Can Stoneware Cookware Go in the Oven?

Yes, stoneware is bakeware and made for cooking at high temperatures.

All stoneware cookwares are oven safe and stay hot for a long time due to their heat-absorbent nature.

You can use them to cook food in the oven as well as the microwave. They are strong, safe, and chip resistant. 

Stoneware is quite versatile and very useful to have around in the kitchen. 

Read on to find more about stoneware oven usage. Here are a few frequently asked questions.  

What is Stoneware? 

Stoneware is a clay type that is fired at high temperatures (2192 degrees F to be precise) and hardened to different shapes like spoons, plates, etc.

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It is opaque and looks like natural stone without any glazing. It is dense and thick while remaining durable due to its natural waterproof nature. 

Stoneware is natural and non-reactive- the safest cookware containing minerals.

Here is a list of some branded stoneware that is safe for oven use : 

  1. Le Creuset stoneware 
  2. Mikasa stoneware
  3.  Denby stoneware 
  4. IKEA stoneware 
  5. Threshold stoneware 
  6. Crock-Pot stoneware 
  7. Pioneer stoneware 
  8. Pampered chef stoneware 
  9. Home & Co stoneware 

What Is the Temperature Limit of Stoneware Inside the Oven? 

Stoneware is meant to withstand high temperatures. The ceramic pottery is made at high temperatures. 

Most of the ovens are used at 300-450F. This is the ideal temperature range for most food recipes. 

Due to their excellent heat absorbing properties, food gets cooked from inside out and remains warm long after removing it from the oven. 

Temperatures above 450 F can harm the stoneware causing crack and breakage. Avoid using it for recipes requiring temperatures higher than 450F. 

Apart from oven use, avoid placing your stoneware under a broiler. 

As the manufacturers play around with the ingredient composition, always read your manufacturing instructions booklet. 

This will help you use the stoneware within a safe temperature range without causing cracks or breakage.

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How Safe Is Glazed Stoneware for Oven Use?

You can use glazed stoneware inside an oven. However, they are less heat resistant compared to non-glazed stoneware. 

Use your glazed stoneware inside the oven up to 350F. 

Read the user’s manual that comes along with glazed stoneware. 

Look for an oven-safe mark that is usually present at the bottom of your stoneware.

Can I Put Stoneware Plates Inside the Oven?

Most stoneware plates are oven-safe up to their specified temperature. 

The ideal temperature range for most stoneware plates is 300-350F. 

Using stoneware plates inside the oven also depends on the plate and oven dimensions. 

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What Are the Common Foods I Can Bake in Stoneware?

Stonewares are excellent bakeware and are meant to withstand high heat, and retain it as well for a long time.

Stoneware bakes food evenly and the result is well-done food with a crispy crust on the outside. 

The list of baking foods includes cakes, pastries, brownies, pie, bread, and pizzas.

Just remember that stoneware will take a long time to heat up and a long time to cool down. 

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Tips on Using Stoneware in an Oven:

  • For new stoneware, use grease or light oil to season them and for a nonstick experience. As you keep using it for baking food, it will form a natural seasoning after every use.  
  • Make sure the dimensions of the stoneware you purchase fit inside your oven chamber. The door should be able to close properly
  • Do not preheat an empty stoneware. This can break your stoneware
  • Do not place it near the direct open flame of a gas oven.
  • Clean your stoneware thoroughly and scrape off all food particles with warm soapy water.
  • Never soak your stoneware in water for a long time duration. The intermolecular particles start to loosen up and become weak. 
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Frequently Asked Questions about the Stoneware Cookware

As stoneware is gaining popularity, there are many questions people have about using stoneware efficiently.

In this section, I have tried answering some of those questions.

Can Stoneware Go From the Fridge to the Oven?

Stonewares are quite choosy when it comes to their preference. 

Although they are oven safe, extreme temperature changes can break your stoneware

Do not place a stoneware from hot to cold or vice versa.  Let your stoneware cool down to room temperature.
A sudden temperature change creates pressure and stress-causing compression resulting, in the end, in stoneware breakage.

Is It Safe to Clean Stoneware in the Dishwasher?

