Can Induction Cooker be Used on Gas Stove?

Induction cookers are super sturdy, durable, and versatile.

And Yes, you can use most of the induction cookers on Gas cooktops. You can even use them on electric stoves, or ceramic hobs.

However, some of the induction cookers are not compatible due to the presence of a thin layer at the base that can cause the surface to warp when subjected to heat.

The same holds true if the induction cooker exterior is sprayed on with a magnetic or non-stick layer.

So make sure to read up the product manual to know the type of induction cooker you have purchased. 

The cookers that are compatible usually have the manufacturing company mentioning it on the box and in the instruction manual book.

You can also call customer service to know about the compatibility of your cooker.

Can Induction Cooker be Used on Gas Stove?

The right cooker is absolutely essential for any kitchen. The essence of cooking being good food served perfectly and quickly.

 An induction cooker helps to prepare quality meals efficiently.  A good cooker takes the shortest amount of time for well-done meals.

Most of the induction cookers (with a thick base) work quite well on gas.

They are made in the same traditional way as a normal cooker except the material is ferromagnetic (magnetic stainless steel or cast iron) or has a ferromagnetic layer encapsulating aluminum for better performance.

It works on the principle of magnetic heat generation on an induction cooktop.

When an electric current is passed to the copper coil underneath the ceramic surface, a magnetic field is generated. 

This results in a resistive current flow inside the cooker leading to heat generation. The induction cooker itself becomes the heat source.

As only the cookware gets heated up, there is a lot of time and energy saved on the induction hob. 

On a gas hob, external heat gets transferred via flames to the base of the cooker and the cooker gets heated up enabling food to get cooked. 

An induction cooker gets hot pretty quickly, compared to other cookers due to the presence of pure, good quality metals like stainless steel, saving time. 

On the gas hob, the heat is transferred via the flame, the heating process takes place indirectly but in a straightforward pattern like all traditional cookers.

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Advantages of using an induction cooker for a gas hob

I can give you many reasons why you should purchase an induction cooker for your kitchen.

It does not matter which hob you have, an induction cooker is a must-have! 


An induction cooker is compatible with all cooktops so if you need to switch your burner from gas to electric, or ceramic, you do not need to purchase any additional cooker.

Also if you do not have an induction cooktop, you might get one in the future, and purchasing beforehand will help you save cash. 

An induction cooker will work equally well on an electric or ceramic cooktop. 


An induction cooker is made of quality materials that ensure sturdiness and durability. The most commonly used metal is food-grade ferromagnetic stainless steel. 

Cleaning up is a breeze as nothing sticks and you can wipe clean the entire cooker within seconds.

The strong material hardly breaks or chips so you have the induction cooker as a kitchen companion for years.

Even cooking 

An induction cooker has a thick smooth and flat base that ensures even distribution of heat or flame.

You don’t have to worry about uncooked food or burning/sticking of food. The heating efficiency of an induction-compatible cooker is quite high when compared to others.

Get set for delicious and delicious cuisines prepared quickly for you and your family. 


The body of ferromagnetic stainless steel looks great and compliments all cooktops. There is a permanent metallic luster on it. 

The smooth body never fails to impress combined with a sturdy finish.

You can use it directly to serve or place it artistically anywhere in the kitchen and it is bound to catch eyes. 


Although purchasing an induction cooker gets a little heavy on the pocket, its durability and long life make it cost-effective.

 Buying this cooker is a one-time investment.

You do not have to worry about purchasing a cooker for a long time. It will give you long-term benefits without any maintenance hassles.


As an induction cooker is made from good quality pure metals like magnetic stainless steel, it does not emit harmful fumes when placed on the gas hob.

The inside surface will also not leech any harmful toxic material into your food. This makes an induction cooker quite safe for healthy cooking.

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Disadvantages of using an induction cooker on a gas hob 

As with all things, using an induction cooker on a gas hob does have a few disadvantages. Let us go through them


Due to the presence of ferromagnetic steel, an induction cooker is heavy and can get difficult to manipulate on a gas hob.

This is especially true if you need constant stirring, frying, and searing while preparing your dish.


Due to the presence of true compatible metals on the body of the cooker, the price gets a bit high. Purchasing an induction cooker can be a pricey affair. 

It does not come in an ideal budget for a low-income or middle-class family.

Hot surface 

As the heat gets transferred quite quickly, the cooker can get quite hot very quickly.

Not only the cooker, the air and space around the cooker also get heated up. 

So you need to be careful not to be too near the cooker or accidentally touch the hot surface.

Not dishwasher safe

Some of the induction cookers are not dishwasher safe.

This can be a little taxing when all one wants to do is throw the dirty dishes into the dishwasher to save time and energy.

Scrubbing with abrasive materials is a big no as that may affect the polished layer or finish of the body.

Handwashing is highly recommended with lukewarm soapy water for an increased lifespan.

How to use an induction cooker on a gas cooktop

An induction cooker is mostly made of ferromagnetic stainless steel, or aluminum encapsulated in magnetic stainless steel. 

The flat and smooth base enables it to sit comfortably on the gas stove. 

Stability is an important aspect of cooking. An unstable surface moves the cookware out of position. 

Place the induction cooker on the gas burner and make sure the burner edges are stable.

Always add your ingredients and then place your cooker on the burner. An empty cooker on the burner can damage the cooker and cause hot spots. 

Maintain a medium to a low flame setting for the induction cooker when using it on a gas hob.  Avoid high flame settings as the induction becomes hot really quickly. 

The base can also get hot spots where high flames touch steel. A medium to low heat will cook anything on the cooker effectively

Keep the induction cooker clean after every use for a healthy meal every time. It is very easy to clean and you will hardly find stains.

Handwashing with warm soapy water is highly recommended. Removing the grub will prevent odors and unnecessary scraping of the surface.

Never ever put a hot cooker in cold water. The cooker can warp when subjected to hot and cold temperatures. Once that happens, it can sometimes no longer work on an induction cooktop.

Let the cooker cool down and use lukewarm water for cleaning. A sudden change in temperature should be avoided at all costs. 

Don’t forget to read the manual or call customer care to make sure your induction cooker is compatible with the gas hob. A wrong heating surface for the induction cooker is a recipe for disaster.


To sum up, can you use an induction cooker on a gas hob? Yes, you can.

Barring the ones that are made only for induction, you may use an induction cooker for gas, electric, and even ceramic cooktops.

If you are looking to purchase induction cookware for a gas hob, carefully go through the pros and cons. The pros outweigh the cons and my advice would be to go ahead with an induction cooker. 

With versatile cooktop compatibility, this cooker is going to prove quite useful in your kitchen. It is also easy to maintain.

Following the above instructions, you can rest assured it will remain durable, beautiful, and be very useful for years! 

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