IKEA Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Good things should be made affordable to many people. This was the idea behind the foundation of IKEA.

IKEA group works on the concept of innovation with an in-depth analysis. Its basic principle “ Is there a better way?” gives us unique quality along with consumer comfort.

It strives to achieve superior technology and design and makes sure the product is affordable to a large class of people.

IKEA portable induction cooktop has received the red dot jury award in 2016 for its unique well thought design. In truth, the very first thing that stands out about this induction cooktop is the smart design.

Ikea Tillreda Portable induction cooktop white 504.223.90

There is a handle on the side of the induction which keeps the cords in place and makes the induction easy to carry, portable, and set up.

Its dimensions are perfect for cramped spaces (such as RV). It is compact and can be hung with the help of holes in the back or by the handle on the side.

The cord can be wrapped around the handle and fastened with clips to keep it in place.

This makes the IKEA portable induction cooktop so easy and hassle-free like a child’s toy cooktop to cook and store away at will and whim!

In this review article, I will cover all about the IKEA Tillreda portable induction cooktop, including the Pros and Cons of it.

What makes the IKEA Portable Induction Cooktop worth buying?

Ikea Tillreda Portable induction cooktop white 504.223.90

IKEA portable induction cooktop is made very thoughtfully keeping in mind whatever concerns that can arise with usage.

It has a smart and elegant design that is easy to use, wrap, store, and carry wins the heart.

It has rubber feet to increase stability. A beautifully designed and simple touch control panel that is placed in front makes it easy to understand and operate.

The digital touch control buttons do not require much effort giving a smooth glide to the process of cooking.

Children have an inquisitiveness and a carefree attitude so messing around with induction can occur.

This induction cooktop comes with a child lock which is very helpful for families with children around.

With easy-to-use features, comfortable design, and child lock for safety, and the brand name of IKEA for toughness and sustainability, this cooktop is a dream come true.

Product Features –IKEA Portable Induction Cooktop

IKEA tillreda portable Induction cooktop comes with the dimensions of 18*14*3.7 inches.

It weighs a mere 2.8 kgs making it easy to carry, store and use. It uses a standard voltage of 120V.

It has a handle on the side around which the cord can be wrapped. It can be hung with the help of holes on the backside or with the handle.

It has digital touch control sensors that beep when a program is selected. It has 9 power level settings.

The power levels begin from 100 watts, 300 watts, 600 watts up to 2000 watts.

Induction provides a wide range of time settings from 1 minute to 99 minutes.

It has a heating area with a cooking zone of a minimum of 185mm. It also displays an air inlet and an air outlet on the side and base of the cooktop.

The control panel consists of a child lock button with a picture of a lock and a timer button displaying the picture of a clock.

It has a + and a – button to increase or decrease the heat/timer setting. It also has a pause button.

It has a good temperature sensor which prevents overheating. It also has an embedded fan and a residual heat indicator.

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What We Liked About the IKEA Induction Cooktop?

It has a sleek and beautiful design. There are no ridges or crevices making it very easy to clean.

Ikea Tillreda Portable induction cooktop white 504.223.90

The glass surface is extremely smooth and strong. It looks like a blown-out version of the iPad.

Due to the presence of rubber feet, it is stable.

The handle makes it easy to grasp and carry. This cooktop gives the user the flexibility to cook anywhere where there is a power supply.

The ability to hang it saves the space on the countertop.

There are no ugly protrusions of plastic buttons on this induction cooktop.

It has digital touch-sensitive buttons embedded towards the front of the cooktop in the control panel zone.

Due to its large size, big-sized cookware can be kept on top without worrying about touching the control panel.

The induction cooking zone adapts automatically to the size of the bottom of the cookware. It must, however, have a minimum diameter of 120 mm.

It heats up to the required temperature quicker than other similar Induction cooktops. It also evenly heats up the entire surface of the cookware.

Heat remains confined to the cookware and the heating element underneath the cookware. The rest of the area remains cool to touch and there is no danger of burns.

As a safety measure, the cooktop stops operating if the cookware is empty or if the induction gets overheated.

It saves energy by switching off automatically if no button is set within one minute of switching on or if no button is used to modify heat settings in two hours.

Once you’re done with cooking, you can also quickly know whether the induction cooktop is hot or not.

There is a residual heat button that gets displayed till the induction cooktop cools down. After which it disappears.

The residual heat can be used to heat certain foods or to keep the food warm.

It has a safety function of child lock to prevent accidental change of settings in the control panel by children or adults.

For double safety, the on/off button would still work when the child lock is activated in case the function gets jammed.

It also has a pause feature for the ease of the consumer. Cooking can be paused at any time and at any temperature temporarily.

Heat level settings under the pause function will stay in a keep warm state.

What Could Have Been Better?

This induction cooktop has small buttons that can be difficult to read.

Other cooktops have big cookware-sized rings on the surface to help in the placement of cookware.

