IKEA NUTID Induction Cooktop Review

Nutid induction cooktop comes along with a brand name IKEA ensuring quality, efficiency, and precision. It fits quite well into the Ikea tagline- “you need to see to believe”

The energy efficiency stems from the fact that the energy is generated directly into the cookware. The touch control panel allows you to regulate the heat easily and precisely with just the touch of a button.

Nutid 4 Element Induction Cooktop Review

This feature makes it faster than gas or electric cooktop. It also cuts down the cooking cost.

Whether you need rapid intense heat for boiling or a low simmer for sauces, Nutid has you covered. Stir-frying, searing or steaming all is now possible on one single cooktop.

Its flexibility allows the user to use different cooking techniques and cook a variety of cuisines in bulk or simultaneously. The ease and speed of the Nutid induction cooktop make it a cherishable product for busy lifestyles.

What makes Nutid Induction Cooktop worth buying?

IKEA Nutid 4 Element Induction Cooktop, Black
  • 5-Year limited .
  • Induction cooktops are extremely energy efficient, fast and precise as induction...
  • The power Booster feature (P) delivers additional power to a single cooking zone.

Nutid induction cooktop comes with a boost feature that gives you early morning teas/coffee in seconds. Whether it’s pasta you need to boil or eggs, searing or frying all get done in a jiffy.

The touch control panel allows easy regulation of heat with just touching of + and – buttons.

The four heating elements allow the cook the choice to cook in bulk or cook different cuisines/styles.

The induction comes with a child lock that locks out all the keys. This way the function you have fed will go on without any disturbance. There will also be no undue accidents.

The cooktop is consumer-friendly by thoughtfully adding the pause button. It holds the setting in the middle giving you the freedom to delay your cooking and cook according to your preferred time.

Nutid 4 Element Induction Cooktop Review

Once the pause feature is activated, the element goes into keep warm setting. When the cooktop is resumed, the heating element restarts the cooking at the same temperature setting.

The timer helps in setting the exact time to ensure the food does not burn or get undercooked. Good control is achieved as each heating element can be timed separately.

It leaves the chef free to do other chores as the induction takes care of the time placating your buds with the perfect meal every time!

It is super easy to clean the Nutid induction cooktop. The spills don’t cause any burns and the smooth ceramic ensures no permanent stains. Just a quick wipe with a damp cloth followed by a dry wipe and you are done.

Automatic pan detection features automatically shut down the induction giving a lot of safety to the user. A residual heat indicator flashes when the cooktop is hot after cooking to make you safe from burning yourself. Once the induction has cooled down, the indicator switches off.

Nutid induction cooktop comes with an amazing five years limited warranty! Reason enough to go ahead with this cooktop without thinking twice.

Product description

Nutid Induction cooktop comes in the dimensions of 34*26*7 inches. It weighs 45.5 pounds. Requires a voltage of 240V -220 V, 40 Amperes. if that is not available, it adjusts automatically to 208V.

It has four heating elements. Two in the rear and two in the front. The display panel is located towards the front. The boost feature is available in three heating elements- front right, front-back, and left-back.

The front left heating element does not have a boost feature. The heating element of the front left is about six inches in diameter with 1.4kw power.

Nutid 4 Element Induction Cooktop Review

The left-back is 10 inches with 2.3kw (boost to 3.2kW). The right front is 7 inches with 1.4kW ( boost to 1.8kW) and the right-back burner is 9 inches with 2.3kW (boost with 3.2kW)

Each heating element has a separate off button and a heat level display. The main controls are on/off button, a booster button, a power setting increase(+) button and a power setting decrease (-) button, a control lock button, a timer (+) and (-) button with a timer display. There are nine heating power levels to choose from.

Nutid induction cooktop has been tested and complies with part 18 of the FCC rules for ISM equipment. This basically means it meets the FCC requirements to minimize interference with other devices in a residential installation.

In case it interferes with radio or tv, just move the receiving antenna away from the cooktop or relocate it. This way the distance between both the antenna and the cooktop increases and there is minimum chances of electromagnetic interference.

What we like about Nutid Induction cooktop

Nutid induction cooktop is one of the safest methods of cooking food. The heat is generated in the cookware and transfers a bit right underneath the vessel while the rest of the area remains cool to touch.

The display panel with control keys is located right in front of the cooktop making it quite easy to operate.

The power can be manipulated quickly from high to low with the help of + and – buttons. Frying, simmering, steaming or saute, everything gets done easily on this cooktop.

The timer feature allows good control by adjusting the correct time with the help of an increase or decrease button for each heating element.

All the heating elements are sized differently. That gives a lot of flexibility in choosing different pans and pots of different sizes.

It has a child-lock button and a pause button. Both of them are embedded safety features to help the customer to manipulate cooking. If you want to delay or stop cooking in the middle press pause.

If you wish to move away from the kitchen for a while and ensure no settings are changed by children or accidentally, press child lock.

The boost feature gives you access to rapid and high heat with just a click. It reduces time to a great extent, unlike conventional cooktops. This also leads to less overall energy usage.

Cleaning the spilled food or liquids is quite easy. As the liquid or food falls on the glass surface, it can be easily wiped up as the surface of the induction remains cool to touch.

