Are Crock Pot Inserts Microwave Safe?

I hate dirtying a lot of dishes while cooking. This way I get fewer items to clean afterward. 

At times, I just cover up the plate, pot, or pan that has food and store it in the fridge directly.

When I want to eat, I leave the cookware out for some time and then place it back in my microwave or stovetop for reheating. 

I wonder if I can do the same with a crock pot insert?

Are Crock Pot Inserts Microwave Safe? 

Yes, the crock pot inserts are microwave safe till 400° F. 

Microwaves work by heating food through electromagnetic radiation. These rays cannot penetrate through metal. 

This is why you cannot place the whole crockpot inside your microwave. The food will never get heated.

However, you can safely use a microwave to reheat or cook food in a crock pot insert.

Here is a little disclaimer: as you might be aware, “crock pot” is a brand of the slow cooker. If you are using the insert of another slow cooker brand, kindly check the instructions before microwaving the pot insert. 

Things to Remember While Placing the Crock Pot Insert in the Microwave

Let us find out how exactly to place a crock pot inside the microwave.

  • Make sure the insert is clean and dry before you place your food in the microwave.
  • The crock pot insert is microwave safe. However, the lid is not. So you need to cover the insert with a microwave-safe lid or plate. You may also place it uncovered without any lid but I would advise against this. This is because the lid helps to retain heat and prevents the splattering of food. 
  • Some good microwave-safe lids are made up of plastic, silicone, or plain glass (without the metal screw). Plastic is the cheapest option available. If you are planning to use high temperatures, use silicone instead.
  • Silicone is lightweight and adjustable. A glass lid is eco-friendly and does not contain any toxic components like BPA etc. Tempered glass can be bulky and difficult to store. 
  • Do not place anything that has metal inside the microwave. Metals deflect electromagnetic radiations, sending them in erratic directions. This will result in your food not heating up and cooking.  Although rare, the interactions of electromagnetic radiations and metal can also lead to a fire starting in your microwave. 

Caution: the outer part of the crock pot which has a heating element, should never be placed inside along with the insert. 

  • Do place an empty ceramic insert inside the microwave. It may expand and crack after being exposed.
  • Do not use alcohol inside the microwave. It can react with the electromagnetic rays and produce flames.
  • Do not cook food continuously for a prolonged period inside the microwave. It is best to cook in small intervals giving breaks in between. Stop the microwave as soon as you spot sparks, smoke, or fumes. 
  • The inserts can get very hot. You must be careful and wear mitts/ pot holders while removing them from the microwave.
  • Once cooked, the food remains hot for a long time.  You do not have to reheat it for a long time.
  • The inserts are designed for slow cooking in crockpots. They may form hotspots at high temperatures inside the microwave. The trick is to start with low temperatures and increase gradually. 
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A Quick Guide When Using Crockpot Insert in Microwave

Here I have summarized the main points to make it easy for you to glance through

Before placing the insert in the microwave

  • Check that the insert is made up of microwave-safe material
  • Confirm that is safe to go in the microwave by reading the instructions manual
  • Make sure it is dry and not wet

While placing the insert in the microwave

  • Do not place an empty insert 
  • Do not place alcohol in the batter
  • Remove the lid and place a microwave-safe lid

While cooking/heating in the microwave

  • Start low and gradually increase the temperature
  • Cook in short intervals 
  • Make sure to stir in between 
  • Switch the microwave off as soon as you see sparks, fumes, or smoke

After cooking/heating

  • Let the insert cool down before removing it from the microwave
  • Use oven mitts to remove the insert

Here are some frequently asked questions 

Can We Place a Ceramic Crock Pot Inside the Microwave 

Yes, you can place a ceramic crock pot inside the microwave. It is an excellent way to cook food quickly.

Just make sure to cook in intervals to avoid the formation of hotspots. 

Keep stirring your food in between to cook food evenly. 

As I mentioned earlier, ceramic can get quite hot inside the microwave. Take care not to burn your fingers or hands. Use mitts.

Lastly, follow the manufacturing instructions regarding the food safety guidelines. 

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Can You Microwave a Crockpot? 

You have to make sure the crock pot is made up of a microwave-safe material.

The electromagnetic waves responsible for heating food will not pass through metallic encasing of any kind. 

The Crockpot has a heating unit in the metal casing that is not microwave-safe. If the inner crock is detachable (and made from microwave-safe material), Go ahead.

Once you have made sure the crockpot is microwave safe, cook in intervals, stir food in between, use a microwave-safe lid, and use oven mitts as the crock pot can get very hot. 

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Is a Crock Pot Liner Safe for Using Inside the Microwave? 

Yes, you can use a crock pot liner. They are made up of microwave-safe material.  

They will protect your microwave from splatters and getting messy.

However, I would advise you to follow the manufacturing instructions while using crockpot liners inside the microwave. 

Can I Microwave a Farberware Crockpot Dish? 

Yes, you can safely use a Farberware Crockpot dish inside the microwave. 

Make sure it is clean and dry before adding food and placing it inside the microwave. 

Follow the manufacturing instructions while hearing the dish inside the microwave.

Start with low settings and gradually increase the temperature. Cook for short durations giving intervals in between. 

Can I place a Stoneware Crock pot Insert Inside the Microwave? 

It depends on the brand. Read your manufacturing instructions to find out if you can safely use it inside the microwave. 

Although most stonewares are safe to go in the microwave, some may be coated with enamel or paint. It is best to read the instructions. 

If we look at stoneware as a material, it is made at extremely high temperatures for twelve hours so it is safe to use in the microwave. 

If your stoneware is microwave safe, you still have to cook in short intervals as prolonged use may crack the stoneware

They can become quite hot. Let it cool down and then remove it from your microwave. 

Can I Place the Bella Crock Pot Insert in the Microwave? 

The manufacturers of Bella Crock pots do not recommend placing the stoneware insert in the microwave.

You can easily find out if the stoneware insert is microwave safe by reading your product manual. 

Can I Brown Meat in the Microwave Before Cooking it in My Crockpot? 

Please go ahead. Meats can be browned easily in the microwave at high temperatures. 

One pound of meat requires two minutes of high temperature in the microwave. Once done, simply place the meat into the crockpot for cooking. 

Final Thoughts  

Crockpot inserts are completely safe for use in the microwave. You can use them for reheating or cooking food up to 400F. 

Other than the crock pot brand, you need to read the brand instructions manual of your particular crock pot. 

In general, inserts or dishes made from ceramic or stoneware are safe to go inside the microwave. Anything that has a metal, metal coating, or metal component will not work in the microwave.

Whether you use a crockpot insert or any other brand insert, just remember to remove the lid. This is because all lids have a metallic screw band.  Instead, opt for microwave-safe lids like silicone, tempered glass, or even plastic. 

Always listen to your manufacturer. If the manual says not to use them inside a microwave, do not use them even if the insert is made out of microwave-safe components. Safe cooking! 

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