What Utensils Can Be Used in Air Fryer?

Looking at the Air fryer, I wish I could do more than crisping food. My mind wavers towards brownies, skewered kebabs, grilled meat on the grid, baked eggs, and cheesecakes. 

I wish there were additional accessories to make cooking in the air fryer easier. Something that can help me flip the food, or swap different cooking styles like grilling and baking. 

I have read a lot of recipes for baking with an air fryer, but I have no clue how to place the cake batter inside.

As the air fryer has a specialized design of holes and a non-stick layer, I wonder what utensils I can use inside the air fryer

What Utensils Can Be Used in Airfryer? 

Here is some cheering news. You can put all sorts of oven-safe materials inside the air fryer.

The utensil can be metal, ceramic, steel, glass, or silicone.

As long as it can withstand the high heat of the oven, it can also withstand the high temperatures of the air fryer. 

Oven-safe means the utensil can withstand heat up to 500° C for extended periods without damaging or melting. Oven-safe glass is tempered glass made at 600° C. 

How to find out? It is simple.

The utensil should be marked oven-safe on the surface, in the booklet, or in the packaging box. Another sign is that it won’t be painted or have any artwork that can melt. 

You need to make sure the utensil does not block the airflow or any of the vents.


Because food in the air fryer cooks due to rapid hot air circulation. If there is no air circulation, the food will remain uncooked.

Let me tell you in detail about different utensils you can use in the air fryer. 

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Baking Tray

Mine is a Philips Airfryer, and I searched their website for compatible baking utensils. I found a list of dimensions related to specific models.

For essential models like HD921x, and HD923x, the maximum size of baking trays or molds is 17*16cm/6,7*6,3 inches on the outer edges.

The maximum diameter is 6.3 inches/16cm. The maximum height is 2.4 inches or 6cms.

For premium models like HD963x and HD986x,  the maximum size of baking trays is 8*7.7 inches(21*20cm) on the outer edge.

The maximum diameter is 7.7inches or 20cm. The maximum height is 2.8 inches or 7cm.

You can find your compatible dimension by asking customer care or visiting the brand support webpage. The dimensions should leave space on all sides for good airflow. 

 According to the Philips Support website

You can use any oven-proof dish or mold in the air fryer. It can be glass, ceramic, metal, or Silicone. You can use silicone or paper cupcakes or molds to bake cupcakes, muffins, or small gratins.” 

Some further instructions are as follows. You can consider them as general instructions for almost all air fryers: 

  • Do not put the baking dish in the pan, it will block airflow in the pan. As a result, only the top part of the food will get heated. 
  • The baking dish should be placed in the basket, and not in the pan. 
  • As it can become hot inside the Airfryer, wear oven mitts when you place or lift the baking trays or molds. 
  • Do not put an oven-safe utensil directly from the freezer into the air fryer. The temperature change can shock the material, especially ceramic and glass.
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Silicone Pot 

A silicone Pot is a food-safe Pot. It is BPA free and non-toxic. Being air fryer friendly, it can withstand heat up to 450° F. 

Say goodbye to food spillage with this pot. A silicon pot is better than a disposable parchment liner. You can reuse the pot. 

It is also dishwasher-safe, so you do not have to worry about harsh scrubbing afterward. 

A silicone Pot for a 2 QT (6.3inch) Airfryer is a one-time investment costing only 17.90 dollars! 

It has gridded lines at the bottom that helps to promote good airflow and an even heat distribution.

Metallic Rack and Skewers 

Thinking of kebabs and grilled BBQs? You can make it right inside the air fryer. 

The racks also help to keep down the toppings on top of food from flying around. Use the rack for baking, grilling, or simply air-frying food. 

Make sure the dimensions fit inside the air fryer. A 7.9-inch diameter will be suitable for an Airfryer of 4.2qt and above.

Here is a link to the rack I own.

Buy according to the size of your Airfryer. The shoulder size should be greater than 6.8 inches for a square pot. Diameter of more than 7.8 inches is good for a round pot. 

You can wash the rack and skewers in the dishwasher, so you don’t have to worry about cleanup. 

Depending on your requirement, you can opt for the number of skewers. The rack and skewers are made from 304 food-grade stainless steel and can withstand high temperatures. 

As the rack and skewers can get quite hot, use tongs or oven gloves to remove them.

If you want more surface area, buy a double rack. 

Taco Holder 

It is one of my favorites. I love munching on tacos at night with a good movie. With the taco holder, I have said goodbye to messy taco nights. 

The Taco holder is a stainless steel stackable stand. After placing the tacos, you can stuff the fillings super fast on the taco stand.

Trust me when I say your tortilla will not fall apart. Take any good taco recipe and air-fry.

Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, they will not rust and are dishwasher safe.

You can now get rid of plastic or aluminum holders as they can melt or corrode at high temperatures. 

Here is the link to a set of two stackable stainless steel stands

Silicone Utensils 

These utensils are must-haves for easy cooking in your air fryer.

As silicone has high heat resistance, it will never melt or stick.

