Can You Use Oven Bags in a Crock-Pot?

Yes, you can use oven bags in the same way inside a crockpot as you do inside an oven.

Use it to steam, slow cook, or as a liner for slow cookers. 

To answer your question in detail, allow me to briefly explain what an oven bag is.

What Are Oven Bags?

Oven bags are heat-resistant bags made of food-grade polyester or nylon. They are similar to steamer bags except they are smaller and have no vents.  

Most oven bags can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Centigrade ( about 450°F)

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An oven bag and slow cooker liners are made up of the same material.

The only difference is the opening.

While an oven bag has an opening at the end, slow cooker liners have a wide side opening. Oven bags are also called roasting bags.

Advantages of Using Oven Bags

  • An oven bag helps to save the time and effort needed to clean a slow cooker bowl. It does not require any clean-up. Simply peel away the oven bag that is used as a crockpot liner.
  • The oven bag also helps to slow cook meat in its juices, making the results even more delicious.

You must have heard people talk about not using plastic along with your food.

Most plastics contain BPA, short for bisphenol-A.

This chemical leaches out and mixes into your food and is very harmful to your health.

Here is the good news : 

  • Branded oven bags and Crock-Pot liners are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and completely healthy to use. They are approved by the FDA for cooking.  
  • Oven bags are available in different dimensions and sizes in separate boxes. You can choose the bag that fits into your crocker pot.
  • Adding an oven bag to the crockpot is more like a double boiler technique that gives a ‘melt in the mouth texture to your meat.
  • Oven bags help to retain flavor from the meat and veggies. You can use the liquid outside the oven bag for gravy or soup. More like a ‘wet and flavourful’ result. 

Tips to Use an Oven Bag in a Crockpot

  • Add a little flour and shake up your bag. It will mix up the water and fat released from food. This is done to protect the oven bag from bursting due to the steam created by water. 
  • Allow the steam to release by poking holes in your oven bag. You can also tie up the bag lightly and leave a little opening for steam to escape. 
  • You can also use two bags at once by placing greens in one and meat in the other. It will save you time and give you two dishes at a time. If you have a large crockpot, you can slow cook up to three recipes in one go.
  • You can use oven bags as a liner for the crockpot. As they are made up of the same material as a crockpot liner, they will not melt or catch fire. 
  • Different oven bags have different heat-resistant thresholds. Look for the maximum temperature limit allowed by the manufacturer. 
  • While using a turkey oven bag inside your crockpot, fill your crockpot with one cup of water and then place your turkey oven bag as a liner all-around your crockpot bowl.  
  • Before placing an oven bag, spray the crockpot bowl with vegetable oil or simply grease it up using a paper towel and a few drops of oil.
  • Let the excess sides of the oven bag stand up around the lid when using it as a liner. This will avoid steam to drip down from the under

Disadvantages of Using an Oven Bag Inside the Crockpot

  • One big disadvantage is that they are not completely toxic-free. Despite being food-grade, BPA free and approved by FDA, they may leech out chemicals into food when heated for a long time.
  • Certain oven bags like Reynolds oven bags are made up of aluminum foil and a non-stick coating on the inside for easy cleanup. The aluminum foil can release chemicals into your food. 
  • Oven bags are single-use products that need to be discarded after use. You cannot wash and reuse them. 

Use oven bags according to the specific instructions mentioned by the manufacturer.

Always use the right temperature as a safety precaution. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oven Bags

Here are some frequently asked questions : 

Can we use oven bags to cook food in a slow cooker without water?

Yes! Throw in raw ingredients including meat or veggies inside your oven bag and tie it loosely to allow steam to escape.

You can also poke holes in the bag with a fork for this.

The raw food will release fat and water. This mix will help to tenderize and cook your food, 

Oven bags help the meat retain juices giving you delicious and original flavors. 

What Can I Use Instead of Oven Bags in a Crockpot?

Using oven bags is not necessary for a crockpot.

If you want gravies, curries, or soup, just toss in everything and add water to your slow cooker. 

As the lid will not open, the water inside will condense into steam and fall back into your crockpot. 

If you want the after-cleaning to be easy, lightly grease your crockpot bowl by wiping a paper towel with oil all around. 

Crockpot liners are also available in the market and are made from the same material as an oven bag. 

Where Should I Not Use an Oven Bag? 

According to oven bag manufacturers, do not use oven bags for broiling, on the stovetop, electric roasters, barbeque grills, or toaster ovens

When the oven bags are subjected to extremely high temperatures, they can dissolve, melt or leach out chemicals. 

Use oven bags up to certain temperature limits as specified by the manufacturer. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your safety.

Never place them directly on top of fire or heating elements. That can melt oven bags.

Do I Need to Pierce Oven Bags Before Placing Them Inside a Slow Cooker?

Oven bags can explode if the steam inside finds no place to release.  Slow cooker liners are open from the wider side whereas oven bags are only open at one end. 

This open end needs to be sealed to collect the raw ingredients and help in cooking them together.

If you loosely tie up the oven bag, steam will find a place to release. Consequently making holes also help the steam to escape from the oven bag. 

How Safe Are Oven Bags?

Oven bags are made of food-grade nylon or polyester. 

They are heat-resistant bags that give you excellent results. The food retains its flavors due to the proximity of raw materials enclosed inside the bag. 

Most oven bags can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Centigrade ( about 450°F). 

They are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and have FDA approval. 

Although you can use them in the oven and for slow cooking in the crockpot, they are not completely toxic-free. 

Oven bags tend to release harmful chemicals when subjected to high temperatures for a long duration. Avoid extremely high-temperature exposures of the oven bag. 

What Can I Cook in an Oven Bag?

You can cook food that needs to be juicy and soft in an oven bag. Due to the proximity, fat and juice released from raw food get mixed up easily. 

Use oven bags for one-pan meals, slow-cooking meat, veggies, and sides together. 

The small closed chamber of the crockpot ensures no fluid is lost. All the liquid condenses on the inner side of the lid and then falls back on your meal. 

Can I Use Maggie Bags in a Crockpot? 

No, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to understand what can go inside your crockpot. 

A slow cooker is designed to cook food slowly and effectively. 

Maggie bags are exclusively oven safe and should not be used anywhere else.  

How Much Water Should I Add to My Slow Cooker? 

Add water according to your recipe requirements. Do not increase or decrease just because you are cooking in a slow cooker 

Remember, as the lid remains locked above, the volume of water will not evaporate so add the amount you wish to consume sufficiently. 

Also, keep in mind that meat gives out a little water of its own when heated, so consider that amount when deciding on adding the water volume. 

Make sure your crockpot is a maximum of two-thirds full. Anything more may cause certain crockpots to spill or lose out flavors. 


Summing up, a crockpot is more of a large steamer. You can cook meats and veggies as soups, gravies, curries, sauces as well as dry steamed food. 

Using an oven bag lessens your after cleaning and the retained juices make the food more flavourful. 

You can choose from a variety of oven bags in the market fitting your crocker pot. Use it to steam, cook, and as a slow cooker liner. 

Read up the instructions on your oven bags for clarity regarding the temperature range. 

Certain cheap oven bags may melt or spill. Always use a good quality food grade, BPA free and FDA approved oven bag inside the crockpot. All the best!  

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