Farberware Multi-Function Induction Cooker Review (with 9 Inch Pan)

For more than 100 years, brand Farberware has been famously synonymous with attributes like integrity, durability, design, care, and innovation.

What Farberware appliances strive for is to make cooking a lovable easy affair for you. Something you cherish and love to return to again and again because of the ease it provides and the fantastic results that come out.

Farberware induction cooker gives you the option of minimal effort, time conservation by multitasking during cooking and energy conservation by the process of induction cooking.

Farberware Induction cooker is ideal for small and cramped spaces. Being portable it can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors quite conveniently.

This compact and easy to use cooktop comes thoughtfully from the manufacturer with a scratch and impact resistant glass on top. As most of the utensils are round, this cooktop is designed as a circle thus looking far more aesthetic and stylish in the kitchen.

The touch control ensures a featherlight experience without having to apply pressure on the buttons for operation. The control panel is situated at an angle from the cooking surface giving the cooktop a beautiful look.

It is big, sturdy, efficient with a good quality offering superb functions and programs to cater to different cuisine needs.

It comes with a fantastic value-added gift- A 9-inch induction compatible Farberware frying pan.

Reason enough to grab this one.

What makes Farberware Induction Cooker worth buying?

Farberware Multi- Function Induction Cooker Plus 9' Non-Stick Fry...


The reason I state is that this cooktop takes care of your cooking like no other. It has all the necessities plus extra care functions for ease of the customer.

It has an inbuilt:

  1. Overheat detection function
  2. Cookware detection function
  3. Voltage warning system!

Automatic safety shutoff follows leading to minimum energy wastage.

It also boasts of a hot and cool indicator after cooking keeping the safety of the consumer on top.

It has an inbuilt programmable countdown timer making it easy for the chef. Farberware induction cooktop comes with different preset cooking options of simmer, sear, saute, grill or fry.

The sleek and smartly designed cooktop goes from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. It is a delight to use for cooking something speedily and easily – A highly cherished asset for the working class.

Product features – Farberware Induction Cooker + Frying Pan

This induction cooktop comes with a handy 9-inch frying pan, which is a great deal for many right out of the box.

Induction Cooker Features

The induction cooker comes in the dimensions of 15* 6.4*16.9 inches. It works on the North American electrical standard of 120V -60Hz which is quite common in American households. It has 6 power levels and the maximum power level is 1300watts.

It is quite sturdy and weighs 9.8 pounds. It has legs beneath for increased stability and is ETL certified.

It has 1 to 180-minute built-in countdown timer. There is also a default timer for different preset programs. They are warm, simmer, fry, grill and sear. For safety, there is no timer for boiling program.

In the control panel, there is an on/standby button, a pause button, a+ and – button, a function button, a timer button, and six preset programs light indicators towards the bottom. The LED display is placed centrally and is big enough for clear reading.

To help in the alignment of the cookware on top of the heating zone, there is a circle drawn on the surface of the cooktop.

Frying pan features

The frying pan is black and beautiful. The diameter is also quite big 9” inches. With the brand Farberware behind it, it promises quality, durability, and reliability.

The frying pan has a two-layered bottom with a non-stick coating. The thickness is 3mm.

The pan is quite big and broadens upwards. A fixed plastic handle makes it easy to use on cooktop.

What we liked about the Farberware Induction Cooker

The portability factor makes it easy to use in any part of the home, dormitory, condos, RV, etc. The compact and sleek cooktop only requires a socket giving 120V 60Hz. The rated current is 10.8A.

The round surface design makes it very easy to clean. The pan is also broad and cleans easily.

Having a countdown timer and preset function programs, all you got to do is choose the buttons and then let the cooktop take care of your cooking while you are free to do other things. It soon becomes your best friend cum chef!

What’s more, after the set time is reached, it will automatically shut down. Which means no burning, no keeping an eye or nose for the smell or beep sounds. It gives complete freedom and smooth cooking experience. This way it also conserves energy by not using extra power after cooking is over.

Another way it conserves energy is by shutting down if the cookware is removed from the top within 10 seconds.

The inbuilt fan automatically runs after cooking helping in cooling down of the cooktop. So you don’t have to open the windows or switch on exhaust unlike in conventional gas cooktops to dissipate heat and fumes. In fact, it does very well in places where is not much ventilation.

Farberware induction can also work as a hot pot by choosing a warm setting on the induction. There is also a pause button to pause the cooking midway and then begin it again by pressing the button once more.

What’s Not So Great about Farberware Induction Cooker

There is no lid on the frying pan. Some consumers quoted in their reviews that the depth of the pan should have been more.

Although the cooktop is compact, it weighs quite a bit (9.8 pounds!) wish it would have been a bit lightweight to carry around with ease.

Also, being compact it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1 foot to avoid EMF according to ICNIRP guidelines.

