Where Is Kutime Cookware Made?

I recently got my shack and a small but sufficient kitchen space.

I am looking to fill it with good quality cookware. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that quality always rises above quantity. 

I am not a fan of Chinese manufactured products. While browsing, I read many glorious excerpts regarding the benefits of Kutime cookware.

I must admit I am impressed. I wonder where exactly is the Kutime cookware manufactured?

Where Is Kutime Cookware Made? 

Kutime cookware is manufactured and produced in the United States.

The ‘Kutime’ trademark is used for many businesses including cookware, namely bowls, plates, pots, cooking pots, saucepans, frying pans, stew pans, and woks. 

Here are some of its trademark details about Kutime cookware: 

Registration number 5732660
Serial Number 88093317
Filing Date 27-08-2018
Registration Date 23-04-2019
Pseudo Mark KU TIME
Translation of wordKUTIME has no meaning in language
Current Trademark OwnerNingbo KUTIME Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd
Legal Correspondence Jiang Jun, Pacific Law Group, California

For more Trademark events and information relating to kutime, click here.

Now that we know for sure that Kutime cookware is indeed made in the United States, let us proceed to understand Kutime cookware better

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What makes Kutime Cookware good? 

Kutime Cookware is long-lasting, good-quality cookware. 

The non-stick ceramic layer on Kutime cookware is non-toxic. The body is made up of sturdy food-grade aluminum. 

Kutime Cookware

The best thing about Kutime cookware is its collection. They have plenty of choices to offer in terms of size and shape. 

Compared with other market products, these pots and pans take away the cake. This is because of their high quality as they are made in the United States. 

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Benefits of Kutime Cookware

Here are some of the benefits of Kutime Cookware 

  • The Kutime cookware body does not contain any harmful substances like PFOA, PTFE, cadmium, lead, etc. The food-grade aluminum makes the cookware durable and sustainable.
  • The manufacturers are committed to the entire manufacturing and production process being environmentally safe. 
  • Kutime pots and pans are aces when it comes to better heat retention and faster cooking
  • Thanks to the sturdy aluminum core, it heats food evenly due to balanced heat distribution
  • The Non-stick layer is non-toxic and safe and made up of ceramic. It will never react to your food.
  • They are perfect for all stove tops like gas, electric, ceramic, and even induction
  • Kutime does not fade or rust/corrode with time. In fact, you get to save a lot of cooking time.
  • The nonstick property makes it easy to flip or toss food around. 
  • All Kutime cookware have heat insulated aluminum handles. These are designed to never warp or stain with fingerprints.
  • The heavy-duty aluminum is oven safe up to 450 degrees F. 
  • Cleaning them up is a breeze. The non-stick layer helps to clean the entire pots and pans quickly. It is also dishwasher safe. 
  • Kutime cookware will not scratch or dent easily.
  • The lids are made up of tempered glass having a vent hole to release excess steam. The lid allows you to glimpse what is happening inside with just a glance. They are dishwasher safe up to 450F.
  • Kutime cookware has a lifetime warranty against any defect in material or marksmanship.
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Some Negatives of the Kutime Cookware 

  • Even though Kutime cookware has excellent non-stick properties, you need to grease the pots and pans with oil for cooking.
  • The non-stick may get damaged when washed inside the dishwasher. It is best to hand wash with warm soapy water
  • You may get bored with years of togetherness. Kutime can last for decades due to its excellent marksmanship.
  • It may develop hot spots if placed over direct flame or high temperatures for a prolonged time.
  • The three layers of aluminum make it a little heavy. 
  • The manufacturers provide 100% quality assurance for only one year. 
  • The Kutime cookware sets are costly and heavy on the pocket. 

Let us look at some of the Kutime cookware sets that are popular among home cooks.

Kutime 10-piece Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set 

This set contains two saucepans (1.5QT and 2 QT), two stock pots (2.5QT and 4.5QT), two frying pans(8 inches and 9.5inches), and four lids.

A total of 10 pieces, it takes care of all your basic cooking needs. Made up of aluminum, the diamond blue color is quite attractive and durable. 

With Kutime cookware, you can rest assured about even heating and zero hot spots.

The non-stick coating is non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, etc.

They are compatible on all stove tops including induction. You can even use Kutime in your oven up to 450F.

The non-stick layer makes cleaning up easy. You can wash the complete set in the dishwasher. After drying, you can stack them up together. 

The cool touch handles offer smooth movement and a good grip.

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Kutime 14-piece Aluminum Non-Stick Cookware Set 

This fourteen-piece Kutime cookware set consists of four saucepans of different sizes ( 1.5QT, 2.8QT, 4.8QT, 2.9QT). Each one has a lid. 

The set also has two frying pans (9.5 and 11 inches each), and four cooking utensils.

Each cookware has a ceramic non-stick coating that allows food to be slid away without sticking.

The non-stick coating is PTFE, PFOA free. 

The outer surface has an attractive hammered look with pink color. The look is finished with tempered lids and cool touch handles.

The cookware has a sturdy aluminum core with stainless steel bottom.

You can use this set on all cooktops including induction and oven ( up to 450F, lids up to 350F) 

All the pieces are dishwasher safe.

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Let us now go through some frequently asked questions: 

How do I Hand-Wash Kutime Cookware? 

It is pretty simple.

Just wash your pots/pans with warm water and a mild soapy solution. Rinse with water.

Allow it to dry up naturally. If you are in a hurry, make sure to towel dry and store in a dry place. 

Where Do I Find Kutime Pots and Pans Online? 

Kutime cookware sets are readily available on multiple sites. I prefer Walmart.

Another good place you can find a good collection of Kutime cookware is Wayfair.

I couldn’t find Kutime cookware on Amazon.

Where is Hexclad Made? 

Hexclad is designed in California and Manufactured in China. Apart from China, Hexclad also has many manufacturing plants across the world. 

As the headquarters is in California, it does quick shipping throughout America.

Where is Farberware Made?

Farberware is a Chinese company and the products are manufactured in china. 

This is why it is not easy to find these products in local stores. It is best to order them online. 

Farberware has a wide range of cookware like frying pans, bakeware, and cutlery sets. They cater to a large variety of different shapes and sizes. 

Final Words

Summing up, we now know that Kutime cookware is made in the United States. I have discussed its trademark details. 

We have also learned the benefits and disadvantages that Kutime cookware has to offer. I have reviewed the two Kutime cookware sets above.

I hope all this helped you know all about Kutime Cookware. Do let me know if you have any questions. Happy Kutime shopping! 

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