Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop (670041860) Review

If you are looking for a faster, versatile and easier way to cook then you simply must try Fagor portable induction cooktop.

It is eco-friendly with precision soft-touch digital controls. A cooking marvel with state of the art induction technology.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Review

This portable induction cooktop is eco-friendly with built-in sensors. The sensors detect if the cookware is placed or not and shuts down automatically if no is cookware detected. This feature prevents unnecessary heating up and wasting energy.

It uses less energy as only the cooking surface remains hot while other areas are cool to touch. Due to the absence of open flame and radiant heating elements, it keeps the kitchen cool without emitting exhaustive fumes.

Makes cooking fun and saves a lot of time

High-quality heat resistant glass cool to touch and a breeze to clean. Light in weight and compatible for easy storage.

What makes Fagor Induction Hob worth buying?

Easy to read, digital LED display with all the necessary buttons in the touch control panel needed to make your perfect dish.

Fagor 670041860 2-Piece Induction Set with 1800-watt Cooktop and...
  • Has 8 temperature/power levels: 140℉, 180℉, 212℉, 260℉, 300℉, 360℉, 420℉,...
  • Unit will not generate heat and will shut off automatically if no induction-ready cookware...
  • A "Quick Temperature/Power Level Check" button changes the display from Fahrenheit to...

It offers precise temperature control. You can manually adjust the temperature settings. Also, the power and temperature settings work independently from the other.

You can also customize your cooking setting using the 8 power levels. This cooktop gives you a variety of options like warm, simmer, boil, rapid boil, saute, sear or stir fry.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Review

It takes up far less time to cook food. The induction is energy efficient having features like Automatic shut down feature if no cookware detected.

The timer feature ensures food does not burn so the chef can take it easy and attend to other chores. An automatic built-in timer that handles up to 180 minutes ( according to the set time) and then turns itself off.

There is also a safety feature of child lock preventing undue accidents, overheat detection turning the cooktop off to prevent heating up of component parts and residual heat indicator to prevent burning.

There is a temperature/Power level button with the help of which the unit gets turned activated and you can manually adjust the heat settings to Fahrenheit, Celcius or power level

Fagor induction cooktop is compact in size. It needs very little counter place ideal for small and cramped kitchens. It can be used anywhere due to its portable nature (not just in the kitchen). You can use it indoors, outdoors, as a centerpiece or as a backup burner.

It’s perfect for camping, dorms, offices or homes. It has rubberized feet for extra stability on surfaces.

Being light, it can be placed anywhere, used and placed right back into storing cabinet after cleaning enabling you to reclaim counter space for something else.

It comes with a 9.5-inch high-quality cast aluminum skillet perfect for frying, saute and making delicious pancakes.

Fagor portable induction cooktop comes with a limited warranty of one year from the date of purchase.

Product description

Fagor indcution hob comes in the dimensions of 13.9*4.7* 17.4 inches.

It weighs 6.7 pounds and runs on a standard 110-120V, 60 Hz,1800 watts power. The temperature range varies from 140-465 F. Likewise the Celcius temperature range is from 60-240C.

The power levels are from level 1 to level 8. The temperature range is from 0- 180 minutes for level 1-4. From power levels 5 to 8 the maximum time is 60 minutes.

  • Power level 1- warm-140F -60C (180 minutes)
  • Power level 2- simmer-180F- 80C (180 minutes)
  • Power level 3- Boil-212F- 100C ( 180 minutes)
  • Power level 4- Rapid boil-260F- 125C ( 180 minutes)
  • Power level 5- Saute-300F- 150C (60 minutes)
  • Power level 6- Brown-360F-180C(60 minutes)
  • Power level 7-Sear- 420F-215C (60 minutes)
  • Power level 8- Stir fry-465F-240C (60 minutes)

An important point to note is that operating time is two hours for all power levels.

The induction is made up of an attractive black heat resistant glass surface. The control display has a child lock on the extreme left, followed by a timer button. In the middle is the Temperature/Power level button.

Fagor Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Next to the temperature/power level is the + and – button to increase and decrease the temperature/power and timer levels respectively.

Towards the extreme right lies the on/off button to turn on/off the cooktop. The control unit has a LED display. Airvent is located towards the opposite end of the cooktop on the side facing the wall.

Fagor portable induction cooktop has an automatic safety shut down feature, a child lock, and an overheat detection feature. It also comes with a residual heat indicator and an auto shut down timer.

The aluminum skillet features a PFOA free Whitford nonstick coating. It is quite easy to clean.

What we like about Fagor portable induction cooktop 

Sleek, lightweight and sturdy, this portable induction cooktop can be a great addition to your kitchen. Combined with good aesthetics and performance, it aces all expectations and makes cooking a joy.

