a regular Whirlpool customer service. Those who were successful went directly to corporate office customer service support.

The repair process is outsourced. The repair contractors Whirpool hires are inefficient and as they are under contract, the company has no control over them.

The spare parts take a lot of time and the cooktop doesn’t work even after replacement or stops working soon after replacement.

The boost function is only available for the left rear heating element.

How Whirlpool gold 30-inch induction cooktop works

Now let’s quickly have a look at how this induction hob works.

Switching On

After connecting the cooktop to an electrical power supply, the control panel will be locked. An indicator light above the key icon will be on.

To start, unlock the control panel by pressing and holding the control lock for 3 seconds. The indicator light will turn off, and the cooktop is ready for use.

Press the power button. The indicator lights up above the Power keypad and a dash (-) in each surface cooking area will light up.

Placing the cookware

It is a good idea to place cookware on the cooktop before switching on to avoid any stray radiations. Always use a proper size pan.

Select vessels having flat bottoms large enough to cover the heating element. The use of undersized utensils will expose a portion of the heating element to direct contact and may result in the ignition of clothing.

Proper relation of utensils to burners will also increase efficiency and helps to achieve maximum wattage. The diameter of the pan’s base should be equal to the size of the element.

If the pan is too small, the burner does not sense the pan and will not activate.

Use induction cooktop friendly cookware. The cookware should be induction friendly and should not break with sudden temperature changes.

Turning on the cooking zone

Select a cooking zone. If any cooking function or power level slider is touched before selecting the cooking zone, the cooktop will beep three times and all four cooking zones will start flashing.

Once you select the cooking zone, the timer will switch on automatically.

Choose the power level. If the cooking zone is left on without choosing power level for one minute the cooking zone automatically switches off.

Heat setting selection

Choose the particular heat level from 0 to 9. Adjust with the heat power slider. Use the following chart as a guideline.

Simmer for simmering or maintaining a slow boil. The simmer function can be used on all four cooking elements. It can be used on more than one heating element at a time.

Touch to turn on. To turn off, touch the heating element off or use the power slider.

  • Level 1-2- for melting/keeping the food warm
  • Level 3-5 for simmer, stew or steam
  • Level 5-6 for frying meat, poultry and cooking soups, sauces, gravies.
  • 6-7- hold a rapid boil
  • 7-8- quick brown or sear
  • 9- start cooking food
  • 9-boost -bring the liquid to a boil

The boost function allows you to increase the heat setting level above the maximum heat setting nine for ten minutes or less.

This function is only available for the left rear cooking element. To switch on the boost function, select the left rear cooking zone. Touch boost button.

The display area will flash “P”. After 10 minutes, “P” will no longer be visible indicating that boost function is over. The heat settings automatically turn back to heat level 9.

The performance boost function may automatically be deactivated to keep the internal electronic components of the cooktop from becoming too hot.

Timer settings

The timer can be set up to 90 minutes. The timer is independent of any other control settings. Touch the timer “up” arrow to increase the time in 1-minute increments.

Touch the timer “down” arrow to decrease the time in 1-minute increments. The timer will start a countdown after a few seconds. When the countdown is finished, 00 flashes and a tone will sound.

Control lock

To turn on the control lock, press the button for 3 seconds.

All keypads are locked in this condition except the power and on/off button. To turn it off, press and hold again for three seconds.

To turn off

Touch on/off to turn off the desired surface cooking area. One tone will sound when off is pressed. Touch POWER to turn off the cooktop when finished.

Note- if the pan has been removed from the surface cooking area or the induction does not recognize the pan, a “keep pan animation” appears in the cooking area display as a reminder. If the pan is not placed within 30 seconds, the zones will switch off.

A hot surface indicator will flash after the cooktop is switched off. Wait for it to disappear before starting to clean.

Clean the cooktop with water and cloth. Use mild soap or specialized cream with a wet cloth followed by a dry wipe. For more information on cleaning, refer to my article here.

Some more things to know about the Whirlpool Induction Stove

To eliminate the risk of burns or fire, cabinet storage space located above the surface units should be avoided. If the cabinet storage space is to be provided, reduce the risk by installing a range hood that projects horizontally a minimum of five inches beyond the bottom of the cabinets.

Keep 18 inches of minimum clearance from the upper cabinet to the countertop. A minimum clearance of 76.2cms between the top of the cooktop platform and bottom of an uncovered wood or metal cabinet.

2.5cms or 1 inch should be the minimum clearance between the back wall and countertop.

For proper ventilation, provide a vent of 5mm under the countertop, in front of the cabinet. The vent should be along the whole length of the induction cooktop.

Locate the junction box to allow as much slack as possible between the junction box and the cooktop so that the cooktop can be moved if servicing becomes necessary in the future.

A UL listed or CSA approved conduit connector must be provided at each end of the power supply cable (at the cooktop and at the junction box).

A listed conduit connector is already provided at the cooktop. We would highly recommend that all electrical connections be made by a licensed, qualified electrical installer. A guide of installation instructions can be found here.

The handle of the cookware should be turned inwards so it does not extend over adjacent surface units.

Certain cleaning agents contain chemicals that give noxious fumes when applied to the hot surface. Let the induction cool down sufficiently.

Clean the ventilating hoods frequently. Grease should not be allowed to accumulate on hood or filter. When flaming foods under the hood, turn the fan on.

In the case of induction causing interference with tv or radio reception, relocate the receiving antenna of television or radio or increase the distance between the cooktop and the receiver.

People with a pacemaker or similar medical device should take care while standing near the induction cooktop while it is on. Maintain a minimum of 1-foot distance as the electromagnetic field may affect the pacemaker or similar device.

Avoid storing jars or cans above the cooktop. Dropping hard or heavy object on the cooktop could crack the cooktop.

For food containing sugar in any form, clean up spills as soon as possible.

Do not use the cooktop as a cutting board and do not place hot lids over the cooktop. As the cooktop cools, air can get trapped between the lid and the cooktop and the glass can break when the lid is removed.


Whirlpool gold induction is an ace cooktop when it comes to design and versatility. It has four powerful burners making cooking a quick and safe method.

The safety features include automatic pan detection, child lock, and residual heat indicator.

The panel and display are quite simple and easy to grasp. The burners are placed quite aptly giving freedom to cook a variety of cuisines simultaneously.

The function buttons are quite simple and placed in front for easy and smooth operations. Each heating element is independent of the other.

It has nine heat levels along with a boost and simmering feature. With a variety of power options to choose from, Whirlpool gold 30-inch induction cooktop truly stands to its tagline- ready for whatever the day brings!

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