Yes, you can clean stoneware in the dishwasher. Look out for the manufacturing instructions and clean your stoneware accordingly. Always remember, the manufacturer knows best! 

Most manufacturers highly encourage hand washing even though they label their products to be dishwasher safe. 
Water is not the best of friends for stoneware. When immersed in water for a long duration, its inner structure becomes loose and weak. 

Once the stoneware weakens, it is likely to break easily. 
As the dishwashing cycle exposes the stoneware to water very frequently, it begins to wear out with time. 
I would recommend hand cleaning the stoneware with warm soapy water. For stubborn stains, use baking soda and vinegar. hand-cleaning

Is a Stoneware Freezer Safe? 

Most manufacturers label their stoneware as safe for the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. 

To be on the safe side, research your stoneware. Read the manufacturing booklet. 

As the food remains warm for a long time, stoneware is an ideal choice for storing cooked food and baked items. 
Just be careful and don’t expose your stoneware to sudden and extreme temperature changes. Let it cool down to room temperature before placing your stoneware inside the freezer. 

Can Stoneware Go Inside the Fridge?

Yes, quite comfortably. Stonewares are tough and sturdy with an ability to withstand both high and low temperatures. 

They have excellent quality heat retention and conduction and can be used to store food inside the fridge. 

To avoid cracking your stoneware, don’t immediately place your stoneware from the oven into your fridge. 

Allow it to cool down to room temperature before placing stoneware inside the fridge. 

Can I Use Stoneware for a Broiler?

Broiling exposes the stoneware to direct heat just like grilling.

Exposure to very high temperatures can crack and break your stoneware. 

Most of the stoneware is not broiler safe. This is due to their limited and safe temperature range of 450F.
Le Creuset is the only brand that manufactures broiler-safe stoneware.  

As a rule of thumb, do not place your stoneware in the broiler unless specified by the manufacturer in the user manual. 

Can Stoneware Go Inside an Instant Pot?

Generally, stonewares are safe inside an instant pot. 
Instant pots are most comfortable and compatible with oven-safe cookware. This is because oven-safe cookware has a good ability to withstand high temperatures. 
Since stoneware is oven safe, it is safe inside an instant pot as well. 

Read the user’s manual to be sure.  Certain stoneware cannot withstand pressure, hence they are not safe to use inside an instant pot. The high pressure may cause the stoneware to weaken, crack and break down. 

Always make sure regarding your stonewares compatibility before using it inside any appliance. It also pays to keep the stoneware that is compatible at room temperature inside an instant pot. 

Do Stonewares Chip off Easily?

No, unless roughly handled or used at really high temperatures. Take care to not expose the stoneware to sudden changes in temperature. Ditch the dishwasher and prefer handwashing with warm soapy water. 

Is Using Stoneware Healthy?

Yes, it is a natural non-stick that is non-toxic and non-reactive. When cleaned well, it does not absorb the odors of the previous food. You can cook, bake, store liquids, and even use them to serve food on the table. 

Final words  

Summing up, stoneware is quite safe to use inside the oven. It gives you a natural non-stick. You do not have to add oil and butter. 

 It is also called excellent bakeware due to its ability to withstand high heat and retain it well. It is the most durable of all ceramics. 

It can also withstand low temperatures. 

As food remains warm for a long time duration, it is also ideal to store inside a fridge or a refrigerator. 

Just make sure to give your stoneware minimal temperature shock. Let it reach room temperature before storing it inside the fridge or freezer. 

Most of the stoneware is also dishwasher safe although hand washing is highly recommended. This is because frequent and prolonged exposure to water weakens the stoneware. 

Bake your food up to 450 F for excellent crust formation. You can easily bake cakes, pastries, bread, brownie, and pies inside stoneware. It is famous for being used as a pizza stone.

Avoid using glazed stoneware for very hot temperatures. Do not preheat stoneware or place it in a broiler. 

And lastly, read up about your brand and check for manufacturer’s instructions in the user manual. If there isn’t any, reach them on call or website. 

I hope I have been able to clear all your doubts regarding stoneware and its oven safety. All the best!

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