Gasland Chef IH90BF Induction Cooktop Review

Gasland Chef is dedicated to improving everyday culinary life by continuously searching for innovations in cooking technology.

The Gasland Chef induction cooktop is made strictly following the American norms. Product safety and certification are at the forefront of Gasland chef’s advances, ensuring a safe and reliable product for your family and friends to enjoy the cooking time.

GASLAND Chef IH90BF Induction Cooktop Review

This induction cooktop has digital touch controls and nine heat level settings. The heating level ranges vary from simmering to instant boiling within seconds. All this with just a touch of the button.

The 36-inch induction has smooth vitro ceramic glass. It is tough, durable, scratch-resistant and makes the cleaning process smooth and effortless.

With five heating surfaces, it makes everyday cooking easier and faster. The induction conserves time and energy ensuring a wonderful cooking experience.

What makes the product worth buying?

Induction Cooktop 36 Inch, GASLAND Chef IH90BF Electric Cooktop...
  • 🎁【Easy Maintenance】One-piece glass surface allows for wipe clean. No crevices that...
  • 🎁【5 Powerful Cooking Zones】This induction cooktop has 9 power levels, precision to...
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The 36-inch induction fulfills the need of all family members by helping the chef cook different dishes simultaneously or in bulk. All five heating elements are independent of each other.

With nine heating elements it gives you the freedom to try different styles of cooking food- from simmering to rapid boiling, everything is possible with Gasland Chef induction hob.

It has many inbuilt safety features. There is an automatic pan detection feature that does not allow heating to take place unless a ferromagnetic pot or pan of adequate size is placed on the burner.

If the cookware is removed for one whole minute, the cooking zone switches off automatically. The induction shuts down after two minutes.

The cooktop has another inbuilt safety feature in the form of an overheat detection. It shuts down the induction automatically when the temperature exceeds to protect the inner pieces of equipment and the food.

Gasland Chef induction comes with a child lock that prevents accidental change of settings. Once activated, all the keys get locked with preset functions cooking food. Only the on/off button can be used to switch off the induction in case of an emergency.

The induction features a timer function with a range from one minute to 99 minutes. The timer can be set as a minute reminder and as a safety switch for each cooking zone to ensure automatic shutdown once the pre-set time gets over.

Gasland chef comes with a back up of the local professional service team to solve after-sale issues. They can be reached online or by dialing their hotline number from 9 am to 6 pm on all working days. The 36-inch induction comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Product description

Gasland Chef induction comes in the dimensions of 35.4 inches*20.5inches* 2.4inches. The cutout size is 34.3 inches* 19.3 inches. It weighs 34.8 pounds. The 36 inches induction cooktop is suitable for AC 220-240V.

GASLAND Chef IH90BF Induction Cooktop Review

It has five heating elements. There are two elements on the right and two on the left and one in the center. The outer heating zones are 7.1 inches across in diameter. The heating zone in the center is the largest with a diameter of 8.3 inches.

The maximum power for the front left heating element is 2000W. The left rear burner can go up to 1800W. The right rear burner features 2000W while the front right can go up to 2000W level.

The maximum power or energy output of the 36-inch cooktop is 6800-7400W.

The control panel is located right in front of the cooktop. Right on top of the control panel are five heating zone selection control. On the extreme right is the on/off control. Next to it is the timer control. In the middle lies the power/timer regulating key.

Towards the left side, there is the child lock key. On the extreme left is the boost button.

Gasland chef induction comes with an automatic pan detection feature and a residual heat indicator. It also has a safety overheat detection feature and a small item detection feature.

The cooktop has nine temperature (heat) settings.

  • Use the level 1-2 for warming, melting, simmering
  • Use level 3-4 for rapid simmering, reheating, cooking rice
  • Use level 5-6 for pancakes
  • Level 7-8 for saute, cooking pasta
  • Level 9 for stir-frying, searing, boiling.
GASLAND Chef IH90BF Induction Cooktop Review

Gasland chef comes with a good timer function. It can be set as a minute reminder or to turn off a cooking zone after a set period of time. The timer can be set for anything between one and 99 minutes.

What we like about the Gasland chef IH90BF induction cooktop

The heating elements are spaced evenly ensuring no overlapping of the burners. The control panel is located right in front of the induction making it easy for the consumer to operate and control cooking.

The cooktop is touch-sensitive and responds quite well to mild touch. You don’t need to apply any pressure.

There is a safety feature of automatic pan detection in Gasland chef induction. No heating will take place unless there is an induction-compatible pan on the heating zone.

The cooking zone will automatically shut down after one minute. It will also shut down if no pan is detected or the pan is lifted away from the heating zone for one minute. The cooktop will shut down after two minutes.

The cooktop has a child lock feature. All keys will be locked once this feature is activated except the on/off button.

GASLAND Chef IH90BF Induction Cooktop Review

This is to switch off the induction in case of any emergency. However, once you switch the induction back on, you will have to unlock the induction first in order to begin. It prevents accidental activation or change of settings.