Another irritating feature embedded in Farberware is 10 seconds interval. What happens is that if we switch it on and within 10 seconds do not choose any function or timer and/ or do not place the cookware on top, it will turn back to standby mode.

That’s way too early for me. The cut time should have been 60 seconds as in other cooktops. Sufficient time should be given to think and press comfortably. It is especially not convenient for slow thinkers and slow movers.

Although this feature may sound very nice for energy conservation but on a practical side and day to day basis, I feel consumer must feel comfortable and at ease and not feel as if there is a gun on his head so he hurriedly does stuff.

Also, the temperature is fixed to the preset cooking and can only be increased or decreased from 375F to 425F. This kind of limits the different styles of cooking and limits the freedom to try different cuisines.

For larger families, it does have a minor issue – there is no Child lock. A child lock would have taken care of nosy children trying to work their way on this gadget while it is operating.

So if you have children and want to avoid their inquisitive nature by not meddling with your settings then either you have to place the cooktop at a higher place where they cannot reach or cook while they are asleep or in school or keep a watchful eye to prevent them from temperating with the cooktop.

Repair and maintenance require professional help as Induction has complex mechanics in it. That can be heavy on the pocket.

How the Farberware induction cooker works

Farberware Induction cooker will only work if the cookware placed on top is induction compatible. Stainless steel, iron, cast iron, and enameled iron and steel work very well on Farberware inductions.

Copper, aluminum, and glass will not work.

A good method to check is to place a magnet near the bottom of the cookware. If the magnet sticks to the bottom, it will work on the induction cooktop.

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Always place the food in the cookware and then place the cookware on the induction before plugging in to avoid any stray EMF. Also, if you do not place anything on top and switch it on, it is inbuilt in such a way that cooktop will automatically shut down in 10 seconds.

Place the cookware in the center of the ring made on top of the glass surface. This aligns the cookware with the heating zone.

The suitable bottom diameter of cookware for Farberware is 5 to 8.5 inches. Turn the switch on and within 10 seconds touch the function button to reach your preferred program and timer. If you press it later then 10 seconds after switching it on, it will beep and turn to standby mode.

Touch the function button once, twice, thrice, four or five times for different preset programs. Once for warming (140F), touch it twice for simmer (203F), thrice for a boil (212F) and four times for fry(325F). Five times for grill (375F) and six times for sear (400F). A blue light lights up on top of the written preset program on the control panel.

A point to be noted is that the temperature can only be increased or decreased through + or- buttons in steps of 25 degrees from 375F to 425 F.

After the desired function is set, touch the timer button to activate the timer function.

For easy usage, the preset programs come with a default countdown timer. The default time, for each program chosen, gets displayed on LED. It can be increased or decreased by 1 minute by pressing + or – button.

If we press and hold on to + or – buttons, the timing will increase or decrease in steps of 10 minutes from the displayed countdown.

It is to be noted that maximum and minimum time settings for each program are different as illustrated in the manual given along with the induction.

Also if we select boil function, timer option will not be available. An important thing to remember is that if at any time during cooking, any other button is accidentally pressed apart from pause, the timer will stop and default countdown timer will start.

Once the program has reached its end and the time is over, the cooktop will automatically go on standby. The LED will flash blue bars indicating that the cooktop is still hot. Once the inbuilt fan has cooled down the unit, the blue bars will stop flashing. Disconnect the plug from the socket. Always clean the induction and dry it thoroughly before storing. Scrape away the residues with a specialist scrapper at a 45-degree angle. The residue left on the induction plate may cause the cooktop to malfunction.

Never immerse the induction in water. Wipe with a damp cloth and mild solution or soap followed by a dry wipe.


Farberware provides customer assistance after sales through a telephone number. They require you to have the model number and the product name. The customer assistance number, the model number, and the product name can be found on the guide manual which comes along with the purchased Farberware cooktop.

If you purchase from Wal-mart, they give a two-year limited warranty under which they cover any defect in material or workmanship according to the user manual.

You should return the product and carry the original receipt or call the customer assistance number.


This little black beauty will soon become a necessity. Especially for the working class who don’t have much time for leisure cooking.

Farberware Induction Cooker heats and cooks up speedily. With everything being preset regarding simmer, boil, sear, grill, warm and fry, all you have to do is press the desired function and then let Farberware take care of the rest.

The settings are a bit disappointing as all one can do is choose the preset options. Experimenting with any other method of cooking becomes difficult. Also pressing the function buttons and then timer buttons to reach the specific cooking can get a bit confusing. It isn’t very easy to operate as it looks. There is no option of power setting.

Being highly affordable, it makes common cooking techniques easy to middle and lower class sections of society. By making it widespread Farberware come a long way in achieving their motto- to stay true and stay ahead by starting early. For You.

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