This IKEA portable induction cooktop, however, has a very small circle in the center which one has to match with the center of the cookware.

Like all glass-ceramic cooking zones, it hums briefly when it is switched on.

Also, the glass-ceramic can crack resulting if mishandled. The breakage or cracks can occur if a heavy object is placed on it or if it accidentally falls on the floor.

After usage, the appliance has to be kept connected to a power socket after use until the fan and heat indicator switches off.

As the control panel is a little away but on the same surface as the cooking zone, there are chances of spillage or accidental heating up of the control panel if it comes in contact with it.

Being small and portable, it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1 foot to avoid EMF exposure according to ICNIRP guidelines.

As induction has a complex system embedded, repair requires professional help which can be costly.

Competition has given rise to value-added smart features in the Induction cooktops like wifi-enabled operations.

Ikea portable induction cooktop lags behind in these areas.

How Does the IKEA Portable Induction Cooktop Work?

Place the induction cooktop at an appropriate distance from the walls so the inlet or outlet is not blocked.

Place it on a stable surface and away from things that are sensitive to the magnetic field.

The cookware required has to be ferromagnetic in order for the induction cooking method to work.

A method to check is to place a magnet at the base of the cookware. If it sticks, it can be used on IKEA portable induction cooktop.

Use flat bottomed cookware. Stainless steel, iron, cast iron, and enameled cast iron work best.

It is best to use spoons and ladles of wood rather than ferromagnetic materials like stainless steel.

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It is a good idea to place the cookware on the cooktop before switching it on to avoid stray radiations. Also, to save energy and avoid spills, place a lid on the cookware.

Match the center of the circle of the heating zone and place it at the center of the cookware.

After inserting the plug into the socket, the child lock will be activated. Press the child lock and hold for three seconds to unlock.

Then press the on/off button. It’s important to note that at any point during cooking if one wants to stop the cooking process, just press off.

Pressing + and – buttons will set the power levels from 1 to 9. Keep increasing from 1 onwards (100 watts) until you reach the desired power level.

During cooking, there is an option to activate the child lock button to lock the control panel. Cooking can also be paused in between temporarily with the help of the pause button.

If the pause key (denoted by stop and go in the user manual) is not pressed again to return the operation of cooking within 2 hours, the induction will enter the standby mode after beeping 5 times.

For timer settings, one has to press the timer button and then press+ and – to reach the required time.

If + is held for a longer duration, the timing will increase by 10 minutes straight.

When the timer status is in progress, the display will show both the power levels as well as timing alternatively.

After cooking switch the button off. Wait for the residual heat indicator to disappear from the display screen before unplugging from the socket.

Once the device is cooled down, wipe with a wet cloth or with a cleaning liquid solution followed by a dry wipe. Never immerse the cord or the induction in water.

Sharp objects and abrasive cleaning agents can damage the glass-ceramic surface. Use specialized liquid or a mild soapy solution.

For removing stubborn residues, use a specialized cooktop scraper at a 45-degree angle and gently distort the residue.

You do not need to worry if there are scratches or dark stains on the glass-ceramic that do not go away. They will not affect the functioning of the cooktop.


With this IKEA portable induction hob, you get a wonderful after-sales service regarding guarantee or service work via telephone.

It gives a guarantee of five years from the original date of purchase. If the appliance is named LAGAN or TILLREDA, it has two years guarantee.

They require an original sales receipt as proof of purchase.

It should be noted, however, that if any service work is carried out within the guarantee period, that will not extend the guarantee period.

The cost, labor, and travel expense to examine will be borne by the company under warranty. It will either repair or replace the defective product after examining the product.


IKEA portable induction cooktop is a smartly designed induction hob that looks elegant and classy with a black and white combination.

With easy-to-use functions, it can soon become one of the most important gadgets in your kitchen. Having automatic detections of overheating or empty cookwares prevents untoward accidents.

The most sought out feature by harried mothers – child lock is a smooth and easy to operate function in this cooktop.

Its portability and hanging feature make it ideal for cramped spaces and tiny kitchens. You can easily carry and cook outdoors as well wherever there is a socket available.

The control panel display is conveniently located making it easy to reach out and operate.

The smooth digital touch buttons help one glide through the cooking process with ease.

It gives you a smart, stylish cooktop with all the necessary functions. It works on standard electrical voltage present normally in all homes in the US.

It does not make a lot of noise. The soft beeps sound good when the settings are set or when the cooking is complete alerting the chef!

once the cooking is over, the cord can be wrapped around the handle and the cooktop can be hung or stored.

It has a superb heating element that heats up the cookware evenly. With 9 power levels, it heats up evenly and reaches the required temperature speedily.

This innovative design and slick style are bound to capture attention.

IKEA  Tillreda portable induction offers a smooth cooking experience while staying true to its aim- to provide good quality at a budget-friendly price ensuring a large class of people a high-class cooking experience!

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