Tasty One Top (Cuisinart) Smart Induction Cooktop Review

Tasty one top by Cuisinart is engineered to be the most versatile appliance in your kitchen. Its time to say goodbye to guessing and hello to perfect meals.

The tasty one top is a smart induction cooktop that connects with the one top app on your phone making cooking an easy affair!

The one top app includes hundreds of tasty recipes and guides you through them step by step.

When following a recipe in the one top app, the one top automatically changes its temperature and power settings to precisely match the instructions.

The one tops thermometer measures the internal heat of your meats and fish to cook to the perfect desired temperature

What makes Tasty One Top smart induction worth buying?

The one top can be utilized for almost any form of cooking including sous vide, deep-frying, pan-frying, stir-frying, grilling, simmering, sauteing, slow cooking, searing, poaching and more!

Tasty One Top (Cuisinart) Smart Induction Cooktop Review

The one tasty induction comes with a thermometer that reads the temperature of liquids and foods( like meat and fish). It tracks time and temperature giving you a well-done meal.

You can also keep the liquid temperature to one-degree Fahrenheit making sure your dish is cooked perfectly.

The One Top connects to your app via Bluetooth, allowing the one top to receive instructions on how to heat your pan and how long to cook your food before the next step.

You can cook your favorite dish with the tap of the app which had hundreds of recipes to choose from! The app not only guides but also lets you choose preference by asking you choices like medium-well, crisp, half done, etc.

You can also manually set temperature and time to cook your own recipes. This can be done by the buttons on the front of the One Top.

The engineered crystal glass surface along with the pentagon shape of the induction gives a modern, attractive look. An integrated surface sensor tracks the surface temperature of your pots and pans making cooking energy efficient.

The smart induction has capacitative touch power control buttons and works on all induction compatible pots and pans.

The One Top app is available in the App Store and Google Play. TastyOne top smart induction has strong backup support by Cuisinart. They can be reached via toll-free or online via email

Product description

Tasty one top smart induction cooktop is beautifully designed to complement all kitchens. It is ‘pentagon’ in shape and has an engineered crystal glass surface.

The best thing about it is that it’s a portable induction cooktop. You can cook right at the table while chatting with your friends, family.

Tasty by Cuisinart 842750112707 Tasty Top Smart Induction...
  • Smart induction cooktop connects with your phone to make cooking a breeze
  • One top app includes hundreds of tasty recipes and guides you through them step-by-step
  • Beautifully designed to look great in your kitchen and on your social Feed

It requires a power draw of 120 V AC/12.5 A. The maximum power output is 1500W. The minimum is 100W. Connectivity is via Bluetooth LE 4.0.

The maximum operating temperature is 450 F. The app platform is available on iOS and Android. The control app being One Top.

The induction is available in the dimensions of 13.5*13.75*3 inches. It comes with a temperature probe and a temperature probe clip. The cord length is approximate 43 inches.

Tasty One Top induction weighs 6lb. It has 10 power levels. The temperature range is from 80F to 430F.

The power level one indicates 100 W, power level two indicates 200W, power level three indicates 300 W, Power level four indicates 400W, the power level five indicates 600W.

Power level six indicates 800W. The power level seven indicates 1000W. The power level eight indicates 1200W, the power level nine indicates 1400W, and power level 10 indicates 1500W.

Tasty One Top (Cuisinart) Smart Induction Cooktop Review

The induction has an inbuilt safety feature when it comes to maximum power and temperatures. The maximum power will run on the induction for 30 minutes after which there will be a warning beep every five seconds for one minute.

If there is no manipulation done, the power will automatically reduce to level six. Touching the power button after the power level six is achieved will turn the induction off.

Similarly, If the targeted temperature setting is more than 214F, the maximum time the induction will run is 45 minutes.

After which all LED will start blinking and the induction will make a sound every five seconds for one minute. If no manipulation is done, the induction will turn off after one minute.

Tasty One Top by Cuisinart comes with a limited warranty of one year. They warranty that the induction will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal home use for one year from the date of purchase.

It is a good idea to register the product online on the Cuisinart website after purchase. However, not registering will not eliminate the one year warranty.

What we like about Tasty One top smart induction cooktop

The beautifully designed premium glass cooktop is quite aesthetic and modern in design and fits perfectly just about anywhere.

It is compact and portable and can be used in really small places, outdoors or indoors, in camps, dormitories, or offices for a quick snack or coffee.

The smart technology is amazingly easy to understand. With this induction, even a person not familiar with cooking can cook their dishes perfectly. Thanks to smart technology that links up One Top induction with One Top app.

