GE Profile Induction Cooktop Review (30 Inch)

A company, which makes you a family member once you buy its product, is what GE is all about. A family which is there for each other for the life of the product.

With a goal to help people improve their lives at home, GE brings to you under its trusted quality a 30 Inch Induction Cooktop.

An induction cooktop designed purposefully keeping – you the consumer in mind. In hectic and busy schedules of people, this induction stove fits in perfectly by giving a speedier cooking experience. It takes precise heating to a new level of speed.

The 11 inches 3,700 watts makes it the most powerful induction element.

GE Profile 30 Inch Induction cooktop is super energy efficient by having inbuilt sensors which help in avoiding wastage of energy. With digital touch controls, it accurately maintains a hold on heating.

It has no difficult nooks and corners or ridges. The ergonomic design and ‘cool to touch’ surface of the cooktop makes it easy to clean.

What makes GE Profile Induction Cooktop worth buying?

GE Profile PHP9030DJBB 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

Well, Amazon says it all.

They have free amazon product support along with this induction hob. I promise you, unless this really is an awesome induction, Amazon would not have taken pains for this value-added service.

If you like cooking multiple dishes at the same time, this one is made in heaven match for you. It gives you four induction cooking elements of different sizes for your culinary needs.

In this GE induction cooktop,  the cooking zones are not placed haphazardly but form a beautiful symmetry with a big one on the extreme right, the smallest element in the center, and two medium-sized ones in the extreme left.

The digital touch controls are placed perfectly on the shining black glass surface giving a beautiful and stylish appearance to the cooktop.

GE appliances come with a fit guarantee along with the purchase. This means no matter which brand cooktop you are replacing ( or an older GE cooktop itself), they guarantee a comparable GE appliance model of the same width and same fuel type to fit in its place. If it does not, they will help pay for the modifications. They offer 100 dollars for cooktops.

This fresh and unique idea to sell their product will definitely spellbound you. It left me open-mouthed and wanting one right now!

Product features – GE Profile 30 Inch Induction Cooktop

The induction features a 3,700 watts power burner. It requires 208/240 VAC, 60 Hertz electrical systems, and 40 amps.

It boasts of four heating elements. There are four LED displays corresponding to the four heating elements.

Each display has a + and – button on each side, an element on/off button, and a hot light indicator. The display panel of the two 7 inch heating elements is joined by a common button called sync burner.

GE 30 Inch induction cooktop features two cooking zones. On the extreme left side, the two heating elements are in one zone and the small and biggest 11-inch heating zone is on the right side. If two heating elements in the same zone are in operation and at least one zone is on maximum power level (Hi), then the Hi setting will operate at a reduced power level.

The display, however, will not change. This is how power is shared between two heating elements in the same cooking zone.

What is a sync burner feature?

This means the cooktop is capable to allow you to sync the two left sides 7’’ burners to the same temperature. The burners which are in sync will cycle together giving a feel of an even cooking area.

This can be useful when you’re using a griddle with this induction cooktop. You can use the griddle on both the burners and then sync those burners.

GE cooktop has an “ALL OFF” button with the help of which all the four heating elements can be switched off together. A timer feature is embedded in the cooktop with a start timer button and an on/off timer button.

It has a lock feature. To activate the control lock has to be pressed for three seconds and then to deactivate again hold on for three seconds.

The 30-inch cooktop weighs 44 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 34.8* 26.6* 10 inches.

The red LED display on the black glass surface gives a modern look that complements the entire kitchen.

What we liked about the GE Profile Induction Cooktop

This GE Induction cooktop heats up very fast (within seconds). It also responds to temperature change very well – can go from boiling to simmer in a breeze.

All the control function buttons are very responsive.

Having four cooking elements makes the cooking process far easier and speedier than ever before.

GE Profile PHP9030DJBB 30-inch Induction Cooktop Review

It has an amazing automatic pan detection sensor that shuts the cooktop down if the cookware isn’t kept back within 30 seconds. The controls and light turn off.

Only the burners get heated up and the other area of the cooktop surface remains cool. Due to this, spills don’t form residues or burn on the surface.

It is extremely beneficial for small areas as the cooking area does not get hot. Unlike conventional gas stoves where you need ventilation to remove gas vapors, smoke & heat created by the fire burning on the stove.

The cooktop comes with a lock feature to prevent accidental change of settings.

It has a timer feature to help remind how long the cooking has taken place. The timer does not control the cooking elements. It turns off after 30 seconds, conserving energy if there is no activity.

It has an all off button to switch off all the heating elements at once for ease of the consumer. For each touch on any button in the control panel, a chime can be heard.

All the heating elements have a hot surface indicator on top of four displays. The light glows when the surface is hot. Once the surface is cool to touch, the light will switch off automatically. This safety feature is amazing and requires only a glance from the user to know when it is safe to touch and clean up.

