How to Cook Steak on an Induction Cooktop (Step-by-Step)

Have an induction cooktop and wondering if you can cook a steak on it?

Of course, you can.

It’s really simple and once you get a hang of it, you will be using only the induction for steaks.

Unless of course, you are outdoors camping cooking steak in the open air over glowing coals.

But hey, you can get your very own sizzling steak by cooking in your kitchen on induction which will replicate the same flavors of barbeque done outdoors.

Steak, as we know, is high-quality meat taken from the hindquarters of an animal and cut into thick slices. Steaks can be grilled or pan-fried according to choice.

The first step is to choose your steak. The cut of steak you use comes down to personal choice and budget.

Different cuts have different levels of tenderness and flavor and you will have to adjust the cooking accordingly.

Cookware Needed to Cook Steak on Induction

For cooking steaks on an induction cooktop, I would recommend frying on a cast iron grill pan.

A heavy-duty, thick base non-stick grill pan with rims at the borders will work very well. A heavy griddle pan or a cast-iron skillet will also work wonderfully.

All these pans are famous for getting really hot and their capability to retain heat. This will help achieve a charred and smoky and grilled finish to your steak.

Just like barbeque, steaks need to be cooked in a big pan as they need space.

If your pan is not big enough, cook the steak in batches. Don’t be in a hurry and spoil the flavor and texture of the steak.

The frying pan, the griddle, or the skillet need to be induction friendly in order to work on induction.

Iron, cast iron, enameled cast iron, and magnetic stainless steel work on induction.

A method to check whether your pan is induction-compatible and will work on an induction cooktop is to place a magnet at the base.

Any ordinary fridge magnet can be used to check this. If the magnet sticks, it can be used on induction.

Advantages of Cooking Steak on an Induction

Induction has some beautiful advantages over conventional gas and electric cooktops. One of them is the ability to heat quickly and maintain high temperatures.

This is why the most scrumptious steaks are now made on induction cooktops by chefs around the world.

Don’t just trust me, go and watch any recent Masterchef episode. You will see the contestants using induction cooktops for almost all types of cooking.

A big benefit when cooking steak on induction is that heat will be distributed evenly thanks to the working of induction.

There will be no hot spots and the probability of finding uncooked areas will be very less. This makes it a good medium for cooking steaks.

Another great cooking experience you are going to find is that although the pan will be heated up to a high degree (a medium-high) the rest of the cooktop will remain cool to touch.

So even if you’re cooking frantically in a hurry, the chances of any accidental burns are minimal.

As the induction does not dissipate much heat into the atmosphere, the kitchen environment will remain cool.

Say goodbye to sweating while searing.

Cooking Steak on an Induction – Step By Step Guide

Now that I have praised induction enough (seriously, I love it), let me quickly give you the steps to cook beautiful steak on induction cooktops.

Preseason the Steak

You can preseason the steak prior to cooking.

Some people recommend adding salt an hour or two before cooking the steak. This helps the meat absorb the salt.

And no it will not end up drying the meat according to popular belief. On the contrary, the meat will be on its way to becoming tasty and evenly seasoned.

Don’t shy away by sprinkling sparsely but sprinkle enough for the salt to be absorbed evenly all over.

Some people like to marinate with different flavors like vinegar, garlic, ginger, olive oil, honey, mustard, or special miso sauce. You can marinate it for an hour or two or marinate it overnight by keeping it in the refrigerator.

Step One – Bring Steak to room temperature

Before you start cooking, get the steak out of the fridge and allow it to come down to room temperature about one hour before cooking.

Frying or grilling cold steak will prevent the heat from penetrating the steak, especially in the middle area.

Step Two – Cooking on Induction 

Take the pan and place it on the induction cooktop.

Switch on the cooktop.

To have less smoke during cooking steak, pour the oil on the steak and rub nicely on both sides instead of pouring oil on the pan. You can add further seasoning as well just before placing the steak in the pan.

Pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, mixed herbs, mixed spices are all good options you can choose according to taste.

For a delicious crust, to caramelize meat, make sure the pan is super hot before placing the steak. Use level 5 power (medium-high or medium, from 1-10). Alternatively, use a temperature between 400-500 degrees F.

It is very important to consider the size and weight of the steak before calculating the cooking time.

  • For a thick steak cook for 5 minutes each side (depending on the thickness).
  • For a 2-3 cms thick steak, 3 minutes each side.

Keep checking the steak after 2 minutes according to how much more you want it cooked.

If you want the steak well cooked and not a medium, prolong the time a bit by 30-40 seconds.

Remember to turn the steak every minute or so. This will help to evenly cook throughout.

For an added amazing taste, rub butter or a clove of half-cut garlic on top of the steak or sprinkle herbs every time you flip the steak.

During cooking, aim for a medium-rare steak.

Cooking any more will end you with a tough piece of meat. Unless you like your steak that way- well done and tough.

Step 3 – Let It Rest and Apply Oil

After cooking, switch off the power and leave it to rest for some time maybe 5-10 minutes.

Rub with a little virgin olive oil or butter for a juicy steak.

Alternatively, heat up some butter or olive oil in the same pan used for cooking steak at minimum power for about a minute and drizzle the oil or butter on top of the steak.

The fibers of the meat will reabsorb the free-running juices, resulting in a moist and tender steak. Carve out pieces with a good knife if you wish and serve.


The end result will be a terrifically cooked barbequed steak with patterns on both sides.

There will be no mess on the induction with no rings on the burners making the induction difficult to clean.

No mess at all. Just a swipe and the cooktop is clean.

Reason enough to make it the most cherished gadget for steaks in your kitchen.

With induction giving you a slice of sizzling meat, you no longer need to plan barbeque outdoors for that juicy steak.

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