Summit 13.5 Inch Induction Cooktop Review

Summit offers a complete collection of cooking appliances, with a variety of ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, speed ovens, and microwaves sized for space-challenged kitchens.

Safer cooking, faster heating, easy cleanup, and energy savings come standard with Summit’s complete line of induction cooktops.

They offer built-in and portable units, all made with Scott Ceran glass and innovative cooking technology that utilizes electromagnetic heat.

The SINC2B120 is an FCC approved 120V,1800 watts induction cooktop design for built-in installation. It also comes with four rubber feet that allow you to use the cooktop as a free-standing unit.

What makes Summit 13.5-inch Induction cooktop worth buying?

The Summit SINC2B120 induction cooktop features a genuine Schott Ceran glass surface, ensuring easy clean up with an attractive, modern look.

The touch controls are located towards the front of the cooktop to prevent users from reaching over a hot surface.

Summit 13.5

The rear 1800-watt burner can operate at eight different power settings, while the front 13,000 wattburner offers six power levels.

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Design for the highest quality cooking experience, the cooktop is fully equipped for safety. As the induction technology utilizes magnetized energy that begins inside the cooking vessel, the temperature of the cooktop surface remains cool to touch.

The safety features include the child lock automatic safety switch off and a residual heat indicator. Beveled edges blend seamlessly into the counter.

Summit 13.5 inch induction cooktop comes with a complementary set of Summit induction cookware. This seven-piece collection includes three pots with three heat resistant glass lids and 19 ½ inch skillet.

Summit 13.5

All are constructed with a triple-layer bottom, in aluminum, or layered between stainless steel to provide even heat distribution. It is safe for use on induction, gas, and electric heat surfaces as well as safe to use in dishwasher and ovens.

Summit 13.5 inch induction is FCC certified and ETL listed for the US and Canada. The company warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase or delivery. Any parts determined to be defective will be replaced by Summit at no charge.

Product description

The Scott Ceran is a smooth surface made of durable and elegant Black glass. The 13.5-inch induction uses a standard voltage of 120V,60Hz, 20A.

The maximum wattage is 1800 watts. The rear burner can operate up to 1800 Watts while the front burner can reach 1300 watts. If both governors are in use and exceed 1800W, one will turn off automatically or default to a lower setting.

Summit SINC2B120 13-inch 2 Burner Built-in Electric Induction...
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  • Powerful and Versatile Performance: The SINC2B120 Induction Cooktop operates at 1800W,...
  • Stylish and Durable Schott Ceran Surface: Designed for both durability and elegance, the...

Summit cooktop is available in the dimension of 20.5* 13.3 8*2.25 inches and weighs 20 pounds. It has mood, slightly rounded edges to protect from minor injuries associated with sharp corners.

An ADA compliant design with upfront controls and easy to operate knobs offer easier accessibility.

The front element is 6.5 inches in size with a wattage of 1300 Watts and the rear element is 7.5 inches size with 1800 watts.

The control panel is located in the front of the cooktop. Each burner has its own set of controls with a separate timer button and a power increase + and -decrease button.

There is a common on/off switch located in the extreme right of the control panel. There is also a lock button located on the extreme left of the panel.

What we like about the Summit 13.5-inch induction cooktop

The 13.5-inch induction comes with good safety features. One of the safeguards is against parching. The unit may shut off automatically when the heating temperature exceeds the safe limits.

Another safety feature is the hot surface indicator. The display for the cooking zones will show an ‘H’ to warn the user that the surface is hot to touch. The temperature of the heating zone is more than 140-degree Fahrenheit. Wait until the ‘H’ is no longer visible to clean the unit.

Summit 13.5

The Child lock prevents activation of any sensor key during the cooktop use, except for the on/off key and lock key. Pressing the lock key activates the function with the unit making a beep sound and indicator light turning on above the Lock key.

The induction comes with the complementary set of three pots and one skillet with heat resistant glass lids. This is an added bonus and prevents the need to purchase induction cookware.

The rear burner can operate up to 1800 watts, while the front burner can reach 1300 watts. Now because this is a 120 volts cooktop, the maximum wattage is 1800 watts. If both burners are in use and exceed 1800 Watts, one will turn off automatically or default to a lower setting.