Tasty One Top (Cuisinart) Smart Induction Cooktop Review

The wide temperature and power setting options ensure the user enjoys all sorts of cooking whether it is frying, simmering, poaching, sauteing, or steaming.

The One Top app gives a lot of choices for amazing dishes that can be made by following step by step instructions. It is like a guide helping you out and also self-adjusting the temperature and time to make the perfect dish for you every time.

The inbuilt timer and safety features ensure no accidents happen and a safe cooking process that can be controlled via a Bluetooth connection with your phone.

The induction can also work independently without the app ( manually), making it perfect for times when you want to experiment on your own.

The induction has standard electrical requirements that are found in most American homes. Tasty One Top smart induction comes with strong backup support by Cuisinart and a one year warranty.

What’s not so great

The induction is quite small. It is good for small quantities of food, for a quick snack or a one-person meal.

The surface that gets hot underneath is only about 6 to 7 inches. The rest of the area gets heated up slowly.

Without the app, the induction is basically a hot plate. The manual functioning is not very great and does not give a lot of options. The heat settings are very limited.

If the connection gets lost from the app, one has to start all over again

It lacks certain safety features like child lock, pause button, residual heat indicator, and automatic pan detection.

How Tasty One Top smart induction cooktop works

The One Top induction connects to the One Top App via Bluetooth. This way the induction receives the cooking time and temperature instructions.

Without the one top app, you can still control the One Top induction with the help of buttons on the front.

Download the One Top App to your mobile device from the iTunes App Store or Google Play for Android.

To connect to the app

Switch on the Tasty One Top induction. Open the One Top app on your mobile device. Tap Connect to One Top at the bottom of the screen. Bluetooth pairing will initiate. In the message that appears on the screen, tap pair to confirm.

The 10th LED light (on far right) will be solid blue when successfully paired. Tap the bar at the bottom of the screen to begin using the induction with the app, or choose a recipe from the list and follow the prompts.

To reconnect each time you open the One Top app, tap the bar at the screen. If the induction is not connecting to the One Top app via Bluetooth, reset the Bluetooth connection by touching the + and -buttons on the induction simultaneously until it chimes.

To connect to a different mobile device, open the Bluetooth settings on the connected mobile device and disconnect it from there. Then connect to the new mobile device using the same procedure as above.

Tasty One Top (Cuisinart) Smart Induction Cooktop Review

The One Top induction has three cooking modes, allowing almost any type of cooking. They are

  • Basic mode
  • Sous vide mode
  • Automated recipe mode

Let us now learn a bit about each mode

Basic mode 

In basic mode, the induction acts like a standard induction burner. Use controls directly on the induction to adjust the power levels from 1 to 10 or enter the specifically targeted temperature in the app. Tap the power button on to start cooking.

In either case, the current probe and surface temperature readings are displayed in the app, if connected. In the Basic mode, the timer is simply a countdown timer.

Tap set to choose a duration and start the timer to start the countdown. You will be notified when time is up. When cooking is completed, tap the power button off.

Sous vide mode

In sous vide mode, the cooktop works with the app to precisely control the temperature of the water to achieve a perfectly cooked dish.

The power level automatically adjusts to maintain your desired temperature. Use this mode for poaching or slow cooking.

Enter your desired temperature in the app, then tap ‘set goal temperature’.

Enter your desired cooking time in the app, then tap start heating water. You will be prompted to tap the power button on the induction to start cooking.

Once the desired water temperature is reached, the timer will begin its countdown, notifying you when your dish is perfectly done.

Automated recipe mode

In the recipe mode, the smart induction works with the app to automatically adjust the temperature to match the recipe. The app will display on-screen prompts and step-by-step instructions.

The recipe mode requires the One top app as well as the temperature probe for some recipes.

Any recipe in the One Top app that uses a stove or cooktop can be cooked on the induction. However, only recipes found under the One Top icon at the bottom of the screen are fully automated with step-by-step instructions.

Follow the on-screen prompts and step by step instructions. The induction will adjust the temperature and time to precisely match the recipe and will notify you once the food is cooked perfectly.


Tasty One Top smart induction cooktop is the most energy-efficient and user-friendly gadget for your kitchen.

It is a great option for beginners and for gadget freaks as it controls the cooking and guides you to the perfectly cooked dish step-by-step.

You don’t need to guess or call anyone for guidance. This induction makes sure the most amazing and scrumptious meals are made without disturbing you in the least.

The temperature probe helps to keep the temperature in check. The induction combined with the app takes care of the temperature and time maintaining the perfect settings required for a particular dish.

Cooking has never been simpler. Try the tasty One Top smart induction cooktop and experience awesomeness.

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