What to Put Under Air Fryer to Protect Countertop?

My kitchen countertop is one of the most beautiful areas of my home, not to mention one of the most expensive. 

After buying my Phillips Airfryer, I am now thinking of ways to protect my countertop from heat shock/ undue scratches. 

Let us find out together what can be done to protect the countertop and enjoy the air frying experience.

Why Do We Need to Protect the Countertop? 

Your kitchen countertop can be made of marble, granite, laminate, or wood. 

An Airfryer, like any electric appliance, releases heat while operating. The bottom can get quite hot. The heat can cause cracks in the countertop. 

Another issue while placing any appliance on the countertop is the chance of scratches.

To protect the countertop from any sort of damage, we need to put something underneath the air fryer.

After all, we must take care of our investments. 

What to Put Under Air Fryer to Protect Countertop?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the material needs to be heatproof/heat resistant.

In other words, it needs to have insulation properties rather than heat conduction.

This way, the heat released will be absorbed by the material and not reach the countertop surface. 

It should also be flat and anti-skid, so the air fryer sits on it comfortably. 

The third thing to watch out for is that it should be scratch-proof and easily washable/cleanable. 

Whatever you cook can fall as crumbs/splashes while placing and removing the basket. 

Based on my research, I have found the best six things to put under the air fryer that will protect the countertop effectively and safely: 

Silicone Mat

The silicone mat is one of the best heat-protective materials to place under the air fryer. 

It is non-skid and heat-absorbent. The heat resistance of an average silicone mat is 450F. This temperature works quite well for an Airfryer. 

A good silicone mat I found online is the ‘Gasare silicone mat’.

gasare, Extra Large, Thicker, Silicone Countertop Mat Protector, Kitchen Counter Mats, Heat Resistant, Non Slip, Waterproof, Washable, 25 x 17 Inches x 1.4 mm, Set of 2, Black

The dimensions are 25*17 inches, making it large enough to place the air fryer. The thickness is also good, measuring around 1.4 mm.

This thickness is neither too thin nor thick, preventing heat transfer to the countertop. 

The silicone mats can also withstand cold up to -40C, so you can place them easily inside the refrigerator.

You can also use the silicone mat for preparing a pizza base, assembling the pastry ingredients, chopping meat, vegetables, etc.

A lot of tasks can be accomplished with the silicone Protector mat. 

Heat ResistantNot stylish
Easy to clean Challenging to get different sizes
Best For - Laminated countertop, granite, wooden countertop. 

Example for large size – Wellhouse extra large silicone mat.

For small air fryers, Smithcraft silicone pot mats are perfect.   

Ceramic Tile 

This is an inexpensive way out. The best thing about ceramic tiles is that they are heat resistant.

Most tiles can withstand heat easily up to 500F.

Arly Ceramic Tile Green Trivet for Hot Dishes, Art Waterproof Insulation Pads with Bohemia Style,Round 7.7 Inch

If oil or water spills or splashes, you can easily wipe it away. It does not require vigorous cleaning with soap and water.

The ceramic tiles also provide a non-skid surface for the Airfryer. Ceramic tiles are available in different colors and shapes.

You can choose according to your kitchen interiors. 

As it is not expensive, make sure to keep more than one. When one cracks and breaks, you can easily replace it with another time. 

Heat resistantHeavy
Easy to wipe cleanYou may not find the exact shape
ReusableThe edges are difficult to clean
Anti-skidIt can crack and break
Best for - All countertops 

Example of ceramic tile: Arly ceramic tile  

Insulated Metallic Pad 

The base of this metallic pad is made up of rubber making it anti-skid and quite stable on the countertop. 

WD - KC Countertop Protector Heat Resistant Large Mat for Air Fryer - Non-Slip Insulated Heat Pads for Kitchen Counter - Choose Size (20" x 17")

The pad is made of good-quality steel with a non-stick aluminum coating, making it heat-resistant to high temperatures.

The outer surface looks silvery and gives a royal feel to the countertop.  However, as the surface is made of metal, this mat may form dents. 