The control display is laid out perfectly making it easy to understand and operate.

Precise temperature control ensures no undercooking or burning of food without the need to hover around the induction hob.

The built-in timer comes with an automatic shut down feature making the chef free to attend to other chores. There is another inbuilt safety feature of overheat detection that shuts down the induction when it reaches excessive temperatures.

The induction comes with a safety child lock function. The feature is quite helpful with kids around. The child lock feature locks off all the keys while the preset operations continue as it is in the background. Only the on/off button remains active to shut down the induction in case of an emergency.

The induction gives the user quite a lot of options to cook. The temperature can be adjusted in Fahrenheit or Celsius. There are lots of ranges to choose from.

Besides, there are 8 power levels one can choose. They give a variety of cooking choices to the chef to either brown, sear, fry, saute, steam, prepare soup, sauces, melt butter, chocolate and so on.

Fagor Induction Cooktop Review

The aluminum skillet is non stick and PFOA free making it perfect for frying, saute and ideal for making steaks, omelets or pancake.

Fagor portable induction cooktop comes with a one-year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship. They can be reached on a toll-free number or via email.

The induction along with the skillet is quite economical, being quite light on the pocket.

What’s not so great

When the power is on the lower settings, the induction cycles on and off instead of maintaining a constant temperature needed for simmering, etc. So you may find it pulsing on and off every few seconds.

Moreover, the lowest setting is a bit too high to keep the food warm.

It makes a bit of noise while working (more like a mosquito buzzing). It’s not a deal-breaker but you may not like it if you are used to silent zones.

It lacks a pause button to stop the cooking midway or delay it for a specific time.

Not all cookwares are compatible with Fagor induction. They need to be ferromagnetic, of a specific diameter (around 10 inches and a minimum of 5 inches) and heat-resistant in order to work on this unit.

The unit is small and not recommended for bulk cooking or large families. But if you’re looking for a back-up cooktop or need one for a small family, this should be fine.

The aluminum skillet is not dishwasher or oven safe. So if you use it, you have to hand wash it every time after use.

The warranty should have been a bit more than one year. Especially as the cost of repair of an induction cooktop is costly.

How Fagor Portable induction cooktop works

Let’s see how this amazing induction cooktop works:

Getting started

Place the cooktop on a flat, stable and non-metallic surface. Place the induction compatible cookware in the center of the heating zone.

Connect the plug into an outlet. The unit will beep and the light above the on/off button will blink.

To switch on the induction

Press the on/off button once. The light will turn on above the button and the cooktop will be in standby mode.

Press the temperature/power button to activate the induction. If no button is pressed within 60 seconds of pressing the on/off, the induction will go into standby mode.

Using the temperature/power level feature

Pressing on temp/power button once activates the induction and the temperature is set by default to180F. Use the + or – button to increase or decrease the temperature.

Press once more on the temp/power button to switch the temperature display to Celsius.

Touch the temperature/power button for the third time to display power levels.

Using the timer

The timer allows you to program your desired cooking time after which the induction will turn itself off.

To set the timer, press and hold the timer button. Press the + or – button to increase or decrease the timing in one-minute intervals. To advance time fast, press and hold the + button until the desired time is displayed.

The timer will start the countdown and the screen will alternate between displaying the cooking temperature /power level and the remaining cooking time. After the time is over, the cooktop will shut down automatically.

Child lock feature

Press the child lock button once. A red light will be displayed above the child lock button. All the keys will be locked except the on/off button.

This is to switch off the induction in case of an emergency. All the preset function will work as it it. This feature of child lock can be used while the cooktop is in operation or in standby.

To unlock, press and hold the child lock button. There will be a beep sound and the red light will switch off.

To switch off

If the timer is set, the induction will switch off on its own. Otherwise, just press the on/off button.

The cooktop display will show the residual heat indicator “H”. once cooled, the display will turn off along with the fan and the cooktop is ready to clean.

Wipe your cooktop with a soft cloth followed by a dry wipe. Never immerse the induction in water.


Fagor portable induction cooktop is a very versatile induction unit. Its lightweight and efficient and can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors. A perfect solution for dorm rooms solving hunger issues in a jiffy.

It has multiple options for choosing the right temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius or cooking on preset power level. This gives a lot of freedom to experiment with different cooking techniques.

It has wonderful safety features like cookware detection, overheat detection, auto-shut timer and child lock making the cooking process a safe and smart experience.

The cherry on top is that the unit is quite economical, not very heavy on the pocket.

It is easy to clean with just a wipe down. Food does not stick as the induction surface remains cool to touch. Its fast, versatile and saves energy. I know you are really going to enjoy your Fagor portable induction unit.

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