Can Corelle Plates Go in the Oven?

Yes, you can place your Corelle plates in the oven up to a certain temperature. Corelle plates come with an oven-safe temperature of up to 177°C (350°F) 

The attachments that come with Corelle dinnerware are oven safe up to 120°C (248°F). 

You also need to have the plates at room temperature and then place it inside a preheated oven. 

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the usage and temperature. 

Let us find out more details to understand its oven safety feature better. 

What are Corelle plates? 

A Corelle plate is made with tempered glass. It consists of three layers of two types of glass. The glass material is called Vitrelle. 

Corelle Chip Resistant Dinner Plates, Portofino, 10 1/4 inch, Dinner Plate 6-Pack

‘Corelle plates’ were first made by CorningWare in the 70s. It is now produced by Corelle brands

When it comes to looks, Corelle plates have an eye-catching appearance and style. 

It is quite popular in the US due to its aesthetic appeal. They are available as glazed, unglazed, colored without designs, with design, etc. 

What Material Can be Safely Used in Oven? 

An oven can be a hot place. Some materials by nature tend to shrink, melt, warp or bend inside the high temperature of an oven. 

Plates made of Pyrex and metal are completely safe to use inside an oven as they don’t react to heat. 

Glass plates that are oven safe are mostly tempered glass made up of a complex glass structure making them quite hard.

All other types of glass plates, especially the hand-blown ones, will shatter inside the oven.

Other oven-safe plates include those cured with wet clay and baked in a hot kiln.  

How to Use Corelle Plates in an Oven? 

At times, even the oven-safe tempered glass plates and borosilicate glass plates shatter due to improper use.

Let us understand how to use the corella plates in an oven safely.

To put a plate inside an oven, you must first have approval from the manufacturer. 

  • Check the plates for an oven-safe sign. Most companies display an oven-safe sign on the box as well.
  • Next, read the booklet that comes along with your plates. It will have all the precautions and the permissions regarding usage and temperature safety guidance. 
  • The brand recommends using Corelle plates in a preheated oven. A preheated oven helps to heat the glassware evenly. 
  •  Another method I would strongly suggest you keep the plates in a cold oven and let the oven and the plate heat up together. It will prevent your plates from temperature shock. Keep in mind break-resistant does not mean unbreakable. 
  • Before placing your plates inside an oven, acclimatize your plates. The manufacturers of Corelle highly recommend this. 

In simple words, acclimatizing means removing your plates from the fridge or freezer and keeping them out.

Do this for half an hour to an hour. Bringing them down to room temperature prevents your plates from thermal shock

In the same way, do not place a hot Corelle plate in cold water or fridge.

Give it some time to cool down to room temperature before safely using a fridge or refrigerator. 

  • Always keep in mind the temperature limits when placing inside an oven. Corelle plates are break-resistant if used according to manufacturing instructions. 
  • Use the Corelle plates to keep food warm, bake or reheat food inside an oven. You can also use it to keep your food warm inside an oven.
  • In case you want to heat an empty plate, pour a small amount of water on the plate. 
  • For baking or cooking, use consistently low temperatures and little water on the plate. Adding liquids prevents food from sticking, burning, and thermal shock. 
  • For warming your plates, stack them up together and place them inside a preheated oven at 130F for 10 minutes. Make sure the plates are at room temperature
  • Do not use Corelle plates inside toaster ovens. This is because it will be too near the heat source and can crack. 
  • Inside an oven, a middle rack is the best place for the plate to go. This is because the middle rack is away from direct exposure of both the top and bottom heating elements.

Let us now move forward with the pros and cons of using Corelle plates

Pros of using Corelle plates 

  • Corelle plates are quite easy to use in the kitchen. Made with strong tempered glass, they offer good chip resistance. 
  • Your plates are safe to use in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave up to a particular temperature. They do not stain easily. 
  • You can warm, reheat, bake, and heat your favorite food using Corelle plates. 
  • Due to their high scratch resistance, they are easy to store. Just stack them on top of each other.  
  • Corelle plates are lightweight and extremely popular for their unique and stylish appearance.
  • Corelle plates come with three years warranty against breakage and chipping when used according to their usage instructions. 
  • The tempered glass never adds or takes away any food flavor.

Cons of Using Corelle plates

  • Corelle plates may contain small amounts of lead or cadmium if they are glazed. This is why Corelle manufacturers tell you to stop using the product if there is a crack/chip found on the Corelle plates. Chipping away or cracking can result in toxic substances leaching out into your food.
  • Broiling food in an oven requires high temperatures. As exposure to high heat is not recommended for Corelle plates, it cannot be used for broiling
  • It should not be used for the caramelization of sugars and candies. 
  • If the Corelle plates break, it shatters into numerous shrapnel like projectiles according to consumers. These shards travel quite fast crossing a wide distance.

How to Care for Corelle Plates? 

After having your meal, gently scrape away food residues with a spoon. Rinse the plate and keep it in the dishwasher 

Another option that ‘Corelle recommends is to use a warm soapy water solution and wash gently by hand. 

Avoid using harsh abrasives for caked-on food. Use nylon scrubbers instead. 

For stains, use baking soda with vinegar/water. 

As the plates are scratch-resistant, you can store them by safely stacking them on top of each other.

Tips to Enhance Safety while Using Corelle Plates in Oven 

  • Never go beyond the temperature limit. Try to stay in the lower range. Subjecting your plates to a high temperature greater than its limit may cause them to shatter. 
  • Examine your plates before every use. Keep a lookout for scratches, chipping, and cracks. If you notice one, do not use it inside an oven. 
  • Never place hot plates over a cold and wet surface and cold plates right next to the heating element. 
  • Use a preheated convection oven. The fan inside a convection oven causes an equal distribution of heat leading to faster cooking. The lesser the time, the lesser the heat exposure of the plates.
  • Add water or liquid while heating or baking dry ingredients. This is because raw food always takes out some liquid while cooking. The liquid oozing out will be cold and will touch the now heating glass plate. This causes sudden temperature changes in the plate leading to shattering.
  • Avoid using metal spoons and forks as they can damage the surface of the Corelle plate. Metal ladles may cause scratching and chipping making in unsuitable for oven use.
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Here is a commonly asked question : 

What if the Plates Shatter Inside the Oven? 

Handle the shrapnels carefully. Wear protective hand gloves and eye goggles. 

Open the oven, remove the food residue while the oven is warm. 

Once the oven has cooled down, use tongs to remove big pieces of glass. Wipe the small shards carefully and collect all glass in one bag.

After removing the visible glass, sprinkle a solution of soda water and soap. Allow the mixture to sit for an hour minimum and overnight maximum. 

Gently wipe away with a wet cloth followed by a dry wipe. 

Use a vacuum, in the end, to make sure no shreds are lurking anywhere inside the oven. 


Corelle plates are tempered glass plates that are safe for oven use when taken from room temperature and placed inside a preheated oven. 

You can safely use them inside an oven up to 350F. Just make sure to follow all the usage instructions. 

Corelle plates are sensitive to sudden temperature changes. Do not suddenly place it from a fridge/freezer to an oven or vice versa. 

Allow the plates to reach normal room temperature. Let the plate and the oven heat up together for better results. 

Use Corelle plates for heating, baking, and cooking a small quantity of food under low temperatures. You can also use it to keep your food warm inside an oven.  

Although they are dishwasher safe, handwashing increases its life span. 

Use a warm soapy solution and avoid using harsh abrasives. Being scratch-resistant, they are easy to store by stacking one on top of another.

If you carefully follow the manufacturing instructions, your plates can give you many years of good usage inside an oven. All the best! 

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