Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate Review

The company, Kalorik believe that healthy living begins with healthy eating. Established in Belgium since 1939, they are known for fine engineering and unique product development.

They are one of Europe’s first manufacturers of small electric appliances. With meticulous care for details and up to date manufacturing facilities, the company enjoys worldwide success including the USA.

The first thing that you will notice about the Kalorik induction cooking plate is its beautiful design. Stylish and curved, the red body compliments the black glass crystal plate on top. The compact nature of this induction cooking plate is perfect for cramped spaces.

The cord length is 59” which is quite comfortable to place and cook. A longer cord can get entangled and cause tripping over. It is also helpful to maintain the 4 inches of free space around the appliance for good air circulation. It comes with a polarized plug to reduce the risk of electric shock.

What makes Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate worth buying?

Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate Review

Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate is compact and has all the necessary functions needed for cooking. It is a meticulously designed cooking plate made quite thoughtfully for ease of the consumer.

The control panel is placed towards the front in the red zone of the body. It is placed away and at a good distance from the black glass surface which makes it very easy to read and operate.

The panel has digital touch buttons that do not require any effort making the cooking process a breezy affair. The panel is quite simple and easy to understand.

With easy to use features, compact and consumer-friendly design along with the brand name of Kalorik for sustainability, this red and black induction cooking plate is a must-have for all homes, dorm rooms, while traveling or as an extra cooking aide.

Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate Features

Kalorik induction cooking plate comes in the dimensions of 13.2*10*2.5 inches. It weighs only about 2.08 pounds making it easy to use, carry and store. It uses a standard voltage of 120V, 60Hz.

It features a high-quality black crystal ceramic glass plate requiring little cleaning effort. This leaves no risk of burned residue on the glass surface. The dimensions of the glass plate are 9.85*9.85.

Kalorik IKP 40625 R Induction Cooking Plate, Red
  • Glass size: 9.85" x 9.85"
  • Energy saving! No wasted heat! All the energy source is transferred to the pan or pot...
  • Safe: the cooking plate stays cool to the touch at all times, unlike other traditional...

It has digital touch control sensors with a four-digit LED display. It has 8 power level settings. The power level begins from 100 watts, 300 watts, 500 watts up to 1300 watts.

The digital timer has a wide range of time setting from one minute to two hours fifty-nine minutes.

It has 8 temperature settings. The temperature levels are 140,195,250, 300,355,390,430 and 465 F. The maximum temperature regulation is 465 F

The cooking zone requires a bottom diameter of cookware to be between 12 cm and 26 cm ( 4.5-10.3 inches). It displays an air inlet and an exhaust vent on the side and base of the cooking plate.

The control panel consists of a timer button on which a picture of a clock is displayed. Above the timer button is an LED dot for timer indication.

There is an on/off button with a light indicator in the form of an LED dot. There is also a power and a temperature display indicator on the two opposite sides of the function button.

The control panel also has adjustment buttons displayed as + and – buttons. It aids in increasing/decreasing temperature/power timer settings.

The induction cooking plate is equipped with an automatic overheating protection feature and a cookware detection feature. There is also a fan embedded to dispel the heat produced.

What we liked about the Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate

Kalorik cooking plate comes with a sleek, curved and thoughtful design differentiating the cooking area and the control panel quite aesthetically. There is no plastic frame around the glass thus avoiding damage to cookware and making it easy to clean.

Being portable, it gives an added advantage over built-in with the freedom to cook anywhere where there is power supply available. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. After cooking it can be removed from counter space and stored away.

The digital touch-sensitive buttons are placed conveniently in front of the induction for a smooth operation. The cooking zone is demarked separately from the control panel enabling users to identify cooking space. The distance also helps to not overlap the cookware on the control panel.

Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate Review

It features instant and precise adjustments to power and temperature. The cooking plate heats up quickly and evenly across the surface saving time and energy.

Unlike traditional cooktops, only the cooking zone beneath the cookware gets heated up with the rest of the area being cool to touch. This is an attractive safety feature to be enjoyed by the whole family.

It has an automatic cookware detection feature. If it detects no cookware or cookware is take away from the cooking zone, it will signal error after which the cooking plate will eventually switch off.

The induction cooking plate has good temperature sensors. It comes with an overheat protection feature.

When overheated and the temperature crosses above 320F in “power mode”, a prolonged beep will sound and the process of cooking will discontinue.

In the “temperature mode” the overheat protection feature will be triggered at 445F. When the unit detects the temperature above this limit, the intermittent heating mode will be automatically engaged to avoid a high increase in temperature and allow safe cooking.

A fan underneath the induction cooktop readily dissipates heat and helps in cooling down the induction plate within minutes.

Wha’s Not so Great

The buttons on the Kalorik induction cooktop are quite small and are placed extremely close to each other. In the case of steam or water film forming over the control panel, it gets difficult to differentiate the buttons.

Since the heating area is limited, all sorts of cookware cannot be placed as they need to have a specific diameter. There are no rubber stops/feet below to aid in the stability of the cooking plate.

The cord should have been a little bit longer. There is no pause feature and no child lock which is extremely important when kids are around.

After error msg, the induction plate gives long beeps and takes a long time to shut down. The automatic shutdown should be quicker. It also lacks a residual heat button which is helpful in assessing whether the cooking plate has cooled down sufficiently or not.

The power range should be until standard 2000 watts rather than 1300 watts. The compact cooking plate is not sufficient for cooking larger portions due to limited glass size.

Like all glass ceramics, it hums briefly. Having glass-ceramic on top makes it susceptible to cracks and breakage due to heavy objects being thumped or falling on it.

The distance of the control panel and glass-ceramic is not very much which can lead to heating up of control panels due to spills or steam or if cookware accidentally comes in contact with the panel.

Being small and portable, it is difficult to maintain a distance of 1 foot to avoid EMF exposure according to ICNIRP guidelines.

As induction is made up of a complex system, a repair can be difficult requiring professional help. This can be heavy on the pocket.

Modern Cooking friendly features that are continuously being updated to keep with cooktop competition in the market are missing in this cooking plate. Example being- pause button, pre-programmed cooking functions, memory function, wifi or remote control assisted cooking, etc.

How Kalorik Induction Cooking Plate Works

Place the induction cooking plate on a flat and dry heat resistant surface near a wall outlet. Keep it away from objects which react sensitively to the magnetic field ( eg radio, tv, cassette recorder, credit cards, etc).

Place induction compatible cookware in the middle cooking plate before switching on the induction. Match the center of the cookware with the center of the heating zone. Placing cookware before switching on will take care of any stray magnetic waves from reaching you. It will also avoid the ‘beep’ which occurs on no cookware detection.

Kalorik IKP 40625 R Induction Cooking Plate, Red
  • Glass size: 9.85" x 9.85"
  • Energy saving! No wasted heat! All the energy source is transferred to the pan or pot...
  • Safe: the cooking plate stays cool to the touch at all times, unlike other traditional...

The cookware needs to be ferromagnetic. A good method is to place an ordinary magnet on the base of the cookware. If it sticks, it will work on induction. Stainless steel, iron, cast iron, and enameled cast ironwork best.

Use flat bottomed cookware for good stability. As soon as the cooking plate is plugged in, a beep will sound and on/off indicator will start blinking and an internal fan sets in motion.

Press the on button with a light touch. Next press the function key. 900 will appear on the LED display as the standard default for power. Press the + or – button to choose the required power setting.

The power mode is recommended for heating of liquids. To switch to temperature indication mode, press the function button again. Press the + or- buttons to choose between temperature settings.

Temperature mode is recommended for cooking solid foods requiring a temperature regulation. To use the timer function, press the timer key. 00:00 will be displayed on the LED display. Press the + or – button to increase or decrease the time. The timer can be adjusted from one minute to two hours and fifty-nine minutes.

The timer will start a few seconds after the time is set after you confirm the time by pressing the timer key again. If you do not want a time limit do not press the timer button and no time limit will be set. If the timer is set, the induction cooktop will shut down automatically after the set time has elapsed.

To stop cooking at any time just press on/off button. It is important to note that while cooking in temperature mode, the unit will cycle on and off to maintain the chosen temperature. In the power mode, the heating will be continuous.

After cooking, switch the induction off. Wait for a few minutes for the inbuilt fan to dissipate the residual heat. Once the device has cooled down, it is ready for cleaning.

Never immerse the cooking plate in water. Always wipe with a soft moistened sponge or cloth. Do not use hard abrasives as they can cause scratches. Use a mild soap or specialized solutions for the cooktop to clean the surface.

You can read all about how to clean the cooktop after cooking in my article here.


Kalorik induction cooking plate has one year warranty in the US from the date of purchase. Keep original receipts and proof of purchase ready. In case it is found to be defective under the warranty period, Kalorik will replace the product.

They have a good customer care department that operates Monday to Thursday 9 to 5 and Friday 9 to 4. They also have a toll free number. The list of warranty centers can be taken online.

All Kalorik customers are responsible for the initial shipment to the warranty center. They also need a letter explaining the nature of the claimed defect.

Final Words

The smartly designed curved cooking plate looks surreal in a black and red combination.

With easy to use features, this cooking plate soon becomes a necessity in the kitchen.

The good features include overheating detection, no cookware detection, and automatic shut down after a set time has elapsed. It makes the chef free of circling around the induction worrying about untoward accidents

With its compact and portable nature, it can be easily carried outdoors or placed anywhere indoors and cooked upon wherever there is a socket connection. The portability factor also makes it super easy to store.

The quick and precise temperatures make it easy to cook all sorts of dishes whether they require simmering or boiling or steaming or grilling. The option of both power and temperature function set makes cooking a smooth process and adds an edge over other cooktops.

The control panel is simple and easy to understand and operate. It is placed right in front of the ease of the consumer. The digital touch buttons do not require any effort in usage.

This is what Kalorik is all about. Serving good quality food retaining most of the nutrients during the induction process. Thereby making the society healthy with its unique product development.

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