Secura 9100mc Portable Induction Cooktop Review (1800W)

When it comes to the best portable induction cooktops, Secura has a lot of trust and happy customers.

It’s one of the leading small appliance manufacturers in North America and has sold 8 million products in the US alone. They have two popular brands under which they have induction cooktops and other small appliance – Secura and Duxtop.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Secura 9100mc portable induction cooktop.

The best thing about Secura 9100mc portable Induction cooktop is the 15 power levels (up to 1800w). At this price range, most of the induction cooktops come with a power level 1500 watts max. 1800w gives its performance capability a boost with reduced time in cooking.

1800 Watts makes it high performance and allows you to cook food faster and more efficiently.

It has excellent and vast temperature ranges which are more than the conventional portable induction cooktop This adapts to the cuisines requirements of different types of consumers easily.

Before we jump into the good and bad of the Secura induction cooktop, let me quickly give you a description of the product.

Secura 9100mc Portable Induction Cooktop – Product Description

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black...

Secura 9100mc induction cooktop is made by the brand DUXTOP, an induction cooking expert. It is slick black and square shaped with a slight slant on the control panel for ergonomic ease of usage.

It comes as a compact and portable cooktop. The portability feature makes it desirable and highly practical for carrying it along on trips, camps, outdoors, in RVs, and other outdoor places.

The surface is made up of glass ceramic and has round circles as a guide for proper cookware placement and alignment.

The control panel is simplified providing a few buttons which are aligned in an efficient way for convenience and are easy to understand and operate. The cord is quite long allowing good distance from the socket giving space and providing more options for placement of induction in case of cramped spaces etc.

It works on all induction compatible cookware namely cast iron, iron, stainless steel, enameled iron or enameled stainless steel. A good method to check is if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, it will work on Secura induction cooktop.

It is ETL approved and has a 1 YEAR WARRANTY.

It is built according to the North American electrical standards of 120v 60Hz AC.

It is found to comply with the limits for consumer ISM equipment. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference with communication equipment. This stands when the induction is used in accordance with the instructions on the user menu.

What Makes Secura 9100MC Induction Cooktop Worth Buying?

It is extremely lightweight induction cooktop which is easy to carry, cook, and take out on travel.

It weighs mere 6lbs.

It has an elegant design with a slight slant for the control panel making it very easy to clean after cooking.

The slight slant of the control panel away from the heating zone makes it free from any spill or splash. Also, there is no chance of cookware accidentally sliding onto the control panel. This way, it avoids hot contact with the cookware

The digital control panel has an LED display which is quite clear and bright. There are easy blister style digital control buttons giving a tactile sense of button being pressed which is preferable than touch buttons.

1800w gives it the power to cook faster. Its performance surpasses gas and electric cooktops.

What’s more unlike other conventional cooktops, you won’t feel the heat in your arms, hands, face or kitchen. There is no need for exhausts or ventilation to dissipate the heat generated as in conventional cooktops.

What’s Great About the Secura Induction Cooktop?

The product brings with it excellent quality by giving us various ranges to choose from at affordable price.

There is an option of a vast range of power and temperature levels. The temperature range they offer starts from 140-degree Fahrenheit to 460-degree Fahrenheit.

The power range till 1800 Watt is something you will not find in other induction cooktops in the same price range

This feature also makes it highly adaptable to various styles of cooking.

The power levels are also greater and can be fine-tuned from 200w to 1800w. This gives us more options to cook and experiment according to the dish one is preparing.

The power level increments increase by .5 instead of whole digits that is 1,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5. Whereas in other inductions it is 1,2,3,4. This innovative feature gives much better control of cooking.

The induction cooking process ensures that only the cookware and the heating zone beneath it remain hot while the rest of the cooktop remains cool to touch. So there are no chances of accidents or burns. Also, since the cooking takes place through electromagnetic induction and there is no heating element, there is no baking of food spills as the rest of the ceramic top stays cool.

Having said that, since only the place where the metal cookware comes in contact with the cooking zone stays hot, one more safety feature this cooktop provides is the ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ indicator. This works after the cooking is over. Once the indicator turns cool from hot, it is safe to clean and touch.

It is lightweight and compact making it portable, easier to handle, and store.

Secura 9100mc induction cooktop has a built-in countdown digital timer with 1-minute increments up to 170 minutes making it easy to boil, fry, steam, etc. Once the time has elapsed, the unit shuts down.

It has an inbuilt auto pan detection. This means the unit will shut down in 60 seconds if there is no cookware on top of it. This saves power and energy and also drastically reduces the chances of any accidents/burns.

