Waring Pro Induction Cooktop Review

Waring Pro induction cooktop comes with a combination of style and performance. With its gleaming surface and amazing features, it becomes a pleasure to enter the kitchen and cook on this little wonder.

Its portability makes it easy to place anywhere without requiring a lot of space. The controls on this induction hob are simple and instantaneously responsive!

Waring Pro Induction Cooktop Review

This cooktop will decrease your cooking time considerably. The fact that there is no exposed flame or heating element makes the kitchen cool, safe and free from gas pollutants like carbon monoxide and sulfide.

The compact design of induction makes it quite easy to operate and clean. It boasts of a high rigidity glass faceplate.

The induction has a good heating element that takes care of your everyday needs from morning tea to evening soups, meat, and veggies.

Waring pro truly is a one-point program for cooking all sorts of cuisines in a safe, quick and efficient manner.

The modern technology of induction takes care of the cooking for you leaving you free to do multiple tasks at a time- a high desirable trait of the modern busy lifestyles.

What makes the Waring Pro induction cooktop worth buying?

Waring Pro ICT200 Induction Cooktop
  • Safe, exhaust-free and flame-free cooking with even heating
  • Must use with induction-ready cookware
  • One-touch controls; on/off, 8 heat settings and 150-minute timer

Waring Pro is a simply styled highly efficient portable induction cooktop.

It gives the cook a lot of options with its fantastic 9 heating levels- whether it is steaming, saute, frying or boiling, everything gets done within seconds.

Its touch buttons allow the cook to change temperatures quickly and effortlessly. With simple touch controls, you no longer have to turn the knob or wait for few minutes for the temperature to die down ( as in case of electric cooktop).

The induction comes with a safety automatic pan detection feature. Not only does this prevent burning or accidents but it also saves energy by automatically shutting down after 30 seconds in case the heating element is left on or pan is removed by mistake.

The induction also has an overheat protection feature shutting down when the device gets overheated.

As the heat is generated inside the cookware, the rest of the area remains cool to touch.

It has an inbuilt timer for the convenience of the chef. The feature gives a wide range of time up to 150 minutes. You can steam, melt, or simmer for sauces and gravies. Alternatively, you can boil or fry at rapid heat.

Waring pro induction cooktop comes with a one-year limited warranty and a five years motor warranty. Reason enough to own it today!

Product description

Waring Pro Induction cooktop comes in the dimension of 4.5*13*16 inches and weighs 5.85 pounds. It does well with standard 110-120V, 60Hz found in most American homes.

The device should not be used with a converter. The induction has a power range from 300 to 1600 watts.

The heating element is around 10 inches in diameter. The display panel has an on/off power button, a timer button, and a heat level button.

Waring Pro Induction Cooktop Review

There is an upward arrow increase button and a decrease button next to the LED. Both the timer and heat level can be adjusted with the help of these buttons

Waring pro induction complies with part 18 of the FCC rules. This basically means it will not cause any magnetic interference in a residential location.

However, if it starts interfering with radio/tv, relocate the receiving antenna of the radio/tv or increase the distance between the induction and the receiving antenna.

What we like about waring Pro induction cooktop

Waring pro induction cooktop is a compact and portable cooktop that can be used to make a variety of cuisines.

It is safe and energy-efficient having an inbuilt safety automatic pan detection and shutdown. It gives exhaust-free,flame-free cooking with just a touch of a few buttons.

There is no additional heat created in the kitchen making cooking a cool process.

The cooktop consumes up to 70% less energy than conventional burners.

It has nine heating levels giving freedom to choose different cooking styles. Whether its melting butter, chocolate, steam, saute, simmering, frying or boiling, waring pro induction has it all. It reduces cooking time to a great extend giving rapid heat within seconds.

Waring Pro ICT200 Induction Cooktop

The display control is basic and highly efficient having all important features. Waring pro induction makes cooking food a simple process.

It has easy to operate buttons which are displayed appropriately. Another helpful feature is the inbuilt timer which can be adjusted for up to 150 minutes.

The timer and heat both are adjustable with the help of increase and decrease buttons in the beginning or at any time in between the cooking process.

Due to the portable nature of this induction cooktop, you can use it indoor or outdoors according to convenience. Since you are not bound to the kitchen, you can use it in other rooms of the house or hostel needing only a socket to connect.

The induction comes with a one-year limited warranty and a five years motor warranty.

What’s not so great

Waring pro induction gives you the most basic level of cooking. It does not fit well for bulk cooking as it has only one cooking surface.

The embedded features do not include a child lock or a pause feature. This endangers the safety and increases the chances of an accidental interruption or change of the preset function.

The induction cooktop is only good enough for induction friendly cookware. They have to be ferromagnetic in order for the induction process to take place. All other pots and pans will not work.

The cooling fan is very noisy. The induction heating area is quite small and fits with only pots and pans with 8 inches. This makes it impossible to cook bacon or a large steak.

At its lowest setting, the cooktop will still boil water. This it does by cycling on and off. There is no long simmer feature that is apt for gravies and soups.

When the timer time expires, it just beeps and does not automatically shut down. Someone has to physically turn the induction off.

It does not have a residual heat indicator that helps the chef to know with a glance whether the cooktop is safe to touch or not for cleaning.

How Waring pro induction cooktop works

Below are how to use the Waring Pro induction cooktop:

To switch on

Once the unit is plugged into an electrical outlet, place the cookware on the glass top and press the on/off button

To adjust heat settings

The cooktop has eight heat settings, from low(1) to High (8). To operate the heat control, press the button labeled heat on the left side.

The indicator light above the label heat will illuminate. To increase heat, press the upward arrow and to decrease press the downward arrow. The LED screen will indicate the current setting

Timer function

To operate the timer, press the button labeled timer on the left side. The indicator will illuminate above it. Use the arrow increase or decrease button to set the timer to your desired cooking time.

If you press and hold the up or down arrow, the timer will advance rapidly. The timer can be adjusted to a maximum of 150 minutes. At the end of the timed cycle, the timer will beep 3 times.

Automatic pan detection

The cooktop will turn off automatically if the cookware is not compatible or lifted up for 30 seconds. It will not recognize cookware which is not ferromagnetic such as glass, copper, and aluminum.

The induction works well with a magnetic grade of stainless steel, iron, cast iron, and steel or iron-clad aluminum or copper.

Overheat detection

The unit automatically turns off after a long beep when the cookware/cooktop exceeds the temperature limit.

This prevents the burning of empty pots and heating up of the components of induction.

Switching off

Just press the on/off button. When the unit is off, the fan may continue running for a minute or more until the cooktop cools down. Wait for it to stop before starting the cleaning process.

Use a damp cloth with a mild soap solution followed by a dry wipe. For more details read our article on cleaning the cooktop.


Waring Pro is an amazingly easy to operate induction cooktop that can be used by everybody.

Being small and compact it works quite well indoors or outdoors, homes, offices and hostels alike. It has a good heating element and a simple display panel.

With a rigid and tough glass surface, it can be used to cook a variety of cuisines. With eight adjustable heat level settings, you can fry, melt, steam or saute quite rapidly as the induction is quick to respond to power changes. The different styles of cooking are left for the imagination of the cook.

It also has a good timer with a good range of timings up to 150 minutes. You can adjust the timing with the help of an increase or decrease arrow. Once the set timing is complete it beeps to let the cook know the food is done.

With automatic pan detection and automatic overheat detection, it saves energy and prevents undue burns and accidents by automatically shutting down.

With a one year warranty and a five-year motor warranty, this induction is a must-have for all kitchens!

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