The cooktop comes with an inbuilt temperature sensor. In case the cooktop starts overheating due to excessive temperature, the induction cooktop will stop the operation automatically.

The cooktop comes with a double function on the timer feature. It can be used as a minute reminder and can also be used to turn off the cooking zone after a set period.

The induction has a good sensor that has a small item detection feature. Incase small items are detected on it, it automatically goes into a standby mode in one minute.

Another safety feature is the residual heat setting. It makes the chef aware that the cooktop is hot to touch. Once the heating zone has cooled down, the indicator disappears.

With just a glance the chef knows that the cooktop is ready to clean. This is a great safety feature preventing accidents.

What’s not so great

The control panel is placed too close for comfort near the middle heating element. water droplets may fall on the control panel.

The controls are highly sensitive. The cooktop needs to be locked for smooth operation to avoid an unnecessary change of settings. Even a thin film of water droplets makes the controls difficult to operate.

Gasland chef induction does not work on all cookware. It needs ferromagnetic and flat based diameter having a diameter of the heating element or 1 inch smaller or larger. Any other measurement will lead to improper cooking.

The front and rear elements are too near each other for comfort. The handle of one cookware on the heating zone can disturb or lodge into the handle of cookware of another. Long handles can also be a problem.

People with a pacemaker or similar medical device should stand at least 1 foot away from the cooktop. It becomes difficult to operate the induction from such a distance.

There is no pause button. The pause button is a great feature to hold cooking or delay cooking according to convenience.

The induction takes up quite a bit of space. Choose the cooktop only if you have good space. Installing it is not very easy in cramped places. Secondly, it is a built-in cooktop. If used over the counter, it may not be very stable.

The induction is prone to making a buzzing sound on higher temperature settings.

Wiring and installation would require professional help. If the cooktop breaks down, it will require professional help as well due to the complex nature of induction.

How Gasland Chef IH90BF Induction cooktop works

Let’s now have a look at how the Gasland Chef induction cooktop works:

To start cooktop

Touch the on/off control. The buzzer will beep once and the cooktop will go into standby mode.

Place an appropriate pan on the cooktop ( ferromagnetic, flat and adhering to the diameter of the cooking zone u wish to use).

Selecting the zone

Touch the heating zone selection control key. An indicator next to the key will flash.

Select a heat setting by touching the “-” or “+” control. If you don’t use a heat setting within one minute, the induction cooktop will automatically switch off. You can modify the heat setting at any time during cooking.

Child lock feature

Press the child lock once. All keys except the on/off key will be locked.

The timer indicator will show “Lo”. To unlock, touch and hold the child lock key.

Timer setting

The timer can be used in two different ways.

You can use it as a minute reminder. In this case, the timer will not turn any cooking zone off when the set time is up. The timer can be set up to 99 minutes.

To set the timer as a minute reminder

Touch the timer control button. The indicator in the timer display will flash 30. Adjust the required time by pressing the + or – control.

Touch the +/- button once to increase or decrease the timing by one minute. Touch and hold the +/- button to increase or decrease the timing by 10 minutes. Once the time is set, it will begin to countdown immediately.

When the time setting is finished, the buzzer will beep for 30 seconds and the timer indicator shows “–”. The cooktop will however not switch off when the timer is used as a minute reminder.

To set the timer to turn a cooking zone off

Touch the heating zone selection control key of the particular zone. Next, touch the timer control. The timer indicator will flash 30. Use the +/- button to increase or decrease time.

Press once to increase/decrease in one-minute intervals or press and hold the +/- button to increase/decrease in 10-minute intervals.

A red dot next to the power level indicator will illuminate indicating that a particular zone is selected. When the cooking time expires the corresponding cooking zone will turn off automatically.

Do note that if you have set the timer for more than one cooking zones, the one with lesser time left will display in the timer display.

For example, if one zone is selected for 6 minutes and one for three minutes, 3 minutes will be displayed in the timer indicator.

To switch off

Touch the heating zone selection control that you wish to switch off. Turn the cooking zone off by touching the “-” button and scrolling down to “0”. Make sure the display shows “o”, then shows “H”.

Turn the whole cooktop off by touching the on/off control. A residual heat “H” will be displayed in the particular heating zone indicating it is hot to touch.

Once the cooktop is cooled, the “H” will disappear. The cooktop is now ready to clean. Use a damp cloth to clean the cooktop followed by a dry wipe. To know more about cleaning, read our article here.

Final Word

Gasland chef IH90BF induction cooktop comes in a beautiful black ceramic color with a digital display. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but it leaves you with great cooking experience.

The cooking process can be manipulated easily by changing heat levels from high to low with just a touch. The temperature changes precisely within seconds.

The timer feature aids in precise cooking. It can be set as a minute reminder and also to automatically shut down individual cooking zones.

It has an automatic shut down feature, child lock, overheat detection feature, small item detection feature, and residual heat indicator.

With so inbuilt safety functions, it brings safety and quality to the entire family! Buy it today to experience a fast and smooth cooking saving time and energy.

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