Wind Max 31.5 Inch Induction Cooktop Review

A beautiful A-grade black crystal glass plate with a wide, easy to clean hob surface boasting of four burners- this is what wind max 31.5-inch induction cooktop is all about.

Designed for superior performance and ease of usage, it is an induction of the future.

The highlights of this induction are speedy cooking and a sharp touch-sensitive panel with a digital LED display.

Made with a concept of making modern technology accessible to the common man, this cooktop comes at a budget-friendly price.

It has a perfect dimension that easily fits into a cooktop space. It is designed with a metal bottom case and comes with a sturdy copper coil.

It also comes with automatic pan detection making it a good energy saver.

What makes the product worth buying?

Wind Max 31.5 Inch Induction Cooktop is made very thoughtfully keeping in mind ease of usage for cooking multiple dishes. A smart and elegant cooktop with a black crystal glass plate wins hearts at the very first look.

It has a simple touch control panel that is placed in front making it easy to understand and operate. The digital touch control buttons work smoothly without any effort. A quick glide makes operating the induction, a breezy affair. The best part is the quick heating efficiency.

With a comfortable design and a touch panel for each of the four cooktops, and a metal bottom case with a copper coil that looks tough and sustainable, windMax induction is a must-have for every modern-day kitchen!

Wind Max 31.5 Inch Induction Cooktop features

Wind Max induction cooktop comes with the dimensions of 32* 21* 4 inches. It weighs 31 pounds. The fit in size measures 29.5*18.11 inches. The glass panel dimension is 31.5*19.7 inches.

WindMax® Hot Sale 31.5" Induction Hob 4 Burner Stove Cooktops...
  • 100% Brand New with Good Quality;
  • A-grade black crystal panel, Metal bottom case, Copper coil;
  • Touch-sensitive led panel, 1 Digital LED display;

It comes in a sleek black color. The material used is good quality glass and iron. It uses a standard voltage of 240 volts,60Hz.

The four-burner tops are aptly placed at a good distance from one another. There is no fear of overlapping. They are of different sizes to suit different pot and pan sizes. Each burner works independently of others.

It has digital touch control sensors that beep when a certain program is selected. It has power level settings from 1 to 9 which are adjustable.

Induction gives a wide range of time settings from 1 minute to 99 minutes.

It comes with a 2M triple copper core power cable without a plug. It has an automatic pan detection feature.

Each burner has a + and – button to increase or decrease the power or timing setting. It has a digital LED display. The maximum watts is 6600 watts.

It also has a good temperature sensor. When the temperature exceeds the protection points or detects dry heating, it automatically shuts down.

What we liked about the Windmax Induction Cooktop

The design is aesthetic and appealing with a beautiful A-grade black glass giving a gleamy finish to the induction cooktop surface. The glass surface looks smooth and strong. It is made up of high-quality heat-resisting tempered glass.

A metal case base makes it tough and sustainable and easy to install in the cooktop space.

There are no protrusions of plastic buttons that look ugly on the cooktop surface and can get spoiled by repeated usage. It has digital touch-sensitive buttons that are placed towards the front of the cooktop making the burners easy to operate.

Due to its large size, pots and pans can be kept on all four burners without overlapping any burner and without the digital buttons getting touched.

The burners heat up quickly to the required temperature when compared with other inductions. It also heats up evenly all of the surfaces of the cookware. A person can make food quickly on this induction cooktop.

Heat remains confined to the cookware and the heating element underneath the cookware. The rest of the area remains cool to touch. Hence the issue of getting burns is minimum.

As a safety measure, WindMax induction has an automatic pan detection feature. The hob switches itself off if there is no pan or pot detected on its surface.

By switching off automatically it also saves energy by not heating up.

It also comes with an audible signal at the end of the preset timer.

Automatic shutdown occurs once the cooking time is complete making the cook free from coming back to the induction to shut it down.

The cooktop also has a comfortable feature if the cook wants to end the program before the set time. Just pressing on to the heat zone control and then timer control cancels the preset time and causes the cooking operation to cease.

Each burner is independent of the other. The maximum power can be achieved by a single burner. This is especially useful for certain cuisine which needs high heat. They can also work simultaneously. The total power that can be achieved is 6KW.

It is economical and gives good value for money by providing all the services required from an induction cooktop at less price compared to other inductions.

What Could have been better

The induction cooktop comes with slightly inferior documentation. It only comes with a user manual and gives no guidelines that would explain how to install the unit before using it!

The color of the wires does not match the set standard colors of wires used in the United States.