The front burner includes six power settings while the rear offers eight power settings.

The induction is energy efficient. 84% of the heat created goes directly towards heating the cookware contents. With the rest of the cooktop surface remaining cool to touch, there are no baked-on messes. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe down the surface.

The cooktop is FCC certified and ETL listed for the US and Canada. It has upfront controls and easy to operate knobs offering easy accessibility and being ADA compliant.

Smooth, slightly rounded agents protect you from minor injuries associated with sharp corners.

What’s not so great

The automatic timer setting ranges from 1 minute to 99 minutes. However, there is no “seconds” and “hours” display, only minutes.

The induction has power-sharing between the two elements. When both burners are on, one of the two burners will not have a power level higher than six. Both of them together will not be more than maximum power level eight.

This means that when operating the two elements at the same time, induction adjusts the power level accordingly. So one cannot use both on maximum power level.

Not all the cookware are compatible with Summit 13.5 inches induction cooktop. They have to be ferromagnetic, off a specific diameter, and heat resistant.

People with pacemakers or similar magnetic devices are advised to stand at a distance of at least one foot away from the induction. This makes it difficult to cook on induction.

How Summit 13.5-inch induction cooktop works

Upon inserting the power plug into an electric socket, the induction will make a beep sound once, and all digital lights on the cooktop will blink once.

The indicator light will turn on above the ‘lock’ key, indicating the unit enters into the standby and lock mode.

To start the induction

Press the ‘lock’ key, the unit will make a beep sound once and lock light will turn off, indicating the lock is deactivated. The unit is now on standby mode. Now press the on-off key, it will make a beep sound once and the indicator above the on-off key will light up. The induction is now ready-to-use (readiness Mode).

The induction cooktop will automatically return to standby mode if the heating zone is not turned on within 30 seconds. The induction will automatically enter into lock mode again if no key is pressed within 5 minutes. Press the lock key to deactivate the lock function.

Choosing the power setting

Place suitable cookware on the cooktop. To press the desired element, press the ‘positive’ key once, the specific digital display will show 0 and start blinking.

Pressing the positive (+) key again within 60 seconds will cause the heating element to enter into power level four directly. Now press the + or ‘-’ key to adjust the desired power level.

The power level one gives 300 Watts. The power level two gives 500 watts. The power level three gives 700 watts.

Similarly, the power level four gives 900W, the power level five gives 1100 watts, and the power level six gives 1300W. The rear element also has power level seven and eight that gives 1500 Watts and 1800 Watts respectively.

To set the timer mode

The automatic timer setting ranges from 1 minute to 99 minutes. When the unit is in the cooking mode, press the timer key. The timer indicator lights up and the digital display reads 00 and blinks.

Press the positive/ negative key to set the desired number then press the ‘timer’ key to complete the setting. The setting is also complete if no key is pressed for 10 seconds.

Once the timer is set, the minute timer begins the countdown and the digital display will stay on the previous power setting.

Once the minute timer reaches 00, the cooktop will sound ‘beep’ and the specific heating element will shut off automatically.

Turning off the induction unit

when the use of the specific element is complete, press ‘-‘ key until the digital display reads zero and blinks for 60 seconds full stop the desired element will shut off.

Next, press the on/off-key. the indicator about the ‘on/off’ key will turn off indicating the unit is now in the standby mode. Do not pull the power plug until the cooling fan has stopped and you can no longer see the hot surface indicator.


Summit SINC2B120 13.5 inches induction cooktop looks amazingly elegant with a black Schott glass surface. It is extremely efficient and can be used as a built-in or can be kept over the countertop.

It looks like a tablet with consumer-friendly functions.

It has good safety features with child lock automatic safety shutdown and hot surface indicator. These functions make it very easy to operate around children and elders.

With separate display buttons for each element, it makes cooking very easy. The timer button takes care of the cooking and shuts down the element automatically after the time is over. With a wide range of power levels and timer settings, the Summit enables a variety of cuisines to be made quickly and effortlessly.

The best thing is the complementary seven-piece cookware set that comes included with this induction. The pots with heat resistant lids and the skillet are manufactured thoughtfully by Summit and make the induction cooking package complete.

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