What’s Not So Great about GE Profile Induction Cooker

Woks don’t work on GE Induction. Only flat bottom cookware.

Touch controls are placed in such a way that if we touch by accident by leaning our hands, the burners get switched off. And if we swirl the pan for an omelet for too long the sensor will switch off the burner in the heating zone.

Another thing about the buttons. They are hard to see if grease or water film is on them. Also after churning the food in the cookware, sometimes a film forms on spectacles due to steam making it very hard to see the buttons. Even in normal conditions, reading the buttons require bending and squinting. They should have been bigger.

The control panel is way too near the heating zone. That can cause spills and splatters on it and settings can also accidentally change unless the lock feature is activated.

Another con is that the glass surface is prone to scratches and they stand out on the shiny surface. The top surface should have been scratch resistant.

If one burner gets defective, all the burners have to be replaced. This turns out very costly.

The warranty for four burners is just one year! Come on, all the GE products have 5 years warranty and so should their induction! They need to work more on this aspect. Many consumers reported the hob going bad after one year warranty. It is a good idea to purchase an additional warranty or else be ready to shell out a lot of money as GE replacement products are very costly.

Instead of four burners at fixed spots, GE should have gone for flexible four burners in the heating zone that could take the shape of cookware placed anywhere on the surface. It would have delighted the consumer making them sing praises and swear on this Induction.

How GE Profile 30 Inch Induction cooktop works

Cookware that is too small or non-ferrous will not work on this GE induction cooktop.

Cookware larger than the element ring drawn on top may be used. However, heat will only occur above the element.

Be careful not to touch the surrounding element ring or to overlap the cooktop controls. For best results, cookware must make full contact with the glass surface and the base should match the size of the element ring.

Center it correctly by aligning with the element ring. The minimum diameter recommended for the burners is as follows.

A minimum of 5-inch diameter size of the pan for 7-inch element ring, A minimum 4 and ½ diameter for the smallest ring, and a minimum of 7-inch pan size for the 11-inch heating element.

After placing the cookware or pan, turn the heating element on by touching the on/off pad for half a second. Touch the + or – button to adjust the power level. For a shortcut to Hi setting, immediately after switching on press the + button. Similarly for a lower setting, immediately after pressing on touch the – button.

In general for simmering, melting, and hotpot or keeping warm use a lower setting. For searing, frying use a higher setting.

‘Hi’ is the highest power level, designed for rapidly cooking large quantities and boiling. ‘Hi’ will operate for a maximum of 10 minutes. It can be repeated again for another cycle by pressing + button.

To synchronize the two left heating elements, touch the sync burner pad for half a second. To switch off individually, press the on/off on each panel. To switch off together, press the sync button again

To switch off after cooking, touch the on/off pad once or touch the “all off” button to shut down the cooktop.

Clean the surface of the cooktop only after the hot light indicator switches off. Remove the plug from the socket. Use only a cerama bryte ceramic cooktop cleaner on the glass. Other creams may not be as effective. Use a paper towel or a pad along with the cream and then wipe dry. There is no need to rinse. For stubborn residues, use a specialized scrapper at a 45-degree angle.


GE has strong after-sales customer care. They require you to register online after the purchase to avail warranty. They give you one year warranty from the date of purchase. The warranty will cover any defect in material and workmanship the company will provide the labor and in-home service to replace the defective part. This warranty stands within the USA.

After the warranty expires, GE consumer’s home service still stands and can be reached online or through telephone. They have online support 24 hours during the day at all days of the year. Extended warranties can be purchased at any time while the one year warranty is still in effect. GE offer special discounts to their customers.


After reviewing all the features of this amazing induction cooktop by GE, there is no doubt about it being the next generation Induction.

The features and working take some time to understand. Once understood, it does all the cooking for you requiring you to only be present for selecting the function and switching on and off.

A preset cooking menu could have been included for better usability. Nevertheless, it does not fail to impress. The four heating elements give ample freedom for multi-cooking with a choice to use different sized pots and pans.

Space issues can arise as it is quite big. It would have been better had the control panel been a bit away or at a different angle from the cooking zone with larger buttons.

With many safety sensors like lock feature, automatic pan detection, and hot light indicator, it becomes the most cherished cooktop for those looking for easy to use cooktop.

Being a big brand, GE delivers what it seeks out to do. Inculcating some modern techniques like smart remote or wifi-enabled would have worked like a cherry on top of the cake.

Still, I would strongly urge those reading my reviews that it has all the functions and sensors you would ever require during cooking. A very thoughtfully crafted cooktop, it truly will improve cooking skills by letting you try out and experiment with different power settings. Another bonus being saving energy and time leaving your free to attend to other chores.

GE stands true to its passion to help people improve their lives at home by reaching out with its innovative 30-inch Induction cooktop- A gift for the modern lifestyles.

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