There is less information regarding the product on the internet.

The cookware bottoms have to match the size of the rings. The induction surface does not adjust according to the size of the pots and pans

some consumers have complained about their failure to cook on simmer or low heat setting on this induction. It does not simmer very well.

It needs to be switched off or child locked for cleaning. Being touch-sensitive, the buttons turn on if left on during cleaning.

Like all glass-ceramic cooktops, this cooktop surface can break or crack if a hard object falls on it or when a heavy load is placed on it with force.

The pot or pan has to be placed first and then the induction begins to work detecting it. Otherwise, every two seconds a buzzer will sound and the induction goes down to standby mode within a minute. This can be bothersome sometimes.

There is no child lock and no residual heat indicator feature. Most of the conventional induction hobs have these features for the ease of consumers. Especially to avoid untoward accidents.

Though the control panel is at a distance from the burners, accidental spills can trigger heating up or change in settings.

As the induction is made up of a complex embedded system, repair and maintenance require professional help and that can be costly.

New inductions in the market have come up having consumer-friendly features like a zone less induction which takes the shape of the pot or pan, wifi-enabled operations or remote-controlled operation. Wind Max induction lags behind in such features.

How Wind Max 31.5 inches induction cooktop works

Wind Max 31.5 Inch Induction Cooktop Review

After installing the cooktop, make sure the inlet or outlet is not blocked by a wall or anything else. Keep away any objects which are sensitive to the magnetic field.

Before switching on the induction, make sure the cookware to be used is ferromagnetic. A good method to check is to use an ordinary magnet on the base of the vessel. If it sticks, it is ferromagnetic and will work on the induction. Materials that work very well on induction are stainless steel, iron, enameled stainless steel, cast iron, and enameled cast iron.

Use flat bottomed cookware and use wooden ladles instead of steel spoons.

Make sure the induction surface is clean. Wipe the bottom of the cookware for any moisture. Place cookware on the cooktop before switching on. This will avoid any stray radiations and the unnecessary beeps from the induction.

Match the center of the circle of the burner with the center of the bottom of the cookware.

Insert the plug in the socket and switch it on. Touch function buttons to select different cooking functions, settings, and adjustments.

Use + And – buttons for setting default programs upwards or downwards. All four burners can work simultaneously independent of each other for a total power of 6kw restrictions. A single burner can achieve maximum power unilaterally.

Users can use 1 to 9 power levels according to preference by pressing the + and – buttons. Usually, a 2-3 power level is sufficient for everyday cooking.

After cooking switch the button off. Wait until the device has cooled down ( in the absence of heat indicator, touch the induction manually after 7-10 minutes to check). Once the device has cooled down, wipe with a wet cloth or with cleaning liquid solution followed by a dry wipe. Do not immerse the cord or induction in water.

Sharp objects and abrasive cleaning agents can damage the glass-ceramic surface. Use specialized liquid or a mild soapy solution.

For removing stubborn residues, use a specialized cooktop scraper at a 45-degree angle to remove the residue.

If the scratches or dark stains don’t go away, do not worry. They will not affect the working of the induction in any way.


As the product is made in China, it does not come with a warranty.

Replacement on amazon is another option to go for if the product is found damaged within the replacement time period. Alternatively, try buying a warranty for this from online dealers or local stores that sell Wind max induction.

WindMax® Hot Sale 31.5" Induction Hob 4 Burner Stove Cooktops...
  • 100% Brand New with Good Quality;
  • A-grade black crystal panel, Metal bottom case, Copper coil;
  • Touch-sensitive led panel, 1 Digital LED display;


A quick high-class cooking can be achieved with this Windmax 31.5 inches induction cooktop. A stylishly designed glass-ceramic surface is the perfect cooktop to transition from gas or electric cooktops.

It works very well and gives high performance for speedy cooking. If you are the types who can’t afford to waste time in slow cooking, breeze through your cooking with Windmax inductions.

The four burners give an option for variety in terms of cuisines and different cookware sizes.

With each burner working independent of the other, enjoy hassle-free cooking without any technical specifications. The control panel is simple and conveniently located in front. The buttons are touch-sensitive digital buttons that work smoothly like butter.

The automatic heat detection comes as a blessing making the chef free from the worry of circling around the cookstove from time to time to make sure all is going well.

Overall it is a smart and stylish cooktop that works quite well in standard electric voltage of 240v 60Hz without making much sound.

At this price, there is no better bargain to enjoy a smooth modern technology innovation for a quick and comfortable cooking experience!

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