Will Le-Creuset Pans work on an Induction Cooktop?

Le-Creuset pans are what heirlooms are made of.

The internet is woven through with stories of “ the pan that my grandmother gave me” or “the pot given to me 20 years back when I was married and didn’t know how to cook”.

And Le-Creuset are the focus of these stories like no other brand, cited with pride and a sense of communion.

Yes, Le-Creuset Pans will work quite smoothly on an induction cooktop. That is because hidden within the ceramic layer is an iron pan. As it is made up of iron, ferromagnetic ions pass through the base of the pan easily and heat it up. 

What are Le-creuset Pans?

Le-Creuset is a premium French cookware manufacturer. They are known for their colorfully enameled cast iron saucepans and casseroles.

They spray their cast iron cookware with at least two coats of enamel. This way the enamel becomes resistant to damage during normal use.

If you’re looking for a great Le-creuset pan that works on an induction stove, I recommend checking out the Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet (11-3/4-Inch). It’s quite heavy but can be used for day-to-day cooking.

Currently, all Le-creusets cast iron cookware is still manufactured in the company’s foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand.

Le-creuset products that are not cast iron may be made in other countries such as China, Thailand, England and Portugal, and Swaziland.

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Benefits of le-creuset pans

The best thing about Le creuset is that it has amazingly beautiful cookware and bakeware for traditional and modern kitchens.

Le creuset pans require no seasoning, unlike cast iron pans. The enamel layer is the most hygienic sealant and designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic scraping.

The pans are quick and efficient to heat up, do not chip, and retain heat for a long duration.

If you want to cook acidic food or make tomato sauce and you want to cook in cast iron, then just seasoning will not prevent the leeching of iron into the food.

This is because the acid eats off the seasoned oil.

In such cases, go for a Le- creuset pan. The enameled surface provides a non-porous coating that will prevent the acid to get to the iron.

The largest benefit, of course, comes with the lifetime guarantee it provides.

How to use Le creuset Pans on an Induction Stove?

It’s amazing that this wonderful Le Creuset pan work on an induction stove.

Use flat bottomed Le Creuset pans for excellent results. Always match the diameter of the Le Creuset Pan with the diameter of the heating element.

The induction may not detect smaller diameter pans and fail to work. Too large diameters can create uneven heat distribution and a weaker magnetic field.

Placing the pan before switching on the induction will remove unnecessary magnetic radiation.

After placing switch it on and start cooking your favorite cuisines! There is a danger of enamel melting at very high temperatures.

It is recommended to use medium temperatures during the cooking process.

You can preheat a Le-Creuset pan without worry. It is a good idea to keep the heat low and gradually raise the heat level. This will also ensure quick overall distribution of heat.

Do not slide your Le-Creuset pans on an induction to avoid damage to the glass surface. Some of you like to mix ingredients by shaking your pans. Avoid that on an induction cooktop.

Reason? Well firstly to avoid scratching and secondly to avoid automatic switch-offs present in most inductions when there is no cookware on it.

As the Le-Creuset pans are quite heavy, do not thump and place. Gently lift and place. You can use parchment papers or Silpat mats to avoid scratching the induction glass surface.

It is a good idea to wash the base of the pan before using it on an induction cooktop.

This is because often when you cook, oil and residue can form on the bottom of the pan which can carbonize leading to black stains and scratches on the cooktop surface.

During cooking, you may hear some slight noise being generated in the pan by the induction cooktop. Don’t worry. This will not damage the pan or affect cooking performance.

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How to tell whether a pan will work on an induction cooktop?

Take an ordinary fridge magnet and bring it near the base of the pan.

If the pan is ferromagnetic, the magnet will stick to the pan firmly. If it does not stick then it will not work on an induction cooktop.

Most of the pans nowadays have an induction-friendly mark written on them. It is either on the pan or on the cover. If you don’t find the mark, go for the fridge magnet test.

Copper, aluminum, and glass are not compatible with induction. Also, some grades of steel are not magnetic and hence won’t work on an induction cooktop.

The only way where they get to work will be to place an induction disk below the cookware.

The induction disk is magnetic and will get heated up and transfer heat via conduction to these pans.

There are many manufacturers that have made copper and aluminum pans compatible with induction cooktops by adding a magnetic layer at the base of such pans. This enables them to work on the induction cooktop.

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Let us also see how an induction cooktop works

How does an induction cooktop work?

When an alternating current is passed to the copper coil present beneath the heating element, it results in the generation of a magnetic field.

This magnetic field passes inside the ferromagnetic base of the cookware and causes resistive currents.

These currents are responsible for heating up the cookware and cooking of food.

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Few benefits of induction cooktop

The most important benefit is that using an induction cooktop is a time-saving method. It cooks in half of the time as compared to gas or electric cooktop.

As only the cookware gets heated up, the rest of the induction remains cool to touch. This is especially beneficial if you have small children around.

The cool surface ensures that cleaning up is easier and quicker as spills won’t burn and stick. The cool surface is also less likely to cause accidents due to open flame or exposed heating elements.

Precise temperatures (heat control) can be achieved very quickly with the help of an induction cooktop.

It consumes 90% of the energy generated during cooking as compared to gas or electric cooktop which consumes 50-55% of the energy generated.


When it comes to the question of working on inductions, you can proceed with Le Creuset pans with confidence.

Their all iron composition guarantees magnetic cooking compatibility.

They may look big and heavy. They may even look a bit outdated if you have them as an heirloom. But they will always work with induction 100% of the time.

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