Another good safety feature is automatic pan detection. If the pan is removed and not placed back the particular zone sends a reminder in the form of an animation display and after 30 seconds switch off as a safety precaution.

The same thing happens if the induction does not recognize the cookware. This can be due to the too-small size or incompatible nature of the cooking vessel with the induction.

Nutid induction cooktop can be returned in 30 days after purchase on amazon. The customer will be given a full refund.

Moreover, Nutid IKEA offers a five years limited warranty for this induction cooktop. This is good relief as value for money invested will remain for a long time.

What’s not so great

The four heating elements are not placed at a good distance away from each other. They are closer than comfort allows. The handles can get in the way, and large vessels might touch each other.

Plus, the display buttons are quite near the heating elements. There is a danger of spills falling on them once fluid gets there, it becomes difficult to operate the keys. Sudden heating up of the display panel can also lead to the induction not working properly.

Overall the main control buttons are quite small, and the display is a bit small. The largest cooking zone is at the right back. It becomes difficult to operate large vessels full of water to place and remove. The largest cooking element should have been towards the front.

The boost feature will only work on one particular heating element. Now, this is a shame in case one wishes to do bulk cooking. Wait and repeat is the only option available taking up energy and time.

Nutid induction cooktop is quite costly. It is a high-value item that is not affordable for many.

There is a specific kind of cookware requirement for the Nutid induction cooktop. It works with only induction compatible heat resistant cookware having ferromagnetic property.

Some examples being iron and ferromagnetic stainless steel. Copper, glass, aluminum will not work on this induction. Sudden fluctuation in temperatures also requires heat resistant cookware.

People with a pacemaker or similar medical devices should stand at least a feet away from the cooktop as the electromagnetic field generated may affect the pacemaker.

How Nutid induction cooktop works

Now let’s quickly see how to use the Nutid induction hob.

To switch on

Press on/off. The indicator lights above the ‘power’ keypad. The display panel on each cooktop surface lights up indicating all the four cooking surface areas are ready for use.

Inactivity for 45 seconds after switching on will automatically switch off the cooktop.

To switch on the particular cooking area, just press on the particular display. The indicator will flash for 10 seconds and then remain on. Set the power level by pressing the increase (+) or decrease (-) button.

Leaving the cooking area switched on without setting the power level for 30 seconds will automatically switch off the cooking zone.

Adjusting power level

Touch the increase or decrease button adjacent to the power level setting. The power level chart is as follows

  • 1-2 keeping the food warm. melt chocolate or butter
  • 3-4 simmer
  • 4-5 maintain a slow boil. Stew or steam food.
  • 5-6 cook soups, sauces, or gravies. Fry poultry or meat
  • 6-7 hold a rapid boil
  • 7-8 quickly brown or sear food
  • 9 start food cooking
  • 9+ boost- brings the liquid to a boil

Automatic pan detection

If the system cannot recognize the pan or if the pan has been removed from the surface cooking area, replace pan animation appears in the particular cooking area display as a reminder.

If the pan is not placed back, the zone will automatically switch off.

To lock the cooktop

Press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, a tone will sound and an indicator light above the control lock will light up, indicating that the cooktop controls are in the lockout position.

To unlock, touch, and hold the control lock keypad for 3 seconds.

To activate the performance boost function

This feature allows you to increase the heat setting level above the maximum level nine for up to 10 minutes or less. This function is available in the front right, right back, and left-back cooking area.

The left front cooking area does not have this feature. The boost function will only work on one heating element at a time and not on all three. To activate, check that left rear, right rear or right front surface cooking has been selected.

Touch the booster button. “P” will display in the selected cooking area. After 10 minutes or less P will disappear indicating the boost function is over and the particular cooking area will automatically turn to heat nine-level setting.

The booster feature can switch off in the middle automatically if the cooktop electrical components start heating up.


Use the cooking timer to set the time up to 99 minutes.

The timer is independent of any other control settings. Touch the timer button (+) or (-) button. “01” appears in the timer display. Touch the (+) button again to increase the time in one-minute increments. Touch the (-) button to decrease the time in one-minute increments.

The timer will start to countdown in a few seconds. Once the countdown is finished, “00” flashes, and a tone will sound.

To turn off

Touch off to turn off the desired cooking surface area. A tone will sound when it is switched off. Now press the main control on/off button to switch off the Nutid induction cooktop.

A hot surface indicator or residual heat indicator will display on the particular surface cooking area indicating it is too hot to touch. Once the cooktop has cooled down it disappears and the induction is ready to clean


Nutid induction cooktop overall is a masterpiece. It has an attractive glass-ceramic surface and modern technology embedded touch button features and a beautifully chalked up heating cooking zones and display panel.

All the heating elements are sized differently enabling the consumer to choose the particular heating zone according to preference.

The induction has all the features that the chef needs to cook without worry. It has a timer button, a power level button to adjust the time and power level of each heating element separately.

The cooktop takes care of the cooking while maintaining safety features of child lock, hot surface indicator, pan detection, and pause button. The boost performance feature allows rapid heat that would be needed for quick boils.

With all the modern technology features embedded, Nutid induction makes the cooking process a breeze and stands true to its tagline- you need to see to believe!

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