Silicone Tongs 

Silicone tongs prolong the life of your non-stick layer. They are soft and bendable, so there is no chance of scratches or peeling. 

I hate flipping the food halfway due to the heat. With the help of silicone tongs, you can flip your food or give it a good shake. 

Silicone is easily cleaned and is also dishwasher safe. With the help of tongs, you can rotate, flip and ensure an evenly cooked surface on all sides of the meat.

Choose BPA-free silicone tongs made with stainless steel construction. The locking clip gives you a good lock on food without slipping from the food surface. 

Silicone Spatulas 

These are traditional spatulas. We can use them on the stovetop, induction, electric, or air fryer. Silicone spatulas help to mix the batter and scrape food from the container surfaces. 

You can purchase depending on your requirement and usage. I have owned this set for a long time, and it works well in the air fryer.

It is made from food-grade silicone and is BPA-free and scratch resistant. You can scrape all you want, and it won’t leave marks on the air fryer’s surface. It is also dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to bother about cleaning it.

Silicone Cups or Molds

Psst-Your air fryer can work as a mini oven for baked goodies. If you are looking to bake, look no further. Silicone cups and molds are an easy way to bake in the air fryer. 

Because of their small size, silicon cups or molds cook perfectly, allowing good airflow. They can be peeled away and reused for another batch. 

Here I am sharing two links. One is oxo good grip silicone baking cups. They are reusable, and it is easy to remove cupcakes from them. The silicone used is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe. 

Another is a standard-size silicone cup. The food-grade silicone is BPA, lead, and phthalate free.

You can wash it in the dishwasher and even freeze the batter. The makers offer a lifetime guarantee with this mold.

Perforated Silicone Mats 

Perforated silicone mats are an excellent air fryer accessory. If you don’t want to clean up afterward, use these to line your food inside the air fryer

They are dishwasher-safe, reusable, and flexible. You can purchase according to your basket size or trim the dimensions.

The food-grade silicone is BPA-free and healthy. The perforated design allows good air flow inside the basket.

Metal Pans 

Metal pans are great options for baking cakes, eggs, and pizzas in the air fryer. 

Just make sure the dimensions of the metal pan fit inside the Airfryer. For example, a 6Qt can take up a 7 inch*7 inch Pan. 

There should be sufficient gaps on the sides for good airflow. Shallow metal pans are great for pizzas, while deep pans are excellent for cake batters and dip sauces. 

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Some Essential Utensils To Use with an Air Fryer

In the above section, I covered the utensils you can use inside the air fryer. Now have a look at some that can be used along with an air-fryer (not inside it, but still quite useful)

Wooden Utensil

Wooden spoons are great options for scraping and flipping food. 

Wooden spoons are usually heat resistant and will not scratch the non-stick layer of your air fryer. 

They offer a good grip and have hanging holes for you to hang them in the kitchen. Use them to flip and stir the food. 

Always buy good quality bamboo wood that is wax-free and BPA-free. 

This flat-angled wooden spatula offers an ergonomic grip, so you can easily place and lift food from and to the air fryer. 

Basting Brush 

A basting brush helps to spread the oil or sauce on the surface of the food evenly. If you do not want to use the spray bottle, use the basting brush. 

It gives a nice and quick coating on the food surface. I use a silicone basting brush that is BPA free and lead-free. 

The brush holds a good amount of oil, and the holder is sturdy. The bristles do not break on the food. A basting brush is available at nominal and a steel deal if you want to save up on cash. 

Oil Spray Bottle 

An oil spray bottle is a must for crispy cooking results. It is an essential kitchen tool for air frying. 

The oil should be sprayed on the food and not on the basket. A little spray on both sides helps to make the food juicy and crunchy. It prevents the drying up and flaking of food. Use the oil spray for grilling, roasting, and air frying food. 

Evo bottle is a good choice as oil does not drip or spill anywhere, but hits the target food and is absorbed.  

Spilling oil on the non-stick surface can peel the coating and damage the Airfryer. 

Certain spray bottles like PAM contain propellants like butane and propane. This can damage the non-stick layer. 

Another reason for not using random spray bottles is that they contain oil from genetically modified crops like corn. You end up consuming genetically modified crops. 

Use organic oil without hydrocarbons, having a high smoking point. Some examples are- Olive Oil, Peanut Oil, or Avocado Oil.

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The Takeaway 

Always follow your brand instructions before placing any utensil inside your air fryer. Follow the dimensions allowed by your manufacturer to use in your specific air fryer. 

It should not be blocking the entire airflow or any vent. Your food won’t cook, and the results will be inedible. As long as it is oven safe, you can use ceramic, metal, silicone, or steel utensil inside the Airfryer. 

Go through the different utensils you can use inside the air fryer.

Apart from the utensil links mentioned above, you can choose from the hundred varieties available on Amazon or your local utensil shop. Just make sure it fits inside your air fryer.

There is always a way to make things easier. You just have to innovate and find out if it is compatible. All the Best! 

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