Can Magnalite Pots/Pans Go in the Oven?

Magnalite cookware is a famous household name that was started in 1934 by WagnerWare.

The shiny, sturdy, and durable aluminum line is a novelty among its owners and was manufactured for decades due to its excellent properties and long shelf life.

A lot of people who use magnalite pots often wonder whether these are over-safe or not.

Can Magnalite Pots Go in the Oven

Yes, you can safely place Magnalite pots inside the oven. It is made up of aluminum and magnesium alloy and both are excellent heat conductors.

The Magnalite pot will cook food from all sides inside an oven.

Just make sure the pot handle is oven safe. Read the manufacturing instructions to know the exact safe temperature range.

If the handle is made up of the same material as the body, you don’t need to worry about temperature. If the handles are phenolic, do not go beyond 350F.

Allow me to tell you about Magnalite pots, the advantages, and disadvantages of using Magnalite pots in the oven. I will also tell you how to remove stains and season a Magnalite pot.

What are Magnalite Pots?

Magnalite pots are made up of cast aluminum and magnesium. The alloy consists of 94.2% aluminum, 2.5% copper, 1.5% nickel, 1.3% manganese and 0.5% zinc.

They are classic cookware started by Wagner in 1934.

Due to their excellent shelf life and sturdiness, Wagner company backed them up with a 50 years warranty.

In 1969, GHC took up the Magnalite trade name and introduced another line of aluminum pots and pans called Magnalite professional.

Magnalite pots and pans are no longer being made.

They went out of production in 1996. The only way to get one is from online sellers, antique shops, estate sales, and garage sales.

Historical Fact: They are considered family heirlooms and are also known as ‘Gumbo pots’ in Acadiana.  People write them in wills. The classic Magnalite pots are passed down to generations.

Let us move on to the advantages and disadvantages of using Magnalite pots

Advantages of Using Magnalite Pots in the Oven

  • Magnalite pots are sturdy, durable, and thick pots. The thick bases do not wrap at high temperatures. 
  • They are lightweight compared to Dutch ovens
  • There is no fear of rusting with Magnalite pots
  • The cast aluminum in Magnalite is compatible with gas, electric, and oven cooktops. You can swap cooking easily from the oven to the cooktop and vice versa.
  • These pots come with sturdy dome-shaped lids that are excellent for locking moisture inside the pot.
  • Magnalite pots are large-capacity pots compared to other pots. Tall and wide, they can take up a good quantity of food.
  • They are an excellent conductor of heat that cooks food evenly from all sides
  • Magnalite pots and pans come in different shapes to suit different food needs.
  • Most Magnalite pots are made in a single color tone from the lid down to the pot making it attractive. You can place the pot directly on the serving table from the oven.
  • They are considered heirlooms and passed down to generations for cooking. Decades of production have earned Magnalite loyal customers across the United States and also worldwide. 
  • In 1979, a hard-anodized line, by the name of Magnalite professional was started. These Magnalite pots are non-stick making them easy to cook and clean up. 

Disadvantages of Using Magnalite Pots in the Oven

  • You may need to season Magnalite pots to keep your food from sticking.
  • Magnalite pots made from 1970 to 1996 may have phenolic handles. They are oven safe only up to 350F and get damaged at temperatures beyond 370F.
  • As the pots are made from cast aluminum, they leach aluminum into your food. The quantity of aluminum leaching increases when you cook acidic foods like tomatoes and lemon.
  • High temperatures in the oven make it easy to leach aluminum into your food. According to research, Aluminum ingestion is linked to Alzheimer’s, poor physical strength, and kidney failure.
  • Magnalite pots discolor over time. You need to put extra effort to clean the black discolorations.
  • They are not dishwasher safe as detergents have salt that can damage them.
  • Many duplicate varieties of Magnalite are now being made in china. You need to be careful before placing them in the oven. Read the instructions.
  • Most of the Magnalite pots are not induction compatible due to the lack of ferromagnetic metal inside it. Only one variety of the Magnalite line, the Magnalite professional stainless steel, is compatible with induction stovetops.

Are Magnalite Pots Safe for Cooking?

The world health organization has kept the consumption of aluminum up to 50 mg daily.

A study carried out on aluminum cookware showed leaching of 0.0924 mg per cup after two cooking for two hours.

Since the amount leeched is far lower, it is safe to cook in Magnalite pots.

Removing Stains From Magnalite Pots

Prolonged usage can discolor your Magnalite pot.

Although this won’t affect the performance, it won’t look good.

Here are some helpful suggestions you can try

  • Take a good Scrubber the area with soap and warm water. For stubborn stains, apply a paste of tartar cream with water and scrub.
  • If this doesn’t work, boil water inside the pot with a few spoons of vinegar solution. Remove from heat and let it cool. Wash normally.
  • If all the techniques fail, use a professional polishing solution like Barkeepers Friend.

Remember to not keep the Magnalite pot in water for long. Drain water, wipe with a kitchen towel, and allow it to dry out completely before storing.

Use a soft scrub with a warm soapy solution to clean your Magnalite pots after everyday cooking.

Harsh scrubbing should be avoided to avoid discolorations. If the aluminum layer is pitted or flaking, do not use it for cooking.

Seasoning a Magnalite Pot

Cast aluminum pots need to be seasoned for a good non-stick cooking experience. Here is how :

  1. Take a paper towel and pour oil over it.
  2. Use a towel to spread an even layer of oil inside the pot all across the surface.
  3. Next, preheat your oven to 250F for 5- 10 minutes.
  4. Place your oiled Magnalite pot either straight or upside down for an hour or two.
  5. Afterward, remove your pot and wipe it dry. It is ready to use!

Summing Up

You can comfortably put a good quality Magnalite pot in the oven. They are sturdy pots that radiate heat evenly all across the surface.

The lids are dome-shaped and help to lock in the moisture content of your food.

Being good heat conductors, they will not react to sudden temperature changes. You can safely place a Magnalite pot from the fridge directly inside your oven.

Some pots have phenolic handles and knobs. Always read the manufacturing instructions to find out the oven safety range. Do not go beyond 350F.

It is best to purchase anodized aluminum pots of Magnalite. You will not have to season it to get a non-stick experience.

The oxidized layer will also free you from the worry of aluminum leaching into your food.

Feel free to share your observations with us regarding the iconic Magnalite pot. Happy cooking!

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