It is equipped with a diagnostic error message system which beeps and display on LED in case of problems. This induction comes with a user manual where there is a complete list of error code guide along with solutions.

It also has a high and low voltage warning system.

It has a built-in digital timer which shuts down the system once the time is over saving energy. There is less need to focus your attention as the quality of food will not suffer, unlike gas where one needs to constantly monitor.

The cord is conveniently long (about 6 ft) which allows good movement and distance from the socket point.

A good safety feature this Induction has is that it shifts from power mode to lower temperature mode when the cookware is overheated in the power mode. It detects the overheating and automatically switches to the lowest setting on temperature mode. You can then adjust the setting to the appropriate temperature which suits your dish.

It also shuts down automatically if it detects too high surface temperature or if the voltage input is too high or too low.

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black...
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  • HIGH EFFICIENCY Choose from 15 preset power levels 200W to 1800W and 15 preset temperature...
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What’s Not So Good About the Secura Induction Cooktop?

It is only compatible with induction ready cookware. This means the cookware needs to have some iron, cast iron or stainless steel at the bottom for the electromagnetic induction to take place.

The base has to be magnetic basically. Some aluminum cookware can also work if it has enameled iron or steel although the performance of cooking food may or may not be compromised depending on the making of the cookware and the percentage of metals.

Although this is a drawback, note that this is not a drawback with Secura 9100mc induction cooktop only. It’s something you will have to deal with when using any induction cooktops. By the nature of how induction cooktops are designed and work, they only work with induction ready cookware.

The fan underneath the heating panel blows strongly and you may find it a bit noisy.

Some users found that when the temperature is turned up to its highest setting, it emits a high pitched ring. The level goes up to 10 maximum and the noise begins at level 8.

The circumference of the heating circular zone in the cooktop is small and heat is concentrated in the center of the cookware. The rest of the cookware remains cool as compared to the center. Only the inner ring works and the large outer ring does not work as noted by a majority of consumers.

As the buttons are not touch-sensitive but are made as bubbles of plastic layer, these buttons are prone to wear and tear. The + and- buttons are used most frequently so they need to be handled with care. Avoid too much force or pressure on them.

Since there are no raised edges, the pot or pan may slide off due to steam escaping from the pan when partially covered. It’s important to not leave the induction unattended.

A child lock feature is missing from this induction. This makes it unsafe to use with children around. It’s better to keep children away when the cooking process is going on in induction.

Being compact and portable it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1 foot avoid EMF exposure as stated by the regulatory body ICNIRP.

Secura 9100MC Induction Cooktop – Product features

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black...

  • Dimensions are 12.5* 3.5*16 inches
  • Weight 6lbs
  • Cord length 6ft
  • 15 power levels from 200w to 1800w
  • 15 temperature ranges from 140-degree Fahrenheit 460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Digitized control panel
  • Built in timer with 1 1-minute increment up to 170 minutes to cater to multiple arrays of cooking.
  • Automatic pan detection feature.t will beep and shut down if there is no cookware or if the cookware is incompatible with the cooktop.
  • Overheat protection. It will automatically shut off if the surface temperature goes up too high.
  • A Built-in diagnostic error message system
  • Embedded warning system to alert against high and low voltages. It will shut down automatically if the voltage input is too high or low.
  • Built to a standard North American electrical voltage system of 120v, 60Hz AC
  • The induction has a warm air outlet at the rear.
  • There is cool air inlet towards the front
  • The round circumference on the glass panel is helpful in the alignment of cookware.
  • The control panel has few and simple easy to understand buttons for features and operations
  • The control panel has a big power on/off button at the extreme left.
  • There is an LED readout display placed conveniently in the center of the control panel and large enough to read comfortably.
  • On the right side of the LED display, there is + and – button for mode level increase or decrease.
  • On the left of the LED display, there is power mode indicator button, temperature mode indicator button and a built-in timer mode indicator button.
  • The power and temperature mode work independent of each other. The power level relates to the amount of wattage the cooktop generates. To increase the cooking speed, select a higher power level.
  • There are 15 levels of power from 1 to 10 with increments of 0.5.
  • The temperature mode should be used after the cookware is under a specific power mode. It should be used when a specific cooking temperature is desired. Once the cookware has reached the selected temperature, the unit will maintain the selected cooking temperature.
  • Temperature mode has 15 level settings from 140-460 degree Fahrenheit.
  • There are 170 minutes built in an automatic timer.
  • There is an embedded fan below which works to cool down the induction.
  • Secura 9100mc 1800w portable Induction cooktop automatically shuts down in 120 minutes if no button is pressed.
  • A good safety feature this Induction has is that it shifts from power mode to lower temperature mode when the cookware is overheated in the power mode. It detects the overheating and automatically switches to the lowest setting on temperature mode. You can then adjust the setting to the appropriate temperature which suits your dish.

How Secura 9100mc portable induction works

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Black...

Place the Secura induction cooktop unit on dry, stable and level non-metallic surface.

Allow at least 4 inches gap between each side of the induction for proper ventilation.

Place the cookware with the food over the induction according to the alignment of the heating element and plug in the cord. Switch the induction on with power on button. The default power mode setting of 5 will be displayed in the LED display. Press the + or – buttons to increase or decrease the power. Similarly, the default temperature mode button is 320 Fahrenheit. Press the + or – buttons to adjust the temperature setting. The fan beneath will start to run.

If you do not require a specific temperature setting it is better to cook under power setting. For boiling, power mode should be used and for frying temperature mode should be used. This is because a built-in micro process monitor regulates the cookware temperature to the preset temperature to avoid burning of food.

Similarly, frying or browning under power mode may overheat the cooktop and lead to damage of the cooktop and the cookware.

To use the automatic timer, press the timer button. 0 will be displayed in the LED readout. Use the + and – buttons to set the desired cooking time. The timer has 1-minute intervals each time the button is pressed. Press and hold for quick increase or decrease of time. Time can also be changed at any time during operation. Once the time has passed the cooktop will beep and shut down.

After cooking the cooktop will flash hot and fan will run for 2-3 minutes to cool the Induction. The safety indicator will turn from Hot to cool. After this, it is safe to clean with a mild solution and a damp cloth. Once it is clean, wipe with a dry cloth. It is a good idea to protect the cooktop unit from dust by putting a cover on it when it is not in use.

Caution while using Secura 9100mc Induction

Do not place objects weighing more than 25 pounds on the cooktop.

Make sure the cool air inlet is not blocked and neither should the area around the fan. Clean it off debris from time to time.

Do not place objects affected by a magnet like a credit card, radio, tv near the induction while it is switched on.

To Avoid stray radiations, always place the cookware first and then switch on the Induction.

Never block the rear or sides of the induction. Always keep a distance of 4 inches for proper ventilation.

Clean it only after switching it off and removing from the socket. Remove the plug after the cool indication has flashed. Avoid cleaning the cooktop with metal scouring pads and abrasives. Never immerse the cooktop or the cord in water.

Customer Care

Secura Duxtop inductions offer great customer care support on their website. For safety and liability, they require proof of purchase, product name and model number, and detailed information about the issue. The response is quick within 48 hours. As a method, they prefer to communicate via email rather than phone for product related questions.

They also have excellent customer care service via telephone for checking the status of order delivery when the order is placed directly with them.

They are also available on Amazon and Amazon has an excellent tracking system for customers to view their order and to track the delivery.


The manufacturer of Duxtop induction cooker warrants to the original purchaser that the cooktop will be free from any defects when used normally for 1 year after the date of purchase. This applies when you have purchased from an authorized reseller or directly from the distributor.

In case of damage, the manufacturer has the right to view and inspect the damaged product. All cost of shipping the damaged product for inspection and warranty will be borne by the purchaser. Proof of original receipt is required.


Duxtop induction experts have manufactured an excellent Secura 9100mc 1800w portable Induction cooktop.

This beats all cooktops due to superior performance. It displays an elegant user-friendly design with slick black color. What’s more endearing is its lightweight and angled control panel for a better experience.

The control panel is easy to understand and operate and fulfills all the essential requirements of the cooktop. It does not have complex features and operations and this makes it easy to use and a favorite among the masses.

The built-in safety features add a crown to the already top-notch cooktop. Secura offers the best quality and comfort in this portable induction.

It is easy to clean and maintain due to its material and making. The voltage alert is not found usually in other induction cooktops. This is a highly desirable feature in those areas where there is higher voltage fluctuation.

Higher power levels ensure speedy cooking procedure. You can say goodbye to long-lasting cookings in the kitchen.

It has a vast array of power levels and temperature levels to choose from. The built-in timer ensures hassle-free cooking as there is no need to keep an eye on the Induction.

Built-in micro process monitors regulate the cooking process and create a safe environment for cooking. They give a pleasant stress-free cooking experience, unlike any other cooktop.

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