Anti-skidSlightly expensive
Heat resistantIt can dent easily 
Enhances the Kitchen DecorThe corners are sharp and not safe for kids
Serves as an extension to countertop
Best For - Granite, wood, and marble countertops 

Example: KC Insulated heat Pad 

Wooden Board 

This one is easy to find. Any good wooden cutting board can do the trick.

This is because wooden cutting boards are made up of seasoned wood and can withstand high temperatures. They are heatproof up to 500F. 

John Boos Block CHY-R02 Cherry Wood Edge Grain Reversible Cutting Board, 24 Inches x 18 Inches x 1.5 Inches

Moreover, they are flat and rectangular in shape, making them an ideal base for the Airfryer to rest on. 

Wood is also a good shock absorber and protects the countertop from thermal shock. 

They come in different shapes and sizes, you can easily choose the one fitting your air fryer’s dimensions.

Heat resistant upto 500FThey are heavy 
WashableThe Airfryer may end up scratching the surface
Reusable and recyclableIt gives off wood’s aroma
Anti-skidThe board can wear down with time
Best for - All countertop surfaces 

Example for the wooden cutting board:  John Boos reversible cutting board.

Glass Board 

A glass cutting board looks very stylish on the countertop.

Glass boards are usually used to improve aesthetics and for baking. You can also use it underneath the Airfryer. 

Farberware - 78624-10 Farberware Glass Utility Cutting Board, 12-Inch-by-14-Inch, 12" x 14", Clear

Glass is a heat conductor and not an insulator material. However, due to the thickness, the time taken will increase. This way, the heat will get diffused.

You can easily wash or wipe clean the surface with a damp cloth in case of spills. 

Easy to wipe cleanThe edges are sharp and can cause injury 
Reusable Washing with soap and water can be difficult 
It provides a stable surfaceIt can break easily if the glass is not tempered well
Discreet, it can easily merge and disappear with the countertopNot very heat resistant 
Best for - Granite and marble countertops.

Example of glass cutting board: Farberware Glass utility cutting board.

Bamboo Board 

Bamboo chopping board is an excellent material to place under the air fryer. This is because bamboo is heat-resistant and stain-proof.

Bamboo Cutting Boards - 2-Pack Wood Cutting Board, Wooden Cutting Boards for Kitchen, 2 Large Cutting Boards - Also Suitable as Charcuterie Boards and Serving Trays - 17.5 x 13 x .75 In

They are available in many shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose the one matching your air fryer’s dimensions. 

Lightweight The grooves on sides can be difficult to clean 
Heat resistanceNot dishwasher safe
Stain ProofCan crack and wear down with time
Easy to clean 
Best for - All countertop surfaces 

Example of the bamboo board: Bamboo cutting board

Tips for Protecting the Countertop with Different Materials Under the Airfryer 

Follow the tips below to effectively protect your countertop using different materials under your Airfryer:

  • Place the Airfryer on a flat and stable place on the countertop
  • Change the spot every few weeks 
  • Keep checking the mat underneath for burns, spots, cracks, etc
  •  Read the instructions for cleaning the material you place underneath the air fryer
  • As a rule, keep this electric gadget away from the reach of pets and small children. Keep it at a distance from the cooktop as well.
  • Don’t leave the air fryer unattended for long
  • Keep the mat/tile/wood/glass clean. Wash according to instructions.
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Where Should You Place Air Fryer in the Kitchen?  

The best place to place the Airfryer is to safely tuck it away from small kids and pets.

Next, search for a flat and stable surface to place your Airfryer. A table or kitchen countertop works best. As it is a small device, it will take up very little space. 

It is a good idea to keep it at a distance from your kitchen cooktop. Place it three to four inches away from the wall. This will help the vent to function well. 

Lastly, read the Airfryer instruction regarding electric voltage requirements, socket requirements, cleaning, warnings, etc.

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Final Words 

An Airfryer can turn hot while cooking and your countertop can get damaged from the heat released by the Airfryer. 

Place a heat-resistant and anti-skid material underneath the Airfryer. This will protect both the Airfryer as well as your countertop from damage. 

I have mentioned in detail the best six materials you can place under the air fryer. Choose wisely according to your budget and personal preference.

Whichever you choose, go through the instructions provided by the manufacturer. As I always say, the maker knows